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Infiniti has recalled certain model year G35 Coupes and... Infiniti has recalled certain model year G35 Coupes and Sedans (Nissan).

Nissan North America has recalled as many as 134,215 Infiniti G35 sedans and coupes in the U.S. for problems related to air bag deployment. The problem affects 2005-2006 G35 sedans manufactured between March 29, 2004 and August 25, 2006 and model year 2005-2007 G35 coupes manufactured from April 1, 2004 through May 30, 2007.

The vehicles are being recalled due to possible damage in the airbag system that could prevent them from deploying in the event of an accident.

According to a report filed with the National Highway Safety Administration, the wire harness connecting the belt tension sensor and the occupant detection sensor control unit under the front passenger seat can experience movement, causing wear and tear on the terminals. Damage to the terminals could result in an interruption of the signal that causes the air bag to deploy.

No accidents or injuries have been reported in connection with the issue.

Nissan has yet to provide NHTSA with a remedy plan or notification schedule, but owners of affected vehicles can get more information by contacting the NHTSA Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 or by going to http://www.safercar.gov.

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      Send them back to japan where they belong. They're over here dirtying up our air and water for their second class cars at a premium price.
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      I work for a company that makes Ford parts, as well as Dodge, Chrysler, Harley Davidson and VW.. The company is owned by Europeans, most of the lines get outsourced every few years to Mexico, the parts that we assemble come from Europe, Japan and Mexico, 70% of the electronics on the machines (presses, lathes, ewabs, and fanucs) come from Japan, and the machines themselves come from Germany... lol yeah buy American made cars huh? You mean buy American Assembled Cars? You forget that there is virtually no company in the automotive business that is 100% American made right? Hell even most Mitsubishi's are made in America...
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      Jeez, another problem with Japanese cars in America! My teacher at school has a G35 coupe. Wait 'til he finds out! LOL Y'all should buy American. I personally prefer drivin' Fords. JUST BUY AMERICAN!
      Ted E.
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      Does ANYONE argue for fair trade. Japan limits TOTAL import to no more than 2% of 8 million GNP of cars. Aprox 40,000 cars from America are allowed in. Some of these are Hondas etc because they are larger than domestic autos. The 4th qtr of 2008, The Bush dept signed on with Chinas to imports cars. $200 for Chinas cars imported to the USA, but $2,000 for American cars exported to China. Korea allows 3,500 american imports. Big O did get the usa a new trade policy, 25,000 autos per mfg. will now be allowed. There is a 8% terriff and a tax aduit. (findings by the WTO) Who has a business plan to stay in business under this operation. Your competitors can sell in your territory, but you are limited on how to sell your product. Let the best car win, but Korea and Japan had there free ride. Toyota hired 8,000 workers back after the cash for clunkers; in Japan. They did shut down the American plants though. I have heard that MY car is built in the USA. Yes, so is GM, Ford. Americans only buy so many cars a year. Japan is 8 million, USA 12 million. Its where the money goes to. The shareholders, R&D, Improvements for the factory, etc. When a unfair trade is done, you displace a job/product from here. Hyundai built there first USA plant with 300-500 Korean suppliers to supply this auto factory. It is not only the factory but the suppliers also. I have heard that America can not build a reliable auto. Suzuki for 2009 was the lease recommended used auto. Hyundai was noted that NONE of there autos can be recommended. This was by Consumers report. These are the owners who wont look at American poducts. I am just saying that America needs a level field.
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      wmathess posted this: "Jeez, another problem with Japanese cars in America! My teacher at school has a G35 coupe. Wait 'til he finds out! LOL Y'all should buy American. I personally prefer drivin' Fords. JUST BUY AMERICAN!" My reply: Buy a Ford you say, because of Japanese cars being recalled. Well, I did a Google search under "Ford Recall" and found this: "http://www.ford.com/owner-services/customer-support/recall-information" Now, if you don't want to type in the URL, let me quote parts of the page for you, from FORD'S own website: "Ford is recalling all remaining vehicles – approximately 4.5 million U.S. vehicles – equipped with Texas Instruments speed control deactivation switches...." "Ford is conducting a voluntary safety recall involving an incorrect wiring harness service part that does not have the fusing protection intended for certain vehicle configurations or was mis-applied in 225,000 vehicles" "Ford is conducting a voluntary customer safety recall of approximately 1.18 million 1997-2003 model year Ford F-Super Duty trucks, E-Series vans and Excursions currently registered in the U.S. due to a concern over robustness of the cam position (CMP) sensor.". That is three quotes from a page listing four recalls, dating from 2007 to October 2009. Now, am I saying Fords are unsafe? No. WHAT I am saying is that ALL car makes have recalls. YES Toyota dropped the ball with how they initially handled their massive recall they had, and they let things go too long. BUT, Toyota is Toyota, period. They aren't Ford, Chrysler, GM, Nissan, Honda, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagon..etc. Instead of TRYING to say that they only recall Japanese vehicles, why not see the TRUTH and see that all makes have recalls. Of course, you'll ignore this since you are the sort of fanboy who doesn't comprehend the idea of truth, just whatever fiction you can use to keep your world view. Oh well, fanboys are the comedy relief of the Internet.
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      buy a ford
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      If you purchase a pre-owned G35 how can you find out it all of the recalls were done and do recalls expire if car is not taken in - in time?