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2010 Chevrolet Camaro V6 – Click above for high-res image gallery

We knew General Motors wouldn't take the rampant boasting coming from Ford about its more powerful and efficient 2011 Mustang V6 lying down. According to the crews at Modern Camaro and Camaro5, the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro will boast a number of features that should help put the Bowtie's six-pot back on top. First and foremost, it appears that GM has directly contacted these enthusiast websites with some select tidbits about the 2011 car, with Camaro5 going so far as to post a short letter credited to a number of GM folks tied to the program – Cheryl Pilcher, John Fitzpatrick, Adam Denison and Scott Settlemire. Of primary importance in the note is that the Camaro's base V6 will now boast a total of 312 horsepower – beating out Ford's offering by seven ponies. That should allow GM to resume bragging that it has the most powerful entry-level muscle car out there, even if the bump in grunt doesn't make up for the fact that the Camaro weighs in at 282 pounds heavier than the Mustang. (See here for an explanation on why that really matters.) Nor does the forum claim to know what the new EPA fuel economy rating of the '11 Camaro V6 model will be after its engine's gets upgraded.

Both websites also say that buyers will be able to pick up any trim level in Chevrolet's new eye-searing Synergy Green – a color that was previously limited to the 1LT car. If the forum is to be believed, GM has also made the Camaro's heads-up display standard equipment on all 2LT and 2SS models.

If true, the changes aren't exactly earth shattering, but they should be enough to keep the Camaro near (or even at) the front of the muscle car pack for now. We would have liked to have seen The General put its pride and joy on a serious diet for 2011, but we won't exactly thumb our nose at a little extra horsepower, either. We'll be on the horn with Detroit today to confirm these claims. Thanks to everyone for the tips!

UPDATE: Official press release from Chevrolet added after the jump that confirms everything above. One note: There were no actual changes made to the Camaro's V6 engine that resulted in a power increase. Rather, Chevy says the current 304-hp rating was conservative and a new SAE certification resulted in 312 hp. So that means anyone who bought a 2010 Camaro V6 shouldn't feel shortchanged, as their engine is just as powerful as the 2011 model that will start production on June 7th.

[Sources: Modern Camaro, Camaro5]
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Chevrolet supports Camaro's consumer momentum with exciting updates for 2011

312 horsepower for V6, expanded availability of Synergy color and heads-up display new for 2011

The 2010 model year proved to be a very successful and exciting year for the segment-leading Chevrolet Camaro. For the 2011 model year, Chevrolet looks to expand the car's popularity among consumers with the introduction of additional features.

"We are pleased with Camaro's success in the market during its first year of production," said Jim Campbell, U.S. Vice President, Chevrolet Marketing. "The 2010 model year has been a banner year for us, and we plan to build on this momentum."

Horsepower increase for V6 engine

The 2011 Camaro V-6 engine completed SAE certification testing and is now officially rated at 312 horsepower at 6500 rpm and 278 lb-ft of torque at 5100 rpm. This rating is eight horsepower higher than the previous year and also marks an increase in torque from the 2010 rating of 273 lb-ft.

"The 304 horsepower in the 2010 Camaro was actually a conservative rating on our end," said Tom Sutter, GM V-6 chief engineer. "But we knew already that this award-winning engine produced at least the amount of power we stated, but now we've gone the extra step in certifying the engine for this application and have verified an additional 8 horsepower."

The 3.6-liter V-6 with variable valve timing (VVT) and direct injection employs four independent cam phasers to change the timing of valve operation as operating conditions such as rpm and engine load vary. The result is linear delivery of torque, with near-peak levels over a broad rpm range, and high specific output (maximum horsepower per liter of displacement) supporting overall engine response and drivability. When combined, direct-injection and VVT enable an unmatched combination of power, efficiency and low-emissions in gasoline V-6 engines.

SAE certification is a voluntary power and torque certification procedure developed by the SAE Engine Test Code committee. This procedure (J2723) ensures fair, accurate ratings for horsepower and torque by allowing manufacturers to certify their engines through third-party witness testing. Chevrolet was the vehicle brand to begin using the procedure.

Synergy color to be made available across the lineup

Earlier this year, Chevrolet introduced the Camaro Synergy Special Edition which is based off the concept displayed at the 2009 SEMA show in Las Vegas. The Synergy Special Edition is limited to a 1LT model, but the Synergy Green exterior color will be made available on all trim levels for a limited run during the 2011 model year.

"When we looked at the overwhelmingly positive reaction we received from SEMA attendees and consumers on Synergy Green, making the color available across the board was pretty much a no-brainer," said John Fitzpatrick, Camaro Marketing Manager.

Customers will be able to order this color for a manufacturer suggested retail price of $325.

Head-Up Display

Already available on the Chevrolet Corvette, the 2011 Camaro will become the second Chevrolet vehicle to offer the popular Head-Up Display.

Camaro's Head-Up Display will include:

* Vehicle speed
* Tachometer
* Compass
* Outside air temperature
* Manual Paddle Shift Gear Indicator (if equipped)
* OnStar Turn-by-Turn
* Audio functions
* Phone information
* Selected gear
* Turn signal indicators
* High-beam indicator signal
* Vehicle messages

"Head-Up Display has been a very frequent customer request" said Cheryl Pilcher, Camaro Product Manager. "People familiar with the HUD system simply love it. It truly enables drivers to keep their eyes on the road."

Production of the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro begins on June 7, 2010.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      Two words.

      Ford Sync

      And the Mustang weighs about 300 lbs less, is smaller and handle better and has a much better interior.
        • 5 Years Ago
        one word... Design
      • 5 Years Ago
      @why not the LS2LS7?

      I understand you can't get the up optioned interior on the V-6 back the article tri-shield referenced was about the GT.
      • 5 Years Ago
      I don't really get the arguing over the performance of the v6 versions of these cars. They've got about the same horsepower and torque, the Camaro weighs 200 pounds more. No one is actually going to run 1/4s in the stock v6 versions. Both have enough power, the Stang weighs less and doesn't look as good. If you're a Mustang guy you're going to buy the Mustang. If you're a Camaro guy you're going to buy the Camaro. If you're undecided, a few tenths of a second in a quarter isn't going to be what decides it for you, it's going to be the looks, the interior, equipment, price, etc.

      You're all just being idiots. At least have the common sense to argue about the GT/SS.
      • 5 Years Ago
      370Z got 332 bcoz of their new developed VVEL, not as fuel economy as these new camaro's and mustang's but still impressive. and I think it's also on newer infinitis.
      • 5 Years Ago
      SCTBIRD, you look at the sales figures. The Camaro has been handily outselling the Mustang since it was released last year.

      GM discontinued it in 2002 to shovel investment into profit-juicy trucks like the TrailBlazer and all the siblings it spawned. It had nothing to do with sales, which were surprisingly good considering the design was getting ancient at nearly 10 years old with one update, which is a lot like the current Mustang. GM and Ford were both notorious at the time for the lack of investment in all of their cars and going all-in on trucks. The Camaro was a victim of that and wrongly so.

      The Lightning Lap shows how a car handles and performs. Obviously many here need to be reminded that the Camaro is an extremely fast and capable car in every dynamic. The Mustang in the Lighting Lap was the current car with the same suspension as the 2011 and the "pig" Camaro roasted it. The Camaro also out-handled the 5.0 on Edmunds test track.

      MT gives the Mustang an edge so you could say it's a wash to be completely objective. The Mustang has caught up to the Camaro, but it's not an unquestionably faster car in any form but the GT500. We'll see about that when the LSA Z28 bows.
        • 5 Years Ago
        @TriSheild - I even went back and looked at the sales figures again for you just so I wouldn't look stupid ;)

        Here's a link for ya: http://mustangs.about.com/b/2010/01/06/ford-mustang-beats-out-camaro-sales-in-2009.htm

        Maybe the fact that the concept Camaro debuted YEARS before it came out and had quite some time to get people all revved up about it had something to do with initial sales. Or how about the fact that almost anyone looking to buy the Mustang would have know earlier in the year about the powertrain improvements coming in 2011 and would have been foolish to buy a 2010. Even still, the Mustang OUTSOLD the Camaro in 2009 and it will continue to do so this year also.

        I know what the Lightning Lap is and you can't tell me with a straight face that a 107hp advantage wouldn't matter in the test.

        Again, you keep talking performance numbers only and fail to see the whole picture here. The Mustang is an all around better package. Which is why it pretty consistantly outsells the Camaro. You want all out performance go buy a Vette... that's what it's made for!

        @Gloria - YOU GO GIRL!
        • 5 Years Ago
        Please show us one test, where the 2010/11 Camaro has been faster than the 2011 Mustang. One test. Just one. Surely, if they are that close, there should be one, right??? After all, it is a drivers race, right??

        One test.

        One test.

        One test.

        I get the feeling that you have never actually been to a dragstrip. 4/10ths, on a strip, is HUGE. HUGE. Did I mention, huge?? That is 4 car lengths. As in, you are WAY back there. As in, the only way you win, is if the Mustang driver falls asleep at the line.

        Show us one test, where the 2010/11 Camaro has outhandled the 2011 Mustang. One test. Anywhere. Show us one where the testers have said that it is even close, or that it felt better in the handling department.

        Surely, if the Camaro was so far superior, even if it gave lower numbers due to its "full figure," then there should be at least one test, where the tester said that the Camaro handled better, felt better.............. anything.

        BTW, the Mustang trunk is 2cf larger than the Camaros. Not to mention the fact, that you would have to cut alot of what you would put in the Camaro trunk, in half, to get it through the opening.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Gloria and Trishield - their are facts. The new Mustang is faster (V6 and V8) than the Camaro. I don't know that it really matters considering how close the two are.

        The Camaro has bad visibility, and a poor trunk opening.

        On the other hand, the Camaro is a bigger head-turner/looker than the Mustang. This is largely because the Mustang has just "tweaked" their design in the last few years and isn't new/fresh. It's also partly due to the sacrifices (ie visibility, trunk) the Camaro made in usability.

        You might argue the 'looks' are subjective, but I don't think it's too arguable that the majority thinks the Camaro looks better.

        Both cars are fast, fun, and have their own nitpicks. Be happy about competition, and stop arguing that one might be slightly better than the other, as one has to be.
      • 5 Years Ago
      That was quick. nice move Chevy.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Too bad they didn't do anything but get the numbers "re-certified" Read the update...

        Oh well... same ol Camaro for 2011, there goes your hopes.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Inside Line reported that the 305HP Mustang blew away the 304HP Camaro. Then GM comes out with an update that says essentially, "No, the Camaro that the Mustang blew away actually had 312HP".
        I think I would have sat on that news for a while.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Wow so basically it goes

      Chevy 2010: "We're proud to show you our 2010 V6 Camaro with 304 hp"
      Ford 2010: "Hmm we'll be back"
      Ford 2011: "We're proud to show you our new 2011 Mustang V6 with 305 hp. Take that."
      Chevy 2011: "Umm did we say 304 hp last year? No wait we really meant 312 hp. Please believe us"
      • 5 Years Ago
      7 ponies will not offset the difference in weight, but your average consumer (by average, I don't mean the typical autoblog reader) will not know about the difference in weight. So, I definitely can see what this "My engine makes more power than your engine." can do in terms of sales.

      • 5 Years Ago
      with the chevy camaro you get a better ride in the real world and arguably as good handling on the track against a comparable mustang.

      watch this car lose 200 pounds maybe in the chassis or engine bay and stomp mustang booty all over the sidewalk!!!!!


      mustang= say what!

      camaro is better and will only get better as time goes by. ford wasted too much time playing around and gave the camaro a chance to catch up fast now its only outlook is too destroy the mustang so watch out baby!!!
      • 5 Years Ago
      I'll wait for either a Z28 or a production version of the Leno Camaro with it's wonderful twin-turbos.
      • 5 Years Ago
      I get a kick out of all the stupid comments.

      Mustang > Camaro

      Always has, always will.

      Give it 2-3 yrs and Camaro will no longer exist.

      • 5 Years Ago
      Interior comments on the Mustang from Car and Driver's Short-take,

      "On the base GT, plain, deep-grained plastic abounds, the steering rim a no more thrilling ring of plastic to grip than a Hula Hoop. The base interior is a bit impoverished"

      Manual placement isn't too hot in these either.

      "There are two new six-speed transmissions, and the manual we tested has very closely spaced gates maneuvered by a short shifter that slides your forearm across the center console and parking-brake handle and brings it into conflict with anything in the cup holders. "

      Funny too that with more power the "smaller, lighter" car can't smoke the Camaro in handling or acceleration tests in other reviews.

      The new power caught the Mustang up, but it's still a race and one the Mustang can certainly lose. Just as hit has been losing ever since the LS1 hit the street over ten years ago.

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