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George Barris and the 2010 Chevrolet "Spirit" Camaro – Click above for high-res image gallery

If you happen to be in the greater Burbank area this weekend, you might want to swing by Community Chevrolet on Saturday. Legendary car customizer George Barris is scheduled to unveil his latest project – a kustomized 2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS RS – by driving the car straight to the dealer himself. Called the "Spirit" Camaro, the car is designed to be affordable for the working class Joe, meaning there aren't any wild power adders under the hood.

Instead, Barris focused on creating a unique exterior for the General Motors muscle car. The hood and front fenders all get a striking paint job in the buyer's choice of either red or yellow, complete with pearl accents. The grille has been swapped for a new three-bar unit designed to give the car a classic feel. The look won't be for everyone, but it could be your only chance to own an original Barris creation. You can order your very own through your local Chevrolet dealer, who will contact Community Chevrolet in turn.

Barris made a name for himself by creating some of Hollywood's most iconic cars and trucks. His work took center stage on shows like The Beverly Hillbillies, The Munsters and the original Batman. He even turned out the very first KITT for Knight Rider back before NBC had its way with the concept. So far, there's no word on how many Spirit Camaros will be produced, or how much Barris will want for each one. Stay tuned.

[Source: Barris Kustom Industries]

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The #1 Barris Kustom 2010 Chevrolet Camaro 'Spirit' Premieres in the USA in Burbank, California, Saturday, April 10th

BURBANK, Calif., April 7 /PRNewswire/ -- A VIP event marks the historical delivery of the first Barris Kustom 2010 Chevrolet Camaro "Spirit" to a Chevrolet dealership in the USA. This long awaited event is Saturday, April 10th from 1 to 3PM at Community Chevrolet, one of the oldest Chevrolet dealerships in California. George Barris, "King of the Auto Kustomizers" and American icon, will drive the 1st car into the dealership himself. Hot rods and the famed Barris 1966 Batmobile will be displayed. Many celebrities are expected including John Schneider, Joe Mantegna, James Pitt (Avatar), Claudia Wells (Back to the Future), Barris pal-Jay Leno, Cindy Margolis, Bo Derek and many others.

This highly anticipated kustom Chevrolet Camaro represents a quantum shift in the availability of kustom vehicles from the famous Barris Kustom vehicle design house. "Barris Kustom has entered a new chapter by delivering affordable kustom vehicles direct to the dealer showroom," said George Barris. Operating for over 60 years, Barris has been developing unique one-of-a-kind vehicles for film & TV and celebrities. He has been thrilling movie and pop-culture fans with his famous TV Batmobile, Munster Koach, Beverly Hillbilly truck, Knightrider KITT and others. His first love is kustomizing new cars from Detroit and improving them.

"Today many kustom vehicles have entirely too much work done on them," said Barris. "I believe we have succeeded in developing a kustom vehicle with just the right amount of features keeping it affordable to the automotive enthusiast while being made in the USA."

Using the 2010 Camaro 2SS RS as a base, he added these kustom features and others:

-- Kustom painted hood with deep pearl and metallic accents emphasizing
wide, aggressive stance of the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro.
-- Kustom painted front fenders and doors. The aerodynamic "Spear" blurs
the vision with a striking burst of speed.
-- Kustom 3 bar chrome legend grill.
-- "Spirit" name is added to both fenders along with Barris Kustom Crest
-- Barris Kustom dash plaque hand signed by George Barris.

The Barris "Spirit" Camaro comes with a Certificate of Authenticity certifying the vehicle was kustomized by Barris Kustom.
The Barris "Spirit" Camaro can be ordered with additional kustom features such as: color matching kustom wheels, vertical doors, convertible top and an upgraded sound system.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      This is what happens when old cars guys outlive their cash reserves, just like the legendary Texan who's still churning out special edition Mustangs...
      • 5 Years Ago
      Wow. Methinks someone is a little out of touch with what actually looks good these days. This didn't even look good 50 years ago. If by "working class" you mean "kid who makes $5/hr and is 16" then sure.
        • 5 Years Ago
        no offense to any working 16 year olds, I overspoke. I am sure there are plenty of you who do not have crappy taste in car "modifications."
      • 5 Years Ago
      Dear Mr. Barris -

      You did some wild stuff 50 years ago. You should have stopped when people still thought it was cool. It no longer is. Please cease and desist.

      Thank you,
      Car Guys Everywhere.
        • 5 Years Ago
        • 5 Years Ago
        It's always unfortunate when a talented person doesn't know when to call it quits.
        • 5 Years Ago
        AGREED ...yes he is legendary .....

        but this is hideous ...everything about it ..the wheels ...the paint ...and the windows??? whats up with the windows are those pinstriped?? please stop lol
      Knucklehead Crusher
      • 5 Years Ago
      It looks like he went to SEARS for the wheels and cans of spray paint.

      Hang it up George. Retirement can be fun. Seriously.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Well, it's better than his Challenger. Kinda.

      • 5 Years Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      Wow, it's pretty rare that you get this much agreement on anything around here. Given the fugly car he had to start with, I think George should call his version Crap on Crap.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Wow! Crap! Shows what you can get away with just because you were 'somebody' once.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Have you seen some of the things Shelby has been putting out lately? Same idea. :(
      • 5 Years Ago
      He should have quit after KITT
      • 5 Years Ago
      ugh, that is putrid. Way to take a decent looking car and turn it into ghastly mess. I'd rather see T-Pain's "krazie kustomization" than this lol
      • 5 Years Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      Looks like he just slapped his name on it as it isn't anywhere close to being ridiculous enough or custom enough to be a "true" Barris
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