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New Zealanders are being given a chance to invest in the creation of the country's home-grown supercar. Hulme Supercars Limited is proposing an IPO with share lots offered for as little as $NZ 1,000 ($701 U.S.) that will make the nation part of some future Hulme CanAm tradition, should there be one. A buyer of the LS7-powered car itself would need at least $699,000 more to take one home, so $1,000 for a piece of the company that makes it might not be all bad.

The money will be used to put the car into series production for world markets. If you're interested, you can request a prospectus by e-mailing or writing to Hulme. The offer is only open to New Zealanders, though, so all of you international barons will have to wait for the scraps if there are any left over. Hat tip to Darren!

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[Source: NZ Classic Car]