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Porsche Boxster and Cayman Packages (Euro) – Click above for high-res image gallery

Our friends across the pond have four new individualization packages to choose from when they start ticking the option boxes for their new Boxster or Cayman, and while Porsche isn't offering any additional performance upgrades, the kit adds a bit more flavor to Stuttgart's entry-level convertible and coupe.

The appearance elements include a range of interior and exterior color combinations, new 19-inch, blacked-out wheels and matching tailpipes, mirrors, air vents and, on the Boxster, roll bars. A new front lip and rear spoiler are also included in the Design Package.

The optional Comfort Package comes complete with bi-xenon headlamps, dynamic cornering lights, rain-sensing wipers and climate control, while the droptops benefits from a redesigned wind deflector.

The Infotainment Pack brings Porsche's Communication Management system, and the Sound Package includes either a 185-watt, seven-speaker setup on the Boxster or a 235-watt, nine-speaker system on the Cayman. Pricing and availability details are available in the translated press release after the jump, and you can check out all new hues and body elements in the gallery below.

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New equipment packages for the Boxster and Cayman models

Stuttgart. Dr. Ing h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, has extended the offer for individualization mid-engine sports car, the Boxster and Cayman with four new equipment packages which offer compared to the single order of the respective special equipment amounting to savings of about 30 percent.

The packages "comfort" and "infotainment" include a series of very popular optional extras, which also significantly simplifies the configuration of the vehicle. The package "Comfort" includes climate control, bi-xenon headlights including dynamic cornering lights, cruise control, automatically dipping interior and exterior mirrors, rain sensor, and - in combination with leather seats - embossed Porsche crest on the headrests. With the Boxster and Boxster S comes even to the wind deflector including Drop Box. The package "infotainment" includes the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) inclusive of navigation module, universal audio interface for connecting MP3 players and iPods ®, and the Sound Package Plus. This has the Boxster seven speakers and a total power of 185 watts, the Cayman nine speakers and 235 watts total output. In addition, a CD storage, and includes the Bluetooth mobile phone preparation.

In a new, sporty Boxster and Cayman seem understated look in the outfit of the two "design" packages. A particular highlight is the very light 19-inch wheels on the Boxster Spyder with black lacquered rim-star that can be ordered exclusively for all other Boxster and Cayman models only in the context of the new equipment packages. Also available only in the package, which was blackened twin tailpipes. In addition, includes the "design" package further held in black exterior and interior elements, including the mirrors, the side air intakes, the panel-trim element and the model sign. With the Boxster and Boxster S are also the roll bar painted black.

The "Design Sport package includes, in addition to the sizes of the corresponding" design "packages in the Aerokit Cayman and Cayman S, Boxster and Boxster S with the Sport design package. Both from the program from Porsche Exclusive and each with independent Bugverkleidungen, revised spoiler lip and rear spoilers special.

The prices include VAT: The "Comfort" package is priced at Boxster / S 2606.10 euros in Cayman / S 2,380 EURO, for the "infotainment" package is due upon the two model lines 3141.60 euros.

The "Design" package) is the Boxster for 3831.80 euros (Boxster S 2558.50 euro have to 3558.10 euros for the Cayman (Cayman S 2296.70 Euros). The prize for the "Design Sport package for the Boxster is located at 6747.30 euros (Boxster S 5474 euros), at 6473.60 euros for the Cayman (Cayman S 5212.20 Euros).

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      As the owner of a very, very beloved Boxster S, I can tell you: check option boxes with extreme predjudice lol!! P is like the German mafia when it comes to options, baby. Just blink and your $60k roadster will be $88k!

      Has anyone ever purchased the full makassar wood interior I wonder-??
      • 5 Years Ago
      Nice option package revisions.

      I like the new front bumper on the Boxster, obviously a bit of influence from the clean front end of the Boxster Spyder.

      I tend to like the Cayman for it's fixed roof rigidity... but d*mn, if the blue and red Boxsters don't make the silver and brown Caymans look boring.

      The black wheels look decent on the red, otherwise, they'd look better with black shadows, and machined/polished face edges.

      I am also looking forward to the Cayman equivalent to the Boxster Spyder that was tentatively suggested when the BSpyder was announced late last year.

      I'm hoping it will bear the RS or CS designation. (RennSport or ClubSport, respectively)

      Oh, and gAT's comment... that is what 918 Spyder is going to be for! :D
        • 5 Years Ago
        I don't think that V engine will fit under the deck of the mid-engine'd chassis.

        Ruf put a V8 in the 997, but it was insanely short, compact, and dry-sump, and even that one might not fit under the deck of the 987 chassis, under the convertible top bay, or under the parcel floor/engine cover of the cayman. Plus there is a limited amount of length between the bulkhead and the rear axle line, unlike a rear-engine that might have a bit more length from the axle line aft-ward. Rear-mid engine is the best placement, but by definition is is a finite space once the design is finalized and built.

        Personally, I would love to see a 3.8-4.0 liter Carrera S Power package upgrade engine, with 405hp... or a GT3 NA engine with 450hp under the mid-engined chassis.

        But I do love boxer engines, and a true boxer 6 is a very smooth and effective engine, with a low height.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Just to clarify, I understood what you meant.

        I just think the Cayman chassis certainly deserves a blow-your-mind type upgrade, but slapping a 911 flat-6 into it is too obvious of a choice.

        Think of a V8 Cayman as Porsche's Cobra, so to speak.
      • 5 Years Ago
      When are we going to get a true "Scuderia" version of the Cayman? They went half way with the new Spyder, which I'm told is "beyond epic" by a friend who drove it. But for the burgeoning track-day movement, everyone knows the Cayman is becoming "The Daddy."

      With a 911 Carrera S plant (or GT3 even), a PDK 'box, and an interior stripped of fuzzy niceties, that car would be untouchable.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Or, put the Cayenne/Panamera V8 in there.
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