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2011 Subaru Impreza WRX – Click above for high-res image gallery

Since the introduction of the third-generation Impreza, Subaru has been making incremental improvements to the rally-bred WRX, first with a significant bump in output for the 2009 MY and now the adoption of the STI's widebody design for 2011. And not only does the five-door model benefit from its pumped-up sibling's sheetmetal, but the sedan gets a much-needed testosterone injection to boot.

With a 1.5 inch-wider track front and rear, the 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX's stance is decidedly more aggressive, and with firmer rear subframe bushings pulled from the STI and wider 17x8-inch wheels wrapped in 235/45R17 rubber, the 2011 'Rex is assuredly stickier than its predecessor.

The cosmetic mods don't end with the widened fenders, as the front fascia receives a restylized front lip spoiler, partnered with a larger, blacked-out grille and intakes. The whole package only increases the curb weight of the WRX by 34 pounds, and coupled with the "265-horsepower" turbocharged 2.5-liter flat-four, the 2011 WRX has the goods to back up its looks... no matter which body-style you choose. Full details in the press release after the jump and expect a slew of shots from the floor at the New York Auto Show.

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New WRX 4-Door and 5-Door Models Adopt Wide-Body Design
Wider Track and Tires Enhance Grip

NEW YORK, March 23, 2010 – Subaru of America today introduced the new 2011 Impreza WRX models, which for the first time use a wide-body design like that of the brand's iconic WRX STI® performance flagship model. The wider body designs give the 2011 WRX an aggressive road presence and also allow wider track dimensions.

An approximately 1.5-inch increase in front and rear track, firmer rear subframe bushings and wider 17-inch wheels and tires deliver improved grip in the 2011 WRX. The standard wheels are now 17 x 8-in. vs. 17 x 7-in. in the 2010 model, and tire size is now 235/45R17 vs. 225/45R17.

"The new wide-body designs mark another major step on the continuous evolution of the WRX to give driving enthusiasts an even more compelling all-wheel drive performance package," said Tom Doll, executive vice president and COO of Subaru of America, Inc.

The 2011 Impreza WRX models arrive in Subaru dealerships this summer. Both are powered by a 265-hp turbocharged/intercooled 2.5-liter 4-cyl. Boxer engine teamed with a 5-speed manual transmission. This highly responsive engine produces 244 lb.-ft. of peak torque at 4,000 rpm.

The WRX has been the focus of continuous improvement since its introduction. Most recently, the 2009 model received the 265-hp engine and a significant chassis tuning upgrade. For 2010, the new Limited trim lines expanded the WRX model's appeal to a broader range of driving enthusiasts.

The 2011 Impreza WRX uses the Continuous AWD version of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. A viscous coupling locking center differential nominally distributes torque 50:50. Should slippage occur, this system transfers more power to the wheels with the best traction.

The Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC) stability and traction control system is standard. Incline Start Assist, featured on all Impreza models equipped with a manual transmission, can momentarily prevent the vehicle from rolling backward when being driven away from a stop on an incline.

New Designs for 2011
The WRX five-door model will now share the WRX STI wide body design for 2011, underscoring the high-performance character of this model. Significantly, curb weight for the 2011 WRX models increases by just 34 pounds over the "original body" 2010 models, preserving their powerful acceleration performance.

The new-for-2011 WRX 4-door design is based on a "wide and low" concept that gives the car an aggressive road presence. Like the wide-body design already used for the 5-door WRX STI, the new 4-door WRX features widened front and rear track dimensions and wider, more projecting front fenders and rear quarter panels. The design maintains a consistent flow from front to rear bumper, creating a distinctive identity and a sense of stability.

In front, the 2011 WRX models feature sharpened bumper corners and wider, blacked-out fog lamp nacelles to accentuate the "wide and low" profile. A jutting lip spoiler with three-dimensional detailing emphasizes the cars' sporty intent. The newly designed front grille with black base and blacked-out Subaru wing highlights the headlights' shape to give the entire front end a more powerful appearance, accentuated by larger grille and bumper intake openings.

For the 2011 WRX 4-door model, newly designed wider fenders are stretched out on the side more than the tail lamps, accentuating a look of stability. The new design details contribute to an improved drag coefficient.

Sporty, Spacious and Versatile Interior
In the WRX models, exclusive carbon black checkered upholstery accented by red stitching sets the tone for the sporty interior. The compact layout of the double-wishbone rear suspension helps to minimize intrusion into the cargo area, providing a wide and deep luggage compartment. In the 5-door, the wide and flat load floor can accommodate two Tour-size golf bags with the rear seat backs in the upright position. In the 4-door, which is 6.5-inches longer than the 5-door, the trunk can accommodate three Tour-size golf bags. A 60/40-split folding rear seat further boosts cargo capacity and convenience in both models, and the 4-door also features a rear seat fold-down center armrest.

All WRX models are equipped with standard aluminum-alloy pedal covers and driver's footrest. Performance-design front seats integrate the backrest and head restraint into a single structure. As a sporty accent, the instrument panel electroluminescent gauges use indicator needles that sweep the gauge faces upon engine startup.

The standard tilt and telescopic steering wheel is a three-spoke, leather-wrapped design and features control switches for Bluetooth® hands-free phone function. A new AM/FM stereo with single-disc CD player features Bluetooth audio streaming and hands-free calling, iPod control capability, a USB port, 3.5mm aux. input jack and XM/SIRIUS satellite radio (subscription is extra). An available navigation system integrates a vehicle information center and Bluetooth hands-free calling.

Proven Subaru Safety
The Impreza models are built around the Ring-Shaped Reinforcement Frame body structure with front and rear crumple zones. This design has been proven in Subaru models for over a decade to provide outstanding crash protection. Side-curtain airbags are standard on all Subaru models, as is a 4-wheel disc Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist.
About Subaru of America, Inc.
Subaru of America, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. of Japan. Headquartered in Cherry Hill, N.J., the company markets and distributes Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive vehicles, parts and accessories through a network of more than 600 dealers across the United States. Subaru boasts the most fuel-efficient line-up of all-wheel drive products sold in the market today based on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) fuel economy standards. All Subaru products are manufactured in zero-landfill production plants, and Subaru of Indiana Automotive Inc. is the only U.S. automobile production plant to be designated a backyard wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. For additional information visit www.subaru.com

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      I own an STI and I yet I can not figure out why anyone would buy an STI now.
      I hope Subaru steps the STI for 2011.
      • 5 Years Ago

      I'm so glad now I didn't settle for a '10 cuz I really really dig the looks of the STI.

      I'll def have to seriously consider one of these to add to the stable in a few years... that is instead of the '10 Cayman S or Boxster S (possible Elise) I have planned to acquire seems less desirable in 2013 or so.
      • 5 Years Ago
      I actually think this piece looks pretty cool! Its a little bit cluttered, but overall its pretty nasty looking. Im not a huge fan of the front quarter panel though. That one is a little to far "out there" compared to the rest of the car.
      In real life I bet it would look 5x better then it does here though. just like the hatchback STi...
        • 5 Years Ago
        Pontiac isn't dead, it just moved to Japan.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Wait...you mean there's an Autoblog reader that agrees that a car is cluttered looking? Progress...
      • 5 Years Ago
      Not bad. Looks like an old DTM car.
        • 5 Years Ago

        ...and I still want one.
        • 5 Years Ago
        @ jethro

        LOL...why yes...and no. In fact somewhere there is some German in me...and maybe I'm a bit of a "duh"mestic fanboi...but I also like cars that look good. Same reason I hate steel wheels, or Aztec's. They's ugly, and not far from this thing in terms of it either. If it looked good, I'd be all over it, thereby making me, obviously, a Jap-fanboi. Well, maybe I'd like to switch that up to Korean...have you seen Korean girls? Fanboi fersho!! Oh but wait, we're talkin' 'bout cars. I get so lost sometimes...like I said, I like the previous 2 gens of WRX, and I even like the previous gen Legacy sedan...so I guess tha makes me a fanboi of those. Too. Eh? I think I'm getting lost again...Konnichiwa!!
        • 5 Years Ago
        Ugh. As in, ugh-ly. Perhaps instead of restyling its cars every year, Subaru should try a clean, well-balanced, and distinctive design to begin with. This is the Pontiac approach to styling excitement: just add scoops and flares and vents until you can add no more.

        There must have been five different looks to the previous-gen Impreza, all of them ugly. Then Saab goes and builds a car off the same platform, with the same basic shape, and somehow it's gloriously well-executed, as if that was the real car underneath all along.
        • 5 Years Ago
        In person without that creative shading, it'll look like a mess.
        • 5 Years Ago
        I love the STI's look (the hatch one) but on the sedan it looks.... retarted....kinda like a midlife crisis saloon
        • 5 Years Ago
        I dig it. The ugly, steroidal Rex I know and love is back, instead of the Toyota they foisted on us in 2008.

        Between this and the killer base motor the WRX got in 2009, Subaru seems determined to make the more-expensive STI obsolete. Not that I'm complaining!
        • 5 Years Ago
        Still ugly as damn sin.

        Blunt front

        Cheesy fender flares

        Boring roofline (at least it isn't Quasimodo, the hunchback of the auto industry, like the 5-door.)

        Even the wheels look non-sporty.

        The mechanical systems are very good, and remain the reason why I like Subaru, but man they are dropping the ball, aesthetically.
        • 5 Years Ago
        @ Pickle

        Youre obviously a kraut and duhmestic fanboi.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Ewww...this...this is not good. I think I'd still pick a previous gen car over this if I was going to park a Sub in my garage (or maybe even the one before that). I know this is the better car, but you still have to be seen driving it...and look at it when you're waashing it. Just like the Legacy, getting uglier all the time.
        Maybe it's true, the Koreans sent over some drunken designers to set fire to the competition.

        Why not pick up a used S4...or a new Fusion Sport AWD (different league I know). At least those both look good. Maybe a test drive would convince me otherwise, but I can't see the beauty in this thing, at least not in these pics. It's just too wierd.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Better but still not good. Looks way too long compared to its predecessors.
        • 5 Years Ago
        looks horrible. i hate the new design. what da hell Subaru is doing? they make great cars, but they are clueless on exterior design.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Dressing up a "pig". A fast pig at that.
      For me its a proportion and graphics issue.
      Nothing can change that until a whole new car arrives
      • 5 Years Ago
      Since this generation first hit the road, I have been saying that they need to put the STi's fenders onto the WRX (well, and offer a 6-speed on the WRX too). Glad they gave it the fenders, but the WRX better still be offered as a hatch because it looks awful as a sedan.

      Of course now that the WRX gets the same aggressive look as the STi, what the heck is Subaru going to do to the STi??
      • 5 Years Ago
      Definitely more agressive. Front end looks a little "busy" but overall decent.
      • 5 Years Ago
      I haven't really liked any of the Impreza WRXs but I actually don't mind the current 5 door/hatch version but the sedan version I don't like and this wide body version does nothing to change that.
      • 5 Years Ago
      ...and it's still ugly, but not offensive ugly.
      • 5 Years Ago
      This looks like a "Top Gear" designed car.

      I'm pretty sure that tequilla was involved in the concept gathering stage.

      "It needs lots more wings though. Maybe three or four on the top and a Grumpy Jenkins hood scoop, backwards. That would be cool."
      • 5 Years Ago
      I think it looks pretty good, at least it's better than the current version out there.
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