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The votes from 59 international journalists have been counted and the finalists for World Car of the Year have been named. The Detroit News is reporting that the Toyota Prius, Volkswagen Polo and the Mercedes-Benz E-Class have made the final cut, and the three vehicles will go toe-to-toe on April 1st (no foolin') at the start of the New York Auto Show, which is where the World COTY award is announced.
On the performance vehicle front, the Audi R8 V10, Porsche 911 GT3 and Ferrari California are jockeying for the big prize. We feel sorry for the judges who have to choose from among these three junkers, but we're sure they'll somehow make it fun for themselves.

Design finalists are the Citroen C3 Picasso, Kia Soul and Chevrolet Camaro, and from the green category we have the previously mentioned Prius, the Honda Insight and Volkswagen's BlueMotion diesel offerings. Check back on these pages to see the winners of the individual categories when they are announced in New York on April Fool's Day.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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      I have had a recall on my 01 Vette for the same reason (antilock trans, it gets stuck and won't allow you to get it out of park.) They keep telling me I have a recall but mine is a stick. No problems so far, but the poor thing only has 28,000 miles. I don't want the monkeys at GM touching my car.
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      When you buy one of these gas guzzlers, please, please take just one minute to think of the young American men and women who have fought and died to keep that oil flowing. You think that's hyperbole? You would be wrong.

      The next time you pull up to the pump, please take just a moment for the same. A new ad shows clear evidence that the money you pay for gasoline or diesel has been used to pay for roadside explosive devices that have in the past and still are killing our troops in Iraq.

      We need to end our use of foreign oil.

      Go to www.votevets.org and see the information.

      PS, if you don't care who dies or is disabled, dismembered or disfigured for life just so you can fill 'er up with cheap gas then don't go to that website. Happy motoring.

      The solution is E85, biodiesel and electric vehicles. We need them all and we need to start now. Your next vehicle should run on one of these. If not for yourself then for your children or grandchildren.
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        All true. What needs to be done is to remove the subsidy and put it in the price of the petroleum product. You could call it the military adventure oil tax. Then it would not take an occasional wise person to be aware of what they are doing when they fill their tank with cheap. Then the market will change massively and rapidly.
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      The Tom and wincros... ++++1
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      Pay more toward the car, not on the fuel to run it. Getting premium hybrid features is just icing on the cake.
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        50 MPG hybrid for $24k will use $10k in gas; total cost of $34k.

        30 MPG non-hybrid for $18k will use $17k in gas; total cost of $35k.

        Paying more for a car with premium hybrid features make more sense. You get a better car that is quiet, accelerate smoothly, and pack with more standard features.
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