Hot Wheels Custom Motors
Racing with Hot Wheels Custom Motors - Click above to watch the video after the jump.

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure Books from when you were a kid? Awesome, right? Hot Wheels has applied that approach to a web video promoting its new series of Custom Motors vehicles. Basically, the Custom Motors rides all feature interchangeable parts, so you your kids can put together some fun, outlandish stuff. The more cars you buy, the more parts you have to work with. The truck models include pull-back motors, too. We saw these in person a couple of weeks ago at Toy Fair (where they had a Custom Motors version of Batman's Tumbler displayed, in addition to the regular cars and trucks) and can report that they're definitely cool toys.

Anyway, back to the Custom Motors Cup video on YouTube: When you start with the first one, you choose a vehicle and are then prompted to modify it (thus showing off the customizable nature of the toys) before sending your selected car or truck into a series of nifty stop-motion-animated races. How well you fare depends on your mod choices, each of which sends you down a different video "branch." Fire up your own racer after the jump, and check out the Custom Motors toys in greater detail in the photo gallery below.

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[Source: Hot Wheels]