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Remember the Honda Civic Del Sol? We sure do, and we couldn't help referencing it in regards to the new Renault Wind roadster. This funky little coupe/cabriolet takes everything that we love about two-seat convertible motoring and puts it in a more functional, compact, everyday-drivable package.

Unlike the Del Sol (or even the recent Pontiac Solstice Coupe), the Wind's roof panel is operated by a power mechanism that flips the roof back 180 degrees and stows it under the rear trunk lid. The whole operation only takes 12 seconds, and Renault says that with either the roof on or off, there's still roughly 9.5 cubic feet of usable cargo space out back. Not bad, especially for a car that's only slightly larger than a Mini Cooper. (The Cooper convertible, by contrast, makes due with six cubic feet of trunk volume with the rear seats in place.)

It's cute and compact while offering top-down thrills, and we'd be happy to take one for a spin any day of the week. Scroll through our gallery of images to see the Wind live on the Geneva show floor.

Live photos by Drew Phillips / Copyright ©2010 Weblogs, Inc.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      funny how I seem to own a del sol with a power roof that stows the roof under the trunk lid
      • 5 Years Ago
      Reminds me of the del sol, my guilty pleasure.. and favorite old car!
      Bring... pleeeeasssee
      • 5 Years Ago
      The Del Sol had the same thing, it was called the TransTop. It just never made it to the States
      • 5 Years Ago
      It looks like a Pontiac Salsa with a convertible hard top.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Well.. I still have a '95 del sol in the garage. It is a great fun, inexpensive commuter.
      I must say it works as well rain, shine, or snow once I found a good set of all season rubber to put on it.
      I would love something new to fit the same bill.
      I don't know though... the potential blind spot looks even bigger here if that is possible.
      It doesn't seem like the rear window goes down on this either, which is one of the things I like a lot about the del sol.

      For those who say the del sol is a chic's car...
      I'm man enough not to feel the need to punctuate it for people with what I'm driving.
      I'm having a good time and really don't care too much what you think about it.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Rear taillights kind of remind me of a the G37 sedan's taillights.
      • 5 Years Ago
      a chick's car. just like the delsol. including the delsol vtec with the b16 motor, it was just a quicker chick's car.
      • 5 Years Ago
      So you can feel the Wind in your... top hat?

      Seriously, those are some crazy-tall sills and cowl for a car that's supposedly all about open-air fun. Looks more like a Barbie MRAP.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Er, yeah, 9.5 vs. 6 cubic feet is all well and good, but the Cooper has rear seats (albeit marginally usable ones). It'd be fairer to compare seats down in the Cooper vs. 9.5 cubic feet.
      • 5 Years Ago
      For some reason this car reminds me of the Honda Delsol.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Two words: