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The last few years have been unkind to the Honda Ridgeline. Higher fuel prices have made trucks less appealing in general, but at five years old, the Ridgeline is also nearing the end of its lifecycle. Honda's sales of its first-ever truck dipped more than 50 percent compared to 2008, and a revision will be necessary to boost sales over the next few years.

According to PickupTrucks.com, that new model could be coming soon – very soon. The second generation Ridgeline is scheduled to debut for the 2011 model year and will have a host of improvements, including better fuel economy, a more aerodynamic design and less weight. There's no official word on when the 2011 Ridgeline will make its debut, but we shouldn't have too long to wait.

[Source: PickupTrucks.com]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      If the Ridgeline is going to be successful, or at least interesting, the new model should follow one of two forms:
      1. Make it as a real truck, with more engine choices (4-cylinder, 8-cylinder, diesel), cab chices, and real towing/hauling capabilities.
      2. A truck in the spirit of the El Camino/Ranchero, or better yet, the Holden Ute and Ford Falcon Ute.

      And, of course, better styling. The current design reminds me too much of the boxy styling of the old Ford Fairmont/first generation Ranger/Bronco II and first generation Explorer. Honda's current vehicle designs aren't exactly prize winners, either.

      Otherwise, if the next Ridgeline is anything like the current model, Honda might as well get out of the truck market.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Once again, a car that will go on sale later this year, much like new Honda Civic and there nothing, not even a camouflaged car, not a spy shot. That is the way Honda keeps their cars hot and fresh for the public. Compare that to Cruze which will sell this year, we saw what it looks like last year, same with Focus.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Why bother? This psuedo-truck has never been a strong seller, and instead of making it more appealing to truck buyers, they're concentrating on making it more car like? Being too car-like (weak towing capacity, low payload capacity, poor off road performance, etc) is it's main problem and Honda's solution is to make it worse?

      Honda: You tried to make a truck. You failed. Either copy proven designs like Toyota and Nissan did or pull out of this market.
        • 5 Years Ago

        "Either copy proven designs like Toyota and Nissan did or pull out of this market."

        In John's safe world, one should only copy successful others vs. innovating. That's the kind of regressive mentality that brought the D3 to their knees: "If GM sells its stone-age trucks well, let's just make our own version of the stone-age truck!". And you know where that went right?

        There is no place for followers in my world, it's innovate, outperform, outsmart and out-succeed or die. Honda failed with the Ridgeline, and every failure is an opportunity to re-adress a problem and improve.
        • 5 Years Ago
        What is innovative about the Ridgeline?

        A unibody truck isn't innovative, VW did it back in the 1980s.

        GM and Ford (and to a lesser extent, Dodge/Ram/Fiat/Whatever)'s designs are proven and sell extremely well. Honda would do well to emulate half of that success. Ford F-Series has been America's best selling vehicle (not truck, not car, VEHICLE) for over 30 years. The Silverado has long ran second and would overtake the F-Series if they combined GMC sales in with the Chevys. To discount all of that and write off both vehicles as "stone age" shows your ignorance.

        It wouldn't be the first time that Honda copied an American automaker's design formula and profited from it: The Accord grew larger and began offering a V6 in the 1990s due to the popularity of the Taurus.

        When you claim that the "D3" is on its knees, I'm sure you meant "D2" since Ford DID NOT file for bankruptcy, DID NOT receive fed bailout money, DID posted a decent profit last year, and HAS gained market share and sales whereas Honda hasn't. In fact, their sales were down 5% (compared to Ford's 15% gain) last month and they're increasing incentives this month to move more product.
      • 5 Years Ago

      Real like MPG experience with the Ridgeline. NO ONE reports 25mpg combined. Maybe over 20 Hwy but never combined.
      • 5 Years Ago
      I didn't think they sold enough of these to justify a second generation.
        • 5 Years Ago
        That's what I was thinking. I would expect Toyota to be stubborn enough to continue on with the Tundra, but I would think Honda would fold up like a pup tent and let the Ridgeline fall off the face of the earth. But I guess if the Titan is getting another go, Honda doesn't want to be the only one to wave the white flag.
      • 5 Years Ago
      if you have never driven a Ridgeline then quit complaining about them! im not a hondaphile, in fact i hate hondas! but i own a Ridgeline. i had a mercedes ml and got tired of being mistaken for a 40something housewife so i traded for a ridgeline, lifted it, got new rims and off road tires, added some engine upgrades and i love it! i have friends with trucks made by the big 3 and there is no comparison! my Ridgeline drives so much better, i can park it anywhere, and it is just as capable off road as any other slightly modified truck. it does lack a little in the power department but it eats up the corners like a car which is more than i can say for anything by the big 3. i'm probably gonna get something new later this year as ive got 50k on my Ridgeline, but if the 2nd gen has +300hp i will at least consider waiting for it to go on sale!
        • 5 Years Ago
        I agree. I love my ridgeline. and no im not wearing capri pants with a sweater as Dr. Greenthumb suggest. Just because I don't dress like a redneck wearing a nascar shirt when I get out of a truck doesn't make my choice of vehicle worse. I get roughly 25mpg combined and I haul a 4wheeler most weekends. If you don't like it...don't buy it.
        • 5 Years Ago
        bwade88: "traded for a ridgeline, lifted it, got new rims and off road tires, added some engine upgrades and i love it! i have friends with trucks made by the big 3 and there is no comparison! my Ridgeline drives so much better, i can park it anywhere, and it is just as capable off road as any other slightly modified truck. it does lack a little in the power department but it eats up the corners like a car which is more than i can say for anything by the big 3"

        ok, so you modified your trucklet, and THEN want to compare it to trucks made by the big 3? You made engine modifications, and then remark that it STILL lacks a little in the power department? You say that it is just as capable off-road as any other slightly modified truck...except that big 3 trucks don't need modifying - they're good to go 'as-is.'
        • 5 Years Ago
        Yes i want to compare it to the big 3, most of my friends drive either fords or dodges, the f150's are ok, i am considering getting a raptor as my next truck, but the dodge trucks are horrible, i would never even consider buying a dodge! as far as modifying goes everyone i know has some sort of modification on their trucks, its part of the culture. and with the mods i've done to my truck its as good as any other truck with similar modifications.with the engine upgrades i have plenty of power, i'm sitting @ about 300....i may not win a drag race but i have never gotten stuck, in fact i've pulled several of my friends out of mud when their big bad dodge's have bogged down. the AWD system is in my opinion much better than the traditional 4WD found in the big 3. but possibly the best feature of my Ridgeline is that i don't look like a hick when i drive it, and to me that is worth giving up a few hp.
        • 5 Years Ago
        There is no way in hell you get 25mpg combined in a Ridgeline. I call BS big time. No way, no how.

        That being said, I like the Ridgeline. I considered buying one last year. I like many of the features and the added utility. I just could not get over the MPG and ultimately that is what killed it for me. If it could get 20+ city and 30+ hwy, I would buy one. I don't mind the looks.

        Sort of expensive but not crazy expensive. Really the only thing hurting sales of this thing is the horrible gas mileage. The size and utility are perfect for me but I would just rather have an Avalanche with the same crappy MPG (even though I think it is a little too big for me). Alas, I bought a Subie Outback because I could not handle sub 20 mpg at the end of the day. Made WAY more sense than the Ridgeline. Hauls about the same, gets decent MPG, handles better, parks better, and has AWD. Still makes me look like a lesbian though....oh well cant have everything.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Not to be a douche... but I always get a chuckle when I see some dude driving one of these. It's a woman's truck...seriously..
        • 5 Years Ago
        Lighten up Ben, I too get a chuckle out of seeing men driving these things.

        One day I made a bet with my son, that dude would jump out wearing Capri pants with a sweater tied around your waist. Turned out that "he" was wearing Dockers with a sweater tied around "his" waist.

        Even my wife had to laugh about that. My son made good on the bet, a Wendy's chocolate Frosty.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Wow Kevin you may be one of the most dense people to comment on this site.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Maybe it's not selling because what was once and unique to buyers at introduction is now ugly and weird looking to the same people after 5 years.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Improve the styling, even bland "yet elegant in a simplistic way" 90's Honda styling would be better than the square with creases styling of current Ridgeline.

      Ridgeline drives quite nicely, has a decent interior, adequate hauling and towing for the majority of suburban homeowners, and adequate light off road capabilities.

      Just fix the exterior and bring the V6 diesel that Honda designed and previously indicated it would offer in the Ridgeline, Pilot and Odyssey.

      Bring the diesel and I'll buy a Ridgeline even if it is as Aztec ugly as the Crosstour.
      • 5 Years Ago
      I guess the ugly looks are a turnoff for many.
      • 5 Years Ago
      I read on PickupTrucks.com that Honda is hell bent on keeping the truck the same size as it is.

      What's so bad about letting vehicles like this one shrink up a little bit? In fact, I would argue that this vehicle should have been built on the Honda CR-V platform. Of course its towing and hauling capacities would be much less but fuel economy would be much more and the types of people that buy trucks like these don't care about things like towing capacity anyway.

      Bottom line: Honda's not going to get F-150 intenders out of their fullsize trucks with a midsizer that gets worse mileage, even if the towing capacities are similar, and compact guys looking for fuel economy aren't interested either. It should either dial back to compact for fuel economy or exit the market.
      • 5 Years Ago
      So, will the new Ridgeline be able to drive a dirt fire access road without blowing all four struts? I'm just wondering since that might be a little useful in a truck.
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