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Few letters hold the same lore for Ferrari fans as G-T-O. Pontiac muscle-cars aside, the letters were first used on the iconic '60s-era 250 GTO. The 288 GTO followed two decades later and laid the ground for the F40, the first in the modern age of Ferrari supercars. Now the name is set to come back again on an extreme version of the 599 GTB

Bridging the gap between the roadgoing 599 GTB Fiorano and the track-bound experimental 599XX – and filling the hole left by the Enzo – the 599 GTO promises epic levels of performance (and extreme exclusivity) worthy of the GTO moniker. The prospect first broke cover back in November when internal documents referred to a "599 GTO Limited Edition," and was followed up with more speculative details – including a 700-horsepower output figure – early last month. Now an intrepid observer in Maranello with a camera handy appears to have snapped a camouflaged prototype out in the wild.

Aside from the yards of white vinyl and black tape telling you something's up, this 599 test mule is wearing big black alloys, a blacked-out roof (like that of the 599XX, albeit sans the extra winglets), a monster rear diffuser and Prova-style factory plates. Beyond that there's little to tell, but this is the first evidence we have beyond rumors and conjecture as to what Maranello is up to next.

[Source: alVolante.it]

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      • 5 Years Ago
      For its size, its relatively light. ZR1 aside, this is lighter than almost all its GT xompetitors: DBS/DB9,Merc SL(S), etc. 3500 and 700 bhp in a Ferrari GTO? Please and thank you.
      • 5 Years Ago
      The only differences really visible are the deeper side sills and the larger diffuser. I'm sure the electronics are where the serious differences are, as has been the trend at Ferrari of late. At a certain point, it simply doesn't matter if the car has 650 or 850 horsepower; Unless it can properly manage it, there's no point.

      Hopefully it'll shed more than the 100 kilos rumored. Even at 3500 pounds, it's a fairly bloated beast. A more ZR1 competitive 3200 would be truly track-worthy.
      • 5 Years Ago
      One can only hope.
      • 5 Years Ago
      They must be making a Lamborghini fighter, so cool, I bet the cars will be hitting 700 HP soon.
      • 5 Years Ago
      OMG WTF I nearly crapped my pants, the 288 is my favourite Ferrari of all time, this will be awesome please make the 599 a GTO!!!

      /fanboy rant
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