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2010 Victory Vegas Limited Edition – Click above for high-res image gallery

Victory couldn't let that other fellow American motorcycle manufacturer have all the new-product fun now, could it? The new 2010 Vegas Limited Edition was recently unveiled at the New York Motorcycle Show, and it appears that there's a new torque-rich power cruiser on the market vying for your hard-earned dollars and straight-line thrills.

Victory's Freedom V-twin has long been a formidable and powerful mill, and the Minnesota-based manufacturer has reportedly managed to squeeze a few more ponies out of the 106-cubic inch twin. According to Victory, the new 106/6 engine is fitted with Stage 2 cams, bringing output to 97 horsepower and 113 pound-feet of torque.

Color options will include Fire Ball Red, Competition Yellow, Pearl White or Turbo Silver for the price of $15,999. Notable exterior bits include the side-mounted 106 race plate graphic, color-matched frame and swingarm and blacked-out forks and drivetrain.There will only be 100 Vegas LEs produced in 2010, and ordering will be available from January 22 until February 15.

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      • 5 Years Ago
      Really a gorgeous machine,
      • 5 Years Ago
      I own a hot rodded 07 8 Ball. I like my bike after the mods. And it looks better than stock, for sure. It is not as pretentious as the bike above. The bike above is streching to be special...sort of like these cars that issue special editions using decals, and fancy wheels. The engine here is the core...but it is smothered by the glitz of the finished product.

      This bike has to lose the wheels. They seem excessive. And, the exhaust system is just awkward looking. No matter if it is a stage two. I am sure it sounds like a dud, as well. That 106 decal is just plain pretentious and looks like some gasoline alley retro wanna be look at me kind of thing.

      Overall, the bike looks fairly nice, but is hard to understand. I saw it in person at the NY show.

      I disagree with the comment above regarding quality. Victory has very good fit and finish...and is all American. HD leaves much to be desired, unfortuately (and is fairly pretty much Chinese made now).

      My Vegas does not try to be anything it is not. It has a pro-street (totally black) look and performance is very decent. It is a relatively comfortable cruiser that I have ridden three hundred miles at a time with no comfort issues....it is powerful, handles well, and yes you do sit back with legs stretched out forward. And, it looks mean and classy.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Really a gorgeous machine, but I still prefer my M109R to this.
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      • 5 Years Ago
      Never been a fan of the Victory styling but I can appreciate those that do like it. To me, it looks like they are trying too hard. I dont care for the "chopper" look, but I do like cruisers.

      Fit in finish is sub-par in my opinion for the expensive, yet resale is mediocre. The motor is pretty solid, but I hate the triangle air intake and the over styled wheels.

      Looks way better than the even more grotesque Honda Fury and HD Rocker. Those two need to me euthanized.
      • 5 Years Ago

      When I think of quick bikes, I don't think of trying to old on by forward outstretched arms, and legs... and feeling like a parachute on the bike.

      Between this and the "other american manufacturer"...

      Wouldn't know a quick bike if it ran over them.

      When is the Motoczysz going to actually produce something? What is so antithetical to the american motorcycle industry that they cannot produce a top tier sport bike... not a sport bike's suspension wrapped around an ancient engine, in a weird frame and bodywork?

      BMW cracked the shell... they make "different" bikes, that some consider to be uniquely superior to some... and their new S1000R came out of the gate as a winner, even if I prefer the more uniquely BMW bikes. (I am a boxer fanatic, after all...) At least the late model BMW boxers are modern bikes, even if they have a long, long tradition.

      But when BMW wanted to enter the supersport market, it did it in a very big way for a first time entry, with the S1000R, and the K-series bikes are nothing to scoff at, either.

      The Japanese manufacturers push forward almost every year with further development, even if it is just cutting a few ounces of weight, and BNGs... but Honda is putting a dual-clutch gearbox on the market for the first time on a motorcycle...

      Are there no American entrepreneurs or established companies that can build a no-caveat-required sport bike for sale to the public? Something that joins the state of the art?

      Instead, this sled is considered a company's "quickest bike ever." I can respect the craftsmanship, and that is fine... but not everyone wants a "me-too hot rod" clone of a very old format.

      It would probably still be embarrassed by the quickness of a speed triple, or a Ducati StreetFighter, or even the new Yamaha V-max, if you do like a bit more classic look.

      Heck, if you like old-school, a Ducati SportClassic is probably quicker, with the proper tires, due to being almost half the weight with a modern ducati L-twin.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Concur, but with a nod to Victory.

        When Victory first hit the market, they had a sport/standard model, the V92SC if memory serves. Much like a R1200R. Got rave reviews from motor mags for a superior handling frame, decent engine, trans needed a lot of help. Good looking bike.

        Sold like sandboxes in the Sahara. They discontnued it two years in.

        Victory didn't get any traction from American buyers until they released the Vegas. Like you I am mystifyed by those who prefer the gynecological riding position, but the market dictates the style and Polaris has stuck to their guns making Victory a player. After riding a Vision I came away thinking about writing a check when touring bike fever hits. I hope someday they release a bike for us, but they have to establish more volume, I believe, before it will be sustainable.

        HD, on the other hand, come on.