• Jan 19, 2010
Ginetta G50EV and John Surtees at the Channel Tunnel – Click above for high-res image gallery

Ginetta Cars, a small British automaker that's been building racing and road cars since 1958, would like to build an electric car. Unfortunately, it can't due to a lack of money. Ginetta had requested £1.7 million in funding from the UK government, but the request was denied because the project was deemed "too niche."

Similar in principle to the Tesla Roadster, Ginetta's G50 EV was to be a two-seat sportscar with a powerful electric motor driving the rear wheels with electricity storage handled by a large lithium ion battery pack. Though exciting, that kind of vehicle doesn't exactly appeal to the masses. Ginetta chairman Lawrence Tomlinson responds:
This is a real pet project of mine... We have the running prototype and all the components sorted, but it will cost us too much to develop ourselves. We could easily turn this into a usable everyday vehicle, not just a sports car prototype. We can extend the range to 250 miles – I drive it and charge it up using my windmill, so I don't see how the car could be any greener.

[Source: Autocar]

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