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Jay Leno visits Supercar Sunday at the Village Coffee Roaster

"Supercar Sunday is back and is here to stay!" That's the first sentence of a long-awaited announcement from Dustin Troyan, one of Southern California's most passionate, selfless and determined car guys. Dusty started the Supercar Sunday show in front of the Village Coffee Roaster coffee shop he managed in Woodland Hills several years ago. The idea was to invite car people out to the empty lot on Sunday mornings to meet up and hopefully buy some java.

The show was a smashing success, as hundreds of car guys and gals from all over the Southland gathered once a week to share their love of classic and exotic automobiles. The last Sunday of the month was the big show, attracting thousands of folks, including a few local celebrities. Businesses often brought in several extra staffers on Sundays to handle all of the extra customers.

As good as that sounds for gearheads and the businesses in that strip mall, the show got too big for the lot. Under intense pressure and threatened legal action from the landlord, the show was shut down late last year. With the huge car community in the Los Angeles area we knew it couldn't be the end of the road for the weekly Sunday meet, but all was a little too quiet on the Western front until today.

Seems Dustin has been working tirelessly these past several weeks to secure a new venue for the show. Troyan is the same guy behind the immensely successful Motor4Toys charity toy drive so we knew he would be able to make it happen – and make it happen in a way that would make us forget all about the unpleasantness of a few months ago.

Well, now we can look forward to a revived Supercar Sunday in an even better locale, with a bigger parking lot, full cooperation from the local merchants and landlord, and a Corner Bakery to handle breakfast needs. So if you're in the area, if you've attended or wanted to attend Supercar Sunday in the past or just want to get your weekly collectible car fix again, check out the new venue.

The show kicked off this morning at the Topanga Westfield Promenade. It's just off the 101, 8 miles West of the 405 at the corner of Topanga Canyon and Erwin. Hope to see you there in the weeks to come.

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      • 5 Years Ago
      It's funny how some stories are so one sided, and no investigating takes place. The truth is, Dustin Troyan ruined his boss's business (Village Coffee Roaster), and it had to completely shut down to avoid being sued, all because of Dustin's selfish reasons to constantly hold a massive car show at the expense of all his business neighbors, who's businesses could not operate safely during these massive car shows (but he didn't care). He does all these "car" things to fuel his 'connections' in the car biz to reep money from it,, he basically creates action to create business for him and his pals.

      Secondly, his whole orphan story requires an investigation in my opinion.

      Amazing how people are blind.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Leno: Ok, now get the brat out of my car!
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      • 5 Years Ago
      The only reason I have respect for Leno is because of his refusal to host or support Top Gear: America (I can only imagine how horribly biased or one-sided that show would become due to corporate sponsors), and for being a petrol-head, of course. Beyond that, I could honestly care less for him.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Any indication as to the time that this event starts?
      • 5 Years Ago
      Awesome! I have always wanted to go to Cars and Coffee but Irvine is a bit of a drive for me besides I have other commitments on Saturday mornings. Sundays are mostly dead for me.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Someone should of kicked Leno in the balls.