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With the possible exception of a trip to the dentist, visiting a car dealership is the least pleasant activity in which we participate. Unless you walk in with mound of cash, you can be sure that using their cruel four square method, U.S. dealers have a quadrangled plan of attack to bend you over. But what if it wasn't like that?

China's BYD (known colloquially as Build Your Dreams) will begin selling cars in the U.S. within the year. That much we know. But where are they going to sell them? Put a better way, how are they going to sell them? According to USA Today, the big fear among other automakers and U.S. dealers is the latter question.

The possibility exists that incoming players like BYD or India's Tata or Mahindra could sidestep the middle man and sell vehicles directly to customers. Obviously, this would be a rather large selling point to those of us who don't enjoy the feeling of being cheated and fleeced during a round of three-card monte (i.e. the typical dealer experience). Another option might be selling the cars through big-box stores like Walmart or Costco. The shape of things to come is getting interesting, if nothing else.

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[Source: USA Today]