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We've been saying for ages that Hawai'i is really the ideal electric vehicle target, and in one week, it'll be even more perfect. After all, the islands are small (no reason for range anxiety), it's warm (no cold weather effect on batteries), it imports a lot of oil, which makes oil-free cars doubly important. Starting January 23rd, the first public electric car charging station in Hawai'i will go into service in the Kaka'ako area of Honolulu. Until the end of March, people can plug-in for free. After that, the company that put the charger into service, Green Energy Outlet, will charge EV drivers to fill up 24-7.

Of course, Hawai'i is making other strides towards becoming EV paradise, making deals with Better Place and Phoenix Motorcars. OK, that Phoenix deal may never happen, but people in the islands have been working on electric cars for a long time. We checked out the EV situation in Hawai'i back in 2007. Read the two-part series here and here.

[Source: KPUA]

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      Hawaii generates about 2/3 of its electricity with petroleum-fired plants. Until this changes it would be more efficient to just use the oil to fuel ICE vehicles. Still, anything that gets people to change the way they think about their personal transportation is probably a good thing, and islands are definitely ideal areas for current generation EVs.
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        You need to learn more about power generation. A single Oil-fired power plant is still Much more efficient and cleaner than thousands of small car engines per kilowatt-hour.

        The biggest loss for normal central power generation is usually miles and miles of power lines and transformers. Hawaii doesn't such long distance power lines. So the best way utilize oil is to make electricity and have the cars run on that.

        And since residents of Hawaii enjoy both sun, wind and surf. There is room for individuals to produce some power from renewable. The beauty of EVs are that they are truly "flex fuel".
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