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Hyundai spokesman Dan Bedore has confirmed to Autoblog that while a version of its home-market Equus is on the way to North America in 2010, the Korean automaker still hasn't decided what the car will be named when it arrives. The high-end sedan may carry the horse-inspired KDM appellation, or perhaps even its Middle East moniker, Centennial, but other nameplates remain under discussion. And although Bedore declined to offer any specific possibilities, when pressed, he did admit that the company hasn't ruled out anything with the word "Genesis" in its title, a move that would seemingly be appropriate given that the model has more than a few Genesis Sedan genes in its genetic blueprint. Such a strategy would also seem to be consistent with a rumored plan to separate Hyundai's pricier offerings within brand showrooms. Genesis Prestige or Genesis Supremacy, anyone?

The rear-drive, V8 luxury sedan is on track for arrival in the second half of this year, and while it will be essentially identical to the Korean Equus, small visual differences like alloy wheel patterns and perhaps the absence of the domestic car's prominent hood ornament (shown above) are also likely. No word yet on specific changes to the car's underpinnings, but Bedore tells us that we "can expect some adjustments to things like suspension damping and steering tuning for the U.S. market."

A Korean-spec Equus will be on display at next week's North American International Auto Show in Detroit, but no further announcements regarding the car are scheduled.

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