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Carneval Smart ForTwo – Click above to try your hand at styleyoursmart.com

Not digging the Smart ForTwo's two-color paint palette? Think you can do better? You're in luck. Daimler, Smart's German parent company, has announced a contest where customers and budding designers can customize their own ForTwo. Hit up styleyoursmart.com and you can... well, style your Smart.

You have until February 23rd to post your own smarty-pants design, and the winners will be announced three days later. America's tiniest automaker promises prizes totaling about $7,200 (€5,000), which, we imagine, is plenty of money to turn your design into a reality... assuming you already own a ForTwo.

At this point, the contest has just begun and there don't seem to be too many contestants just yet, so we grabbed the most colorful option for our lead image above. We briefly considered plastering our own Fortwo with the Autoblog logo, but thought better of it. Perhaps if they'd finally fix that transmission... Press release after the break.

[Source: Smart]


Open innovation - smart launches a design contest: Style your smart

Stuttgart - smart is staying true to its brand slogan "open your mind" and opening to outside ideas with a design contest. From 6 January 2010 fans of smart and design worldwide are invited to design a smart fortwo on the website www.styleyoursmart.com. smart is looking for the coolest smart design and will award prizes with a total value of €5000 to the winners.

Marc Langenbrinck, Managing Director smart brand and Head of Sales & Marketing smart says "In our daily contact with our customers we keep experiencing how passionate they are about smart. Many of them personalise their smart with products from our wide range of accessories. Lots of them go even further and realise their own ideas. We are now taking this up. The design contest offers all smart drivers and fans a platform to lend expression to their creativity."

Participants can give free rein to their imagination. A design configurator is available on the online platform www.styleyoursmart.com. It offers a multitude of colours, prints, patterns and shapes. At the same time budding artists can also develop their own graphic ideas. In addition, they can exchange views with other contestants and comment on and rate ideas and designs. In this way a design community for car enthusiasts and smart fans will be created.

Designs can be put online until 23 February 2010. An independent expert jury will subsequently select the best contributions based on the community ratings. The winners will be announced on the website on 26 February 2010 and can look forward to prizes totalling €5,000.

"Style your smart" is one of more than 1200 ideas submitted by the "Business Innovation Community", a Web 2.0 platform on the Daimler intranet. Employees can post their ideas here – and their colleagues from other departments and regions can comment on them, rate them and further develop them

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      I have an idea, enlist the "2 Girls 1Cup" girls to design one. At least the media they use would fit the car.
      • 5 Years Ago
      You can paint a turd gold, but it’s still a turd.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Alright already! Enough with the tranny bashing. Yes, it sucks...and sucks bad...in auto mode. Driving the car in manual mode is much smoother (yes, still a little quirky) and you'll generally get better mileage that way too.

      But, after 16K miles in mine, that transmission sucks.

      • 5 Years Ago
      The rant against smart fortwo is curious, since the vast majority of smart OWNERS
      love their cars. Smart is not for everyone, it is what it is, and what it is is quite remarkable. Let not the blogosphere blather prevent you from taking a test drive, and know that for smart in the USA it is only the first Act of a multi-act Play. The first Act was a great success, in reality, and there are always times when negative blatherers seem to dominate the blathersphere with their viral marketing blowhard tactics--more than likely they have never driven the car, nor do they really have a clue about
      what the cars means to OWNERS and for many they serve them well, even if in a niche. Smart as it is has owners in every category of market demographics, and it is way too early in the Play to blather on about what should happen, or will happen in ensuing Acts. If you don't like smart there are other options for you--more all the time.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Now THAT'S desperation. "We made a car that sucks... you take over! We quit!"

      Also, how about designing a car that doesn't have this happen? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=he6TL15pJtw In slow motion the dummy in the C Class appears to be saying "suckerrrrrr".