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Another morsel to come out of Fiat's 2-year plan is the short term product plan for Lancia, a brand that the parent company has been accused of neglecting for quite a while. In addition to the usual refreshes and facelifts, the truly juicy bit is that Fiat plans 17 new vehicles over the next two years, and Chrysler platforms will provide the basis for four Lancias.

Next month's Detroit Auto Show is expected to host the first "new" Chrysler product: a rebadged Lancia Delta. An SUV is expected to follow sometime next year, then a midsize sedan and convertible, a luxury sedan, and a minivan in 2011. The real meat that we're still missing is how these vehicles will really be created. How much of the initiative will be badge engineering, and how much will be genuine, clean-sheet engineering.

Fiat wants Chrysler's global sales to more than double by 2014, to 2.8 million. If that number is accurate, that would mean Sergio Marchionne expects Chrysler to account for more than half of his targeted five million global sales for the entire Fiat Group by 2014 -- and that group just grew thanks to Fiat's swallowing up Zastava. Marchionne is said to be thinking about a successor because he "can't work 24/7 forever." With plans like these, we can't imagine he'll be sleeping or stepping aside any time soon.

[Source: Carscoop via GM Inside News]

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      • 5 Years Ago
      It looks incredibly gorgeous apart from that hideous grill.
      • 5 Years Ago
      This is the first car Fiat has shown me that I am actually willing to buy. I like this way more than the Chrysler Sebring. It just needs to be reliable!!
      • 5 Years Ago
      This entire merge/purchase between Fiat and Chrysler has been very confusing.. is there anybody who can give me a quick overview of what cars are going where as what brand?
      • 5 Years Ago
      What's so offensive? It's a somewhat standard black vertical grille with a chrome accent. It's a modern interpretation of the classic LanCIA grille whic has been around for 80 years or so and much more distinctive than the bland Chrysler piece.. If I bought the Chrysler version I would order the Lancia grill from Europe.
      • 5 Years Ago
      When they say 'Chrysler platforms' does that mean the Mitsubishi platforms Chrysler has used for the past 5 years or Chrysler version of Fiat platforms? The former could be bad...very bad.
      • 5 Years Ago
      As a past Lancia owner, I feel they should have been euthanized after the Delta Integrale. They have had some low points with some high peaks in between but the recent decade and a half go beyond neglect.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Seriously, if Fiat can't defeat VW, Ford, and Renault in its home court, what's the hope of it to win for a dying American team across the Atlantic?
        • 5 Years Ago
        @Not THAT Matt
        While I was replying to the post above mine which was claiming more or less that Fiat has had a so-called 'succesful' last year in Europe, I am afraid you 've missed that somehow...
        I was helpfully citing real figures and not making an assault to fellows from the States, unless you had other things in your own mind...
        • 5 Years Ago
        What the man said is that
        Fiat group's sales are inferior to those of VW group, PSA group, Renault-Nissan group, GM group and Ford, and you made a reference to the numbers of the '09/'08 % change (in a year of crisis).

        Once again you guys are not telling the right figures,
        leaving wrong impressions concerning Fiat group's so called "success" in Europe,
        so here it is for you fellows from the States

        TOTAL EUROPE (January '09 - November '09)

        VW group 2,846,474 21.2% +0.6%
        [not incl. Suzuki]
        (VW itself 1,530,851
        AUDI 572,093
        SEAT 294,847
        Skoda 446,748
        Others 1,935 )

        PSA group 1,718,664 12.8% -1.8%
        (Peugeot 915,009
        Citroen 803,655 )

        Renault-Nissan group 1,559,115 11,6% +1,7%
        (Renault itself 1,007,651
        Nissan 333,583
        Dacia 217,881 )

        GM group 1,195,465 8.9% -8.7%
        (Opel/Vauxhall 992,825
        Chevrolet 175,589
        Saab 25,093
        GM(US) 1,958 )

        Ford 1,186,791 8.9% +2.5%
        [not incl. Volvo]

        Fiat group 1,168,862 8.7% +5.4%
        [not incl. Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge]
        (Fiat itself 946,375
        Lancia 112,633
        Alfa romeo 103,813
        Others 6,041 )

        Toyota group 680,708 5.8% -5.8%
        (Toyota 661,624
        Lexus 19,084 )

        Daimler group 639,662 4.8% -14.1%
        (Mercedes 551,748
        Smart 87,914 )

        BMW group 648,545 4.8% -15.2%
        (BMW 524,129
        Mini 124,416 )

        Hyundai group 548,554 4,1% +15,9%
        (Hyundai itself 315,655
        KIA 232,899 )

        Suzuki 234,499 1.7% -0.6%

        Honda 230,453 1.7% -7.3%

        Mazda 196,363 1.5% -15.4%

        Volvo 183,455 1.4% -12.0%

        Mitsubishi 92,031 0.7% -18.9%

        Jaguar-Land rover 77,858 0.6% -25.4%
        (Land rover 51,066
        Jaguar 26,792 )

        Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep 50,376 0.4% -43.0%

        (ALL BRANDS 13,496,382 100% -2.8%)
        • 5 Years Ago
        Come on Paul, we Americans hate everybody who aren't like us - including you.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Uhmm, actualy the Fiat Group has been one of the few European manufacturers that has been outperforming the market, increasing market share during a deep recession.

        Bring the Delta as is with a set of Lancia badges & grille in the trunk and Fiat Group's excellent 1.9 Turbodiesel and I'll be the first on my block to get one.
      • 5 Years Ago
      I believe Marchionne plans are to share platforms in this way:

      Chrysler = Lancia/Alfa Romeo/Maserati
      Dodge = FIAT
      RAM = Premium Brand
      Jeep = Premium Brand
      Ferrari = Premium Brand

      Sounds like a good plan to me, there is a good amount of costs sharing between brands, that will make the price of the cars more competitive.
        • 5 Years Ago
        actually, they seem pretty set on selling the 500 as a single model through Chrysler dealerships.

        ...similarly, they could do the same by selling a vehicle like the Challenger through Alfa Romeo dealerships in Europe, which would amount to the same thing: bring in that one really popular and epitomizing vehicle to spice-up your showroom floor with something a little exotic, but without committing to the gamble of exporting an entire brand of otherwise iffy products in a market they were not designed for.
        • 5 Years Ago
        That's not a bad plan if they do it right. Basically Lancia would be like Opel is to Buick... they would share cars but be on two different continents.

        But I was under the impression that Fiat wanted their own presence in the US (using the "Fiat" name). If they do that, then that would screw it up for using Fiat cars under the Chrysler badge.

        Also, we all know that the 500 is coming here, but I have yet to hear definitively if it was coming here with a Chrysler, Dodge or Fiat badge.

        I can understand them wanting the Fiat badge here in the US, but realistically that would give them way the hell too many divisions - between Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, Fiat and eventually Alfa-Romeo (and not even including Maserati or Ferrari), they would have more divisions than GM or Toyota!
      • 5 Years Ago
      +1 to Lamborrari: The Delta is closer in size to the PT Cruiser than to the Sebring, and at any rate hatches are not volume players in the midsize market in the U.S. Seen in that light, a reworked/rebadged Delta looks like a pretty nice upgrade for the Chrysler lineup. In this case, the Delta is actually a bit bigger than the car it is replacing--perhaps the only instance in which a European-based design will lead to an upsizing of the car it is replacing.

      The real pressure is on the bigger players that Chrysler allegedly will be unveiling over the coming year: the SUV (presumably a compact CUV), the midsize sedan (the real Sebring replacement), and the luxury sedan (a bridge between the Sebring and the 300?).

      I'm also curious about the "minivan" mentioned here. Is this a light-duty work truck to appear under the Ram brand, or (better guess) a C-Max/Orlando competitor? Whatever it is, it won't be taking the place of the existing Chrysler minivans.

      As an aside about Ford's sale of Volvo and reduced stake in Mazda: The Volvo-derived models have, almost uniformly, been sales duds (the new Taurus possibly breaking the curse). Ford got some good safety tech out of the Volvo deal, but in many other ways it turned out badly for both sides. Now Ford has in-house designs cued up to replace the Focus, Fusion, and Escape (the C1 and related EUCD platforms). Mulally is not so foolish as to have jettisoned those companies without looking at the next stage of the company's engineering.
      • 5 Years Ago
      The Sebring I think is a good base for a mid-sizer, they just need to fix the looks, handling, ride and whatever thats wrong. (Safety is good iirc) I think an updated Crossfire front facia with a 200C-like body. and re-worked rear-end(The rear end can be recent with a bit fixing) and a HQ Interior can make a very good car.
      • 5 Years Ago

      @ Hazdaz

      The plan was to bring FIAT and Alfas in US............before the merger with Chrysler.
      Now FIAT doesn't have to do that anymore. In fact I will be extremely surprised if they do that because it will defeat the reason for the merger, and I believe Marchionne is far too smart to do this mistake.
      The only car to go to the US with a FIAT badge will be the 500, that's it (although it will be better under the Abarth badge, since many still associate FIAT with unreliable cars).

      @ Danieljhaney

      It is easy.
      Very few cars from the FIAT group will go over the pond, mainly you will get some Fiat cars the first couple of years just to refresh Chrysler line up which is a bit tired.
      After 2 years Chrysler group and FIAT group will share the same platforms and from that Chrysler will design cars for the US market with some of them rebranded under Delta, while Fiat will develope its car on the same shared platforms for the European market with some cars rebrnded as Dodge.
      Alfas and Maserati will possibly share the same platform as Chrysler but they develop their own cars (not re-badging)

      RAM, Jeep, Ferrari will be premium brands with their own enginnering.
      • 5 Years Ago
      it was shown on burlap cars what the grill is gonna look like !

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