Jay Leno getting a ride in the McLaren MP4-12C prototype - Click above to view the video after the jump

A month ago, Jay Leno got a glimpse behind the scenes at McLaren, where the late-night talk show host and car nut got a tour of the facility and had a chance to sit in an early version of the company's newest roadcar in the studio. While Jay was on the other side of the pond he even stopped in at Top Gear to do a lap in the Lacetti. Well, apparently he ran a couple of laps in another car while he was at the Top Gear Test Track too. One camo-covered McLaren MP4-12C prototype.

After the jump you can view a video of Leno ride along in the new McLaren supercar, wax poetic about the 12C's power, its handling and its totally bespoke construction. Jay even wrote up an article for The Times recalling his experience. Read here and watch here.

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[Source: Times Online]