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Interim Opel CEO Nick Reilly has been overseeing the German firm for all of six weeks. And over that scant month and a half, he's conjured the way forward for Opel and Vauxhall and seems determined to leave nothing undone. Chatting with Auto Motor und Sport, Reilly intends to give Opel a little SUV on the Corsa platform, an Opel version of the Mini, a continuation of the Agila and an all-new electric car.

Opel would also be greater master of its own fate: Opel's tie with Suzuki will continue even with VW's recent move, but other Opels like the next Corsa would be developed in Germany. Such a vision, along with his already avowed hybrid push, would keep Opel exceedingly busy over the next five years. If his plans are achieved, it could put them in a very good spot come 2013. But there's a long way to go before all of that happens -- in the short-term GM first has to sort out the funds to keep the company running properly at all.

[Source: Autocar | Image: Thomas Lohnes/Getty]

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      so seems everyone is talking about this 5 year plans
      is this a page out of Russia's history (5 yr economic plans)

      I'm tired of these 5 yr plans

      should be a lok into the future always, what happens then, he leaves adn the new guy gets to come up with another 5 yr plan to save Opel?