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While the company formerly known as Vectrix Corporation has just changed its name to the more descriptive Electric Scooter Wind Down Corp. appellation, New Vectrix is out and about doing deals and moving forward. In fact, it's just been announced that Hesketh Motorcycles (HMC) has taken the electric maxi-scooter under its wing in the UK, where it will now be known as the Hesketh HZE-Vectrix. The British boutique brand is itself recently-revived, having previously functioned as a marque in the early Eighties when it produced a relatively small number of gas-powered machines. Current company director Charles Hesketh had this to say about the deal,
This is a brand new chapter in the life of what we know as the World's first high performance, zero emission, production motorbike. We spent a considerable amount both financially and energetically searching for a zero emission two-wheeled vehicle worthy of the Hesketh brand, and the Vectrix VX-1 meets all our requirements.
HMC will now offer the UK dealers a warranty extension plan that covers their previously-sold bikes and supply the shops with new product as well. There might also be two new models in the pipeline for 2010, though no details are being given at this time. We can only hope they decide to move the technology forward with lithium cells rather than lead-based backward direction of the two disastrously-debuted models from last January. Perhaps they'll be bold enough to pull out the eye-popping and multi-award winning superbike concept they had earlier shelved. Press release after the break.

[Source: Hesketh Motorcycles / Providence Business News]



A British Brand for the Zero Emissions Market, 'Hesketh Motor Company'

London, 10th November 2009. Hesketh Motorcycles Ltd "HMC" (A division of Hesketh Motor Company Ltd) is pleased to announce that it has secured an exclusive deal with New Vectrix, which is continuing production of its world-renown zero emission electric bikes.

The bikes will be sold in the UK under the brand name "Hesketh" and will be called the Hesketh HZE-Vectrix. It will be marketed as a premium product for the commuter market with two new models expected during the course of 2010.

Charles Hesketh, Director of HMC, said. "This is a brand new chapter in the life of what we know as the World's first high performance, zero emission, production motorbike. We spent a considerable amount both financially and energetically searching for a zero emission two-wheeled vehicle worthy of the Hesketh brand, and the Vectrix VX-1 meets all our requirements."

Confirmation of the continuation of the Vectrix brand sees the way clear for HMC to offer a new contract to the current network of dealers which will include continued support* for all Vectrix bikes sold in the last two years.

Since its launch in May 2006, the Vectrix has been widely acclaimed by individual owners, fleet managers and dealers alike, a practical and quality product, enthusiastically received by the industry and positioned to meet the needs of today's environmentally informed public. With public charging units becoming common place in our towns and cities, the urban community is embracing electric transportation as a reality in which the Hesketh HZE-Vectrix will provide outstanding performance and reliability, and of course style.

As quoted in "What Diesel Magazine" New Years Honours - "The Vectrix is without doubt, the finest contribution to reducing commuting emissions bar none. And it's a showcase of what can already be done with battery technology if you stop strapping them to petrol and diesel engines in order to reduce consumption slightly. There isn't a better, quicker or cleaner commuting vehicle out there, nor is there any powered vehicle that comes near it in terms of economy or smiles per mile either."

Hesketh Motocycles Ltd was acquired earlier this year with the clear objectives of establishing a British brand in the evolving zero emissions market as well as fundamentally changing the way people commute on a daily basis. HMC is committed to 'changing the world two wheels at a time' by providing environmentally friendly, cost effective transportation for the urban commuter.

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      • 5 Years Ago
      I said it won't sell because it lack a small inboard gasoline electric serial recharger and performance enhencer. Why arguing with me ?? Nobody , of very few, drivers will pay money to destroy the battery in a battery-only motorbike or car because a battery destroy itself when used in a power full drain method, battery are only back-up devises even if wall streets regulations folks are investing tax money into this to protect petrol for lawn-mowers, radio-guided small hobby airplanes and ships, trains, airplanes, trucks, small trucks, full sized cars, suv, medium sized cars, compact cars, micro cars.
      Even motorcycles of this size cannot works for real life with just a battery, LOL, LOL.
        • 5 Years Ago
        So just imagine normal cars then small trucks, big trucks, construction machineries, agricol machineries, go-karts, small airplanes, medium airplanes, big airplanes, small jets, medium jets, big jets, boats, ships, trains, electrical generation they will never employ batteries because as we can see even a small scooter cannot employ batteries, if so then it would have happen years ago like say 1910 because batteries are invented since a long long time. each and every car manufacturers managers have said that batteries don't work for cars before having received billions of tax money to protect suffocating $$$ petrol and stop talking hydrogen, surge technology, natural gas, hydrostatic technology, green algae fuels, co2 recycling in fuels and foods, home fueling and recharging gadjets, etc.

        And finnally batteries only cars should be removed from the roads because it's dangeurous for staling in dangeurous traffic zones and anyway traders are preparing big fines, legislations for the recycling of batteries.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Gorr, nobody reads your senile rants.

      Anyways, Vectrix needs to lose the bulky plastic--the scooter looks horrendous! But apparently they don't care.
      • 5 Years Ago
      I have 3,500 miles on my Vectrix. I ride it every day to work. I've never spent a dime on gas, oil, or maintenance. I plug-in at work, so I rarely even pay for the fuel.

      Although I would have preferred a motorcycle-style design, vs. the scooter style, they had planned to promote the scooters in Europe first, where acceptance of scooters is much higher than the states. Not sure why they didn't make it big in Europe...

      In any case I'll be riding mine until it dies :-)

      Good news for our British EV enthusiast friends - now what will happen to Vectrix USA?
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