• Nov 12th 2009 at 8:05AM
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Aerius – Click above for high-res image gallery

Five Axis brought two modified Pruis models to SEMA this year, and one of them could be yours. The Aerius (which means "belonging to the air," pictured above) and the Aemulus look similar, but only one is being offered up to charity. The current bid for the Aemulus is $32,500 with 10 days left. Want it sooner? Pony up $50k with Buy It Now and you're ready to roll. The Aemulus is a driveable replica of the Aerius but if you don't like what Five Axis has done, there's nothing stopping you from tuning it even further. Here's hoping that the covered wheels work as advertised (better coefficient of drag!), but we recommend double-checking to make sure that the special leaf tread on the Aerius is safe for everyday driving. Check out the auction here.

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[Source: Prius Chat, Charity Folks]

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      yes the covered wheels do work. go to ecomodder.com and do your homework and talk to others who get the most out of their cars.
      • 8 Months Ago
      I would like to know what the aero-mods do for the mileage of the vehicle. I've been thinking of making wheel-covers for my Civic and blocking off part of the front grill (more for nerdy curiosity than to save money, obviously). The folks over at ecomodder.com do all kinds of things, but very few of them are as careful with mileage data collection as I'd like to try to be.
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