The great state of New York has just unveiled a new license plate design. They're calling it "Empire Gold," unlike the current drab white and blue plates that New Yorkers have been affixin' to their rides since 2001. However, 57,000 people have already filed a petition at a website called Already? While the new NY plates aren't the best looking we've ever seen (black on yellow California plates from the 1950s FTW), they aren't that bad. What gives?

You, the taxpayer, that's what. New Yorkers are required to get the new plates. And they cost $25. Want to keep your same license plate number so you don't have to call and fuss with your insurance company? Or let's say you want to hang onto an existing vanity plate? That's going to cost you an extra $20. So if you have three vehicles and are happy with your numbers, these new plates will set you back $135. Out here in the Golden State, we've tossed people from office (hello Gray Davis!) for similar antics. Just sayin'. All in all, the new plate is expected to rake in $129 million for the state of NY and they drop in April, just in time for tax season.

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[Source: News Day]