Ford makes surprise $650 car announcement - click above image to watch the video

Between the hysteria of this week's SEMA Show and Chrysler's never-ending (and partially baffling) revelations yesterday, a shocking announcement by Ford Motor Company has been nearly drowned out. But rest assured, your Autoblog team never rests (even after huffing down 9,000 calories apiece at Vegas' Wynn Buffet!) and have tracked down this astounding piece of news. Ford has taken a long, hard look at the state of the American automotive scene and has decided to do the (almost) unthinkable – sell us a car for $650.

Now, there are no doubt naysayers amongst you that will point to a $650 Ford and cry, "Malarkey!" And with good reason. After all, under cutting the Tata Nano by a full $1,350 is no easy feat. However, times are tough. And with a nearly 10% national unemployment rate, a $650 car makes sound, economic sense. But don't take our word for it. Make the jump to watch Ford VP Daniel Grossman introduce Ford's new entry level car.

[Source: O-SPAN6]

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