• Oct 28, 2009
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Bright Automotive is proud of the work they've done on the IDEA van, but the company has always intended to make the vehicle just one method of bringing greener transportation to the masses. As we learned from Bright's VP Corporate Strategy, Michael Brylawski, the company will also offer plug-in hybrid conversions and, this week, Bright announced Bright eSolutions, a way for Bright to work with "original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other customers worldwide to develop vehicle and component electrification and efficiency strategies." Basically, Bright will tell interested customers where and how to save weight, make things more aerodynamic and other ways to implement the company's green vehicles principles.

The first eSolutions customer is the U.S. Army's TACOM, which is partnering with Bright on a "low-cost plug-in hybrid electric solution for non-tactical military vehicles." The contract is worth $1.4 million and also contains a project to "demonstrate the ability of plug-in hybrid vehicles to deliver power to the grid."

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Bright Automotive Launches Bright eSolutions, Announces U.S. Army Hybrid Vehicle Contract

Bright eSolutions Leverages Industry's Most Experienced Plug-in Team to Help OEMs and Others Build Advanced Technology Vehicles

ANDERSON, IN (October 26, 2009) – Bright Automotive, Inc. (www.brightautomotive.com) today announced the launch of Bright eSolutions, delivering expertise to automotive customers worldwide to accelerate vehicle electrification, lightweighting, and overall platform efficiency. Bright eSolutions' expertise delivers cost reduction, reduced energy consumption, and improved sustainability. Bright Automotive is launching eSolutions with a just-announced contract from the U.S. Army TACOM to conduct a demonstration project on a low-cost plug-in hybrid electric solution for non-tactical military vehicles.

Bright Automotive has leveraged the industry's most experienced EV/PHEV team to develop the IDEA, a revolutionary, purpose-built, plug-in hybrid utility fleet vehicle. Bright Automotive CEO John E. Waters developed the battery pack for the General Motors EV1, while Nigel Francis, who leads eSolutions, has two decades of automotive experience.

"Bright eSolutions brings our unmatched experience in vehicle platform efficiency and vehicle electrification to customers worldwide," said Waters. "Bright Automotive is answering the nation's call for greener transportation solutions by developing our own vehicles and by helping customers move into the 21st century by delivering advanced, clean energy technology solutions."

Bright eSolutions will work with TACOM to demonstrate the feasibility of Bright Automotive's parallel hybrid technology for military non-combat use. As part of the $1.4 million contract, eSolutions will also work with the U.S. Army to demonstrate the ability of plug-in hybrid vehicles to deliver power to the grid.

"We are thrilled to put our technology and experience to work helping the U.S. Army improve fuel efficiency," said John E. Waters. "And the ability to deliver electricity back to the grid is an important step in demonstrating the feasibility of operating military bases off the grid in the future."

Bright Automotive's IDEA is the world's first multi-purpose, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle aimed at commercial and government fleets. Bright eSolutions is building upon the successful development of the IDEA by delivering expertise to customers developing greener and more efficient hybrid electric technologies. Bright eSolutions is working with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other customers worldwide to develop vehicle and component electrification and efficiency strategies.

Bright eSolutions will offer clients expert guidance on a variety of strategies in the field of EV/PHEV vehicle development, from EV powertrain integration and conversions, to aerodynamics and lightweighting, to battery cell engineering. Bright eSolutions will focus on:

ü Vehicle Design
ü Vehicle Engineering
ü Energy Storage
ü Propulsion
ü Conversions
ü General Consulting

Bright eSolutions is led by Nigel Francis, Vice President. Mr. Francis's automotive industry experience includes the acquisition and delivery of several hybrid vehicles. He has taken active leadership roles working with innovative vehicle design and engineering of American OEMs, Systems Integrators and Tier suppliers, including Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Orion Bus, Magna, Eaton, Continental and others.

"Quite simply, no one in the industry possesses the same level of experience and leadership as Bright eSolutions," said Francis. "Members of our team have worked on some of the most fuel- efficient vehicles in the world, and we are ready to put that expertise to work for companies that are committed to change. I look forward to delivering best-in-class solutions to customers around the globe through eSolutions."

Mr. Francis previously served as Vice President of Vehicle Engineering for Mercedes-Benz Technology North America. In this position he led the full-vehicle engineering function in North America and worked as a global liaison with counter-part offices in Germany and China .

Learn more about the capabilities of Bright eSolutions and Bright Automotive's IDEA at http://www.brightautomotive.com.The IDEA delivers 40 miles of all-electric range and nearly 40 miles per gallon in charge sustaining mode, resulting in an average savings of 1,500 gallons of fuel per year compared to today's typical fleet vehicles. Contact Bright Automotive for complete details

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