The on-again, off-again five-door "coupe" from Jaguar is reportedly, well, on again. According to AutoWeek, the British-born and Indian-owned automaker plans to release the sporty hatchback in 2014 with an estimated price of around $60,000. Jaguar first dipped a toe in the five-door coupe waters back in 2003 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, though the R-D6 concept was quickly forgotten after its initial round of the show circuit.

Now, an unnamed source at Jaguar tells AW, "There's a growing feeling with the R-D6 that we really had something very innovative, fresh and different. Maybe we missed something back then, but the idea is even more applicable now." Might that newfound interest have anything to do with the BMW 5 Series Grand Turismo and Audi Sportback models?

The new car would reportedly be one size smaller than the current XF and would share its aluminum chassis architecture with the next XK and planned XE sportscars. After the five-door hits the market, there's a reasonable chance a sportier three-door could shortly follow. Power will reportedly come from a new line of V6 engines that will feature forced induction and share ancestry with Jag's latest 5.0-liter V8 engine.

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[Source: AutoWeek]