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2010 Mazda2 (Thailand-spec) - Click above for high-res image gallery

Mazda has just announced that it has commenced production of the Mazda2 subcompact in Thailand. No big deal, right? Well, not in and of itself, but the Japanese automaker also released three images of the car, and its sporting a revised front fascia that mimics that of its big brother, the Mazda3.

Mazda doesn't specifically indicate that all new 2s worldwide will get the smiley face treatment, but it seems likely that the automaker would want to keep all of its products in line with one another. Presumably, that would include the United States, which is slated to get the subcompact near the end of 2010.

In any case, we're expecting to see the car make its debut in North American-spec later this year at the LA Auto Show, so we'll know for sure if it will sport the new look soon enough. Check out the photo galleries below to compare the new car with the old.


Mazda Commences Production of Mazda2 at New Passenger Car Plant in Thailand

HIROSHIMA, Japan-Mazda Motor Corporation today announced that it has commenced production of the Mazda2 (known as Mazda Demio in Japan) at the new passenger car plant at AutoAlliance Thailand Co., Ltd. (AAT), a joint venture manufacturing facility with Ford Motor Company. Mazda2 units produced at AAT will be sold mainly in the ASEAN markets.

To celebrate the start of production, AAT today held a ceremony at the new passenger car plant in Rayong's Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate. The ceremony was attended by executive officers from Mazda's head office in Japan, including Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer Masazumi Wakayama and Managing Executive Officer Yuji Nakamine.

The Thai-produced Mazda2 will be one of Mazda's core products in the ASEAN region, with ASEAN sales targeted at approximately 20,000 units per year.

"The Thai-produced Mazda2 will be a key element in Mazda's future growth in the ASEAN region, which is continuing to see growing demand for small cars. We consider that the Mazda2 model will also play a pivotal role in Mazda's global strategy," said Mazda's Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, Masazumi Wakayama, before the ceremony.

"Since its launch, the Mazda2 has received more than 50 awards globally, including Car of the Year in over 20 countries. In 2008, Mazda2 was named World Car of the Year, acclaimed for its beautiful design, sporty driving performance, and outstanding eco-friendly features," added Wakayama. "I firmly believe that the Mazda2 being built at our state-of-the-art facility in Thailand will make an immense contribution toward establishing the Mazda brand in ASEAN markets and will be our main driving force in the region as we go forward."

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      I am sorry.... I feel that 'smile' on the Mazda's grills is a U.G.L.Y...
      • 5 Years Ago
      I don't see what everyone has against the 'smiley-face' motif, I actually like it. There is nothing wrong with a friendly-looking, cute car, particularly in a subcompact, which would just look silly with an overtly aggressive fascia, or worse, boring with a nondescript fascia.
      • 5 Years Ago
      been waiting for the 2 in canada - but with the fact its a 2010 fall release - ordered a fit instead (sorry Mazda)

      Re the smile -its ok on the 2 - but on the 3 - its ok but a little too much!
      • 5 Years Ago
      When is Mazda going to realize its losing customers because of their stoopid grill design? When the number of comments here and there exceed a million? When new Mazda 3 sales are less than the (very) old design? Ooops, that's already happened.

      Arrogance! Same goes 2X for Acura. Look at their monthly comparisons vs. the previous year for the past 6-9 months. They REALLY dropped their sales big time, more than almost all other manufacturers.
      • 5 Years Ago
      All this talk about buying the Ford over the Mazda, or vice versa based on looks is fine. But you also have to look at the cost of repairs, and the dealer experiance like buyers actually DO in the real world.

      The Mazda will have the better dealer experiance, but most likely more expensive parts, based on what's made by Ford, and what's made by Mazda. Just ask any Probe owner, getting parts from Ford is nigh impossible, but a quick call to your Mazda dealer gets results.
      Although there are cases I've seen where Tribute parts are cheaper than Escape parts. Go figure.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Smile schmile what I care about is what engine it is going to have? If it is the barely 100 hp 1.5 as in Europe fogetaboutit!
      • 5 Years Ago
      I am really looking forward to travelling somewhere that front plates aren't required and seeing someone put a set of Hill Billy teeth of the front of one of these new Mazda's. That would be hilarious. Maybe I could design my own set and sell it as to dealers as an accessory? hmmm.
      • 5 Years Ago
      The Fiesta looks like a beauty queen compared to this.
        • 5 Years Ago
        I prefer the mazda2, especially w/ the grin, it puts a smile on my face =D
        not too sure about the rear on either car tho

        pew pew pew!
      • 5 Years Ago
      I will purchase it @ 120 MPG gas/hydrogen elecrtic mix
      • 5 Years Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      Will there be a MazdaSpeed2?
      • 5 Years Ago
      The 2 does the smiley much better than the 3.
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