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Holden VE Commodore SS V-Series Special Edition – Click above for high-res image gallery

Holden giveth, and Holden taketh away. While we're still mourning the departure of the Pontiac G8 here in the U.S., the General's Australian subsidiary – whose Commodore gave birth to the G8 in the first place – has just announced a pair of special editions that seem to take back what we've lost.

The Holden VE Commodore SS V-Series Special Edition – available in sedan, Sportwagon and Ute body-styles – ditches the Australian brand's usual grille in favor of a twin nostril front end with a splitter down low and a pair of hood scoops up top. Look familiar? It's a Pontiac G8 GT, only without the Pontiac emblem. They just wiped the arrowhead off with a tissue like it was an errant booger. There's also the...um, sophisticated-sounding International Special Edition that packs AUS $7,500 of optional equipment, including leather interior and 18-inch alloys, into the Pontiac Commodore with the 3.0-liter direct injection V6 and six-speed auto, a.k.a. the Pontiac G8 V6.

You can read more about the pair in the press release after the jump. But all you really need to know is that the prisoner of GM's war on spending wasn't put to death, it was just sent off to Australia until the parts supply runs out. Press release after the jump, arrowhead-free high-res gallery below.

[Source: Holden]


Holden to Launch Two New Special Editions

Holden will hit the streets with two new special edition models delivering very different approaches to Australia's best-selling car range.

The SS V-Series Special Edition sedan, Sportwagon and Ute will achieve immediate attention with styling treatments even more aggressive than Holden's established performance hero models.

For motorists seeking great value, International sedan and Sportwagon models will deliver $7,500 of extra features (based on recommended retail price of extra features) including leather seat trim and 18 inch alloy wheels.

Holden Director of Marketing Philip Brook said the two offerings highlighted the different ways in which Holden special editions stimulated demand in Australia's best-selling range.

"These vehicles cater to motorists at both ends of the Commodore-buying spectrum - those looking for great value and those looking for striking performance looks," Brook said.

"SS V-Series has always been about sports performance and ultimate road presence. Now we've dialled it up even further.

"The International edition is even better value when you combine extra features with the advanced 3.0 litre direct injection engine and 6-speed automatic transmission."

SS V-Series Special Edition Sedan, Sportwagon and Ute

The SS V-Series Special Edition will boast a new aggressive twin nostril front fascia with unique lower splitter and twin letter-box hood scoops. The sedan variant will feature a decklid spoiler and chrome highlights.

On sale from November, the SS V-Series Special Edition will be available in three colours – Phantom black, Red Hot and Voodoo blue.

The Recommended Retail Prices (RRP), not including dealer delivery or Government charges, for the three SS V-Series Special Edition packs are carryover from the standard SS V-Series models and are as follows:

VE Ute SS V-Series Special Edition (man) $47,490 RRP
VE Commodore sedan SS V-Series Special Edition (man) $55,290 RRP
VE Sportwagon SS V-Series Special Edition (man) $57,290 RRP
Six-speed automatic transmission +$2,000 RRP

The SS V-Series Special Edition Ute will make its debut at this year's Deni Ute Muster which starts on Friday 2 October.

"Holden has sponsored the Deni Ute Muster for 11 consecutive years and its popularity continues to grow," Brook said.

"The event that attracts the country's most passionate Ute enthusiasts is the perfect place to launch this special edition Ute."

Special Edition International Sedan and Sportwagon

The new International offers an impressive level of standard features, five star safety and the performance and refinement of the all new 3.0 litre Spark Ignition Direct Injection V6 engine and six-speed automatic transmission. The new powertrain offers fuel efficiency that is better than some major four cylinder competitors.

In addition to Omega, the Special Edition Commodore International includes:

18 inch alloy wheels (4)
Berlina front grille
Leather appointed seat trim
Leather wrapped steering wheel
Bluetooth for compatible mobile phones
International badge
Chrome decklid eyebrow moulding (sedan only)
Rear Park Assist (sedan only as already standard on all Sportwagon models)

On Sale from November, the driveaway pricing for the two International packs is as follows:

VE Commodore International Sedan (auto) $35,990 driveaway
VE Commodore International Sportwagon (auto) $37,990 driveaway
Metallic paint $500

A 3.6 litre dual fuel LPG Alloytec V6 engine with four-speed automatic transmission is available on Commodore International sedan only.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      Oh look, Homer Simpson has been at it again, putting in speed holes. And the stupid thing is people here will buy them, Holden's marketing department works miracles
      • 5 Years Ago
      The car america wanted, but American execs did not.
      :sign: suit yourself, gm
      • 5 Years Ago
      I want one so bad, but have to pay off student loans and current auto loan. These cars will be collector's item for sure, especially the GXP with MT. Come on, bring on the Holden cop cars so I can get one second hand on auction.
      • 5 Years Ago
      The "International Special Edition" is not the same as a G8 V6. We got the brawnier 3.6L engine, albeit without direct injection.

      Given how in-demand GXPs have been, it seems they could have used these parts to create a small batch of manual-transmission G8 GTs and sold them for $$$ here in the U.S., rather than unnecessarily confusing Aussies...
      • 5 Years Ago
      I still love how they nix'ed Pontiac and we lose a great car like this but they keep GMC with all its rebadged glory. Well in a few years I'll be hunting a G8 GT on the used market.
      • 5 Years Ago
      It always looked good, even with the Pontiac emblem... people just cannot get past the idea of a Pontiac logo on their car, but I say people should appreciate a car for what it is.

      But this makes me more envious of the Aussies, although how they get by with what I hear are draconian traffic laws is beyond me.
      • 5 Years Ago
      B-but these belong to us!

      Damn you GM! I understand selling leftover stock to someone else if we didn't want to buy it, but you didn't even give us the opportunity to buy the ute or sportwagon?

      How about you send a couple of them "special edition" Utes over here...
      • 5 Years Ago
      Welp - there's my ST that I would have been shopping for in about 18 months.
      • 5 Years Ago
      This is one of my favourite cars to ever come out and I have nothing but good things to say about it. If I hadn't messed up, I'd be out of college by now with a job and this G8 would be parked outside my house. Real pity that by the time I get into the workforce, this monster will be gone.

      IMO the Pontiac nostrils look far sexier on this car than the standard Holden grille. I really want this car!
      • 5 Years Ago
      If the G8 had sold well enough at a price to justify its cost, it would still be here, regardless of its parent brand's fate.

      If America really wanted this car, they'd have bought more of them, and we'd have a Chevy Caprice riding out the product lifecycle.

      Don't blame GM for the G8's disappearance. Blame your neighbors.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Well, if we're including the decision to name it G8 instead of Grand Prix, then I have to concede that GM must bear some of the blame.
      • 5 Years Ago
      How could they put that ugly Pontiac split diamond grill on the Holden?!?! Doesn't GM realize people bought Holden grill conversions because the Pontiac grill is dumb?
      • 5 Years Ago
      What's the name of that stupid guy who was assigned to lead GM by apparently other morons? -50% drop in sale you say, is it really wonder when there is nothing to sale? Idiots
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