When we first heard the other day that Indian EV maker Reva was planning to announce a remote wireless charging system for its cars next week in Frankfurt, we were, to say the least, skeptical. After all, it takes a pretty significant amount of electrical energy to charge a battery when you have a substantial copper conductor making the connection. The conductivity of air tends to be pretty poor. If a report out from RegHardware is accurate (and we are inclined to believe this one) the remote charge consists of calling in to a Reva service center where the agent will send a code to the car via the telematics system. The code will automatically unlock a hidden reserve in the battery pack allowing the driver to proceed for a bit longer before plugging in. Requiring a call to unlock the reserve seems more like marketing BS than an actual technical advance and is unlikely to do anything to advance the cause of EVs in general or Reva in particular.

[Source: RegHardware]

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