Aston Martin 2025 Libido: Amore e Psiche design study – Click above for high-res image gallery

Were you impressed by the Aston Martin Volare design study? Then you should get a load of this: Turin's European Design Institute (known by its Italian initials IED) tasked its third-year graduate design students with imagining what Astons will look like in the year 2025. The students went to Aston's headquarters in Gaydon, England, met with the company's designers, then headed back to Turin where they came up with eight original concepts.

The only restriction the instructors gave their students in their brief was that they had to use technologies that would be emerging onto the scene in the next five years. Otherwise, the sky was the limit, and the students came up with some intriguing and captivating designs. The IED pupils named their projects Luxury Cocoon Concept, Libido: Amore e Psiche, Gotha Concept, Pt220609, Symbiosis, Aston Martin Vestige, Aston Martin Sattva and Elate, and you can check them all out in the gallery below and in the videos posted after the jump.

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Luxury Cocoon ConceptLuxury Cocoon ConceptLibidoLibidoGothaGothaGothaPT220609

[Source: IED via eurocarblog]