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2010 Toyota Prius - Click above for high-res image gallery

The last time we heard about gouging on the Toyota Prius was, oh, just last summer when gas prices put the frugal flyer at the top of shopping lists. Things were so bad then that used Priuses were going for more than new models because dealers couldn't keep the fresh stuff in stock.

Cash-for-Clunkers appears to have had the same affect on some Toyota dealers this summer. Even though cars like the Ford Fusion and Toyota Corolla grabbed the top slots and headlines, the Prius was so popular as a swap-car that dealers again ran short on inventory. Daily Tech reports that the tight supply llead some dealerships to start adding a Market Value Adjustment (MVA) to the MSRP of up to $5,000.

It wasn't all Toyota dealers that took to making dough while the sun shone, of course – and the gist of the story appears to be that if you really want a Prius, shop around for MSRP and you'll probably find it. In the long run, until the Prius gets some real competition for the mantle of Greenest Thing on Earth, be ready to hear this story again.

[Source: Daily Tech]

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      • 6 Years Ago
      I bet this is what shape and color Al gore's poop looks like.
      • 6 Years Ago
      "Toyota dealers reportedly price gouging on 2010 Prius"

      No way......this finally did it. I've lost all faith in humanity now that car dealerships are taking advantage of idiots.

      What's next? Have those very same same idiots vote for some guy to take control of the greatest nation in the world knowing that he doesn't have a clue & will probably destroy everything that once made it a great country?! Naw.............that would never happen.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Some say the Leaf and the i-MiEV have a cruising range of 160 km on one battery charge, that is about one-third of the distance a gas-powered car can cover on a full tank of fuel.

      In 21st century, home, workplace, or shopping centers etc also serve as a power station. And cars with a full tank of fuel don't help MPG, as well.

      In this economy, fuel price is hovering around $60 to $75 a barrel, which indicates the actual value might be much the same as the peak price last year, and it will continue to spiral up unquestionably.

      All it takes for the entire world to live in peace would be to change our antique notion, technology is already here.

      1. The range of terrific EVs are sufficient to meet the daily driving needs of 95% of drivers ((The vast majority of people (95%) drive less than 160/km a day)).

      2. What's more, as for long trip needs, all but Americans and many of developed nations have existing automobiles, in this regard, EVs are best suited to their daily use until the infrastructure comes into wide use.

      3. The price has not yet been announced, but Nissan says it will be priced similarly to a well-equipped sedan in the vicinity of the high $20,000 and with government tax break.

      4. Manufacturing volume, innovative battery technology will drive down cost.

      5. Little maintenance fee.

      6. MILES PER GALLON : MORE THAN 10 VS 1 (Leaf : 367MPG) compared with general combustion engine cars.
      Even excellent hybrid cars are not comparable to EVs in light of fuel economy.

      7. EVs will likely be less expensive for people to drive with low-cost nighttime charging.
      Sometimes EVs can be charged at workplaces or stores etc.

      8. Batteries will become more efficient on the whole and their price will drop, whereas the oil will simply go up and up as it becomes more scarce. As simple as that.

      9. EVs are simple and felt smoother and more torquey than the petrol models, and quiet, fun to drive.

      10. Better Place is partnering with Nissan to create the charging infrastructure and a system for swapping depleted batteries for fully charged batteries in less than 2 minutes. This can extend the range of the vehicle to hundreds of miles.

      11. The Leaf will allow owners to use a cell phone to turn off the air conditioning and configure charging even when the vehicle is not powered. A display will show Leaf’s remaining power and also the location of the nearest charging station.

      12.. It can be recharged off 240-volt mains in eight hours or 80 per cent charged on special quick-charge "pumps" in about 30 minutes.

      13. It also features a timer function that will start the car's air-conditioner or battery charging at a specified time.

      14. The air conditioner can be programmed to cool or warm the cabin to a set temperature while the vehicle is being charged, so that it doesn't drain the vehicle's battery.

      15. Charging can be set to start at a specified time such as overnight to capitalise on cheaper electricity rates and can be programmed and monitored by mobile phone or the Internet. An SMS can be sent when the battery is fully charged and the car ready.

      • 6 Years Ago
      "...until the Prius gets some real competition for the mantle of Greenest Thing on Earth, be ready to hear this story again."


      I would much rather have the *cheaper* and better MPG VW Polo diesel, but I doubt we will get it in the US. I use about a gallon of gas a day to get to work and back in my Titan (13 miles round trip), but the Polo could go over 5 days with the same amount of fuel. I would definitely consider getting one of those as a fuel sipper, but I would *never* buy a hybrid.

      Diesel > Hybrid

      • 6 Years Ago
      While I certainly wouldn't own a Prius myself, our 2005 Prius has served my parents well all these years. They're not driving enthusiasts, contrary to their occasional driving habits, and the important thing is getting the most MPGs out of their ~50 mile roundtrip daily commute to work. While I know many cars have stereotypes for their owners (Hummer, Jeep, and BMW drivers come to mind), I don't appreciate being labelled as pompous and arrogant, either myself or my parents.

      We actually did pay markup for ours, but that was when the 2nd generation was just barely getting out, and Toyota hadn't ramped up production quite to the levels they are now. So please, people, follow your own advice and get off your own high horses.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Wow thats sad. The toyota dealership in my town, was actually willing to work on the price of the car when we were looking at the new prius. And the price was the sticker price, not some above market price. It all depends on the dealer. A bad dealer can do a lot of harm to a car company and how it is seen in the publics eyes. Part of the reason i like toyota so much is the service received at this dealership, it is akin to owning something much more prestigious.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Paying MSRP for most cars is dumb. Paying over MSRP for a Prius is asinine.
      • 6 Years Ago
      I'm a manager at a Toyota dealership in suburban NY City, we haven't charged anyone a penny over sticker, but we also haven't discounted any. The only real difference with us is that we're not really looking to sell these cars out of the area, we can't get enough of them for our local customers as it is. It's a moot point anyway, even without cash for clunkers our supply ofthe 2010 Prius was very tight in relation to demand. I do know of one dealer that was at $3995 over MSRP in Westchester, but in the NY City area I haven't heard many reports of price gouging. IMO it's stupid, you end up "winning the battle and losing the war".

      • 6 Years Ago
      Toyota, not very smart.
      This is how the American car companies went into ruin by not respecting their customers.
      Keep doing this and you will end up the same way.
        • 6 Years Ago
        People always rave about the amazing service they get at Honda and Toyota dealers, but my parents went to the Honda dealer near my house and they were so unwilling to budge on a price (they wanted 3,500 over sticker for an Accord) that my parents went down the street and got a Fusion with $1,700 off the sticker instead. My Aunt has been shopping for a new car for a while too and she said that it's between a Lincoln MKZ and a Lexus ES, but it's looking like it will be the Lincoln because she can get a 2010 MY MKZ and the dealer was willing to work on the price. She said the Lexus dealer wanted the sticker price, no exceptions.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Yes, but it's not Toyota jacking up the prices, it's the dealers. But with that said, Toyota has usually had a tight relationship with these guys, so it's a bit odd they can continuously violate the Toyota way.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Didn't a diesel Volvo get awarded "Greenest" car for 08?
      • 6 Years Ago
      Shouldn't the plural of Prius be Prii rather than Priuses?
      • 6 Years Ago
      Only people who don't understand what free market economics is call what the dealers are doing as "gouging" as if the government sets the price. Apple did the same thing when the iPhone was introduced. It's called "charge what the market will bear." If someone is willing to pay it, then sell it at that price. The "S" in MSRP stands for "SUGGESTED". No one is entitled to buy the Pious at the price they want to pay.
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