Aston Martin Volare concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

James Trim, a 23-year-old designer at Coventry University in the UK, has come up with a unique idea of what a future eco-friendly Aston Martin may look like. We see elements of Aston Martins past and present, along with at least a whiff of Fisker Karma, especially in the front fascia and front fender peaks.

Powering the conceptual Aston Martin Volare is a centrally-located hydrogen fuel cell that sends its electrons to an electric motor mounted at the front of the car. At the rear sits a battery pack and a pair of hydrogen storage tanks mounted directly behind the two occupants and over the rear axle. Trim believes this arrangement would provide an ideal balance of weight for a performance-minded sportscar. See for yourself in our gallery below.

  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_03
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  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_01
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  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_08
  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_04
  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_09
  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_10
  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_11
  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_12
  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_13
  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_14
  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_15
  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_16
  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_17
  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_18
  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_05
  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_06
  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_19
  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_20
  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_21
  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_22
  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_23
  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_24
  • trim-aston-martin-volare-large_25

[Source: James Trim via World Car Fans]

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