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TechArt Porsche Boxster and Cayman – Click above for high-res image gallery

For each of its model lines, Porsche offers a wide variety of model variants and plenty of options straight from the factory. But that's only the starting point, with a whole slew of aftermarket tuners offering a range of customization options for owners of Stuttgart's finest. TechArt has long remained at the forefront, and has now launched a new set of modification kits for the latest Boxster and Cayman.

Although TechArt hasn't touched the engine this time around, the aftermarket kits offer a host of visual, aerodynamic and chassis modifications for the entry-level models. The Aerokit I includes a new front spoiler, side sills, rear spoiler and diffuser, with round exhaust tips available in different finishes. The Aerokit II, meanwhile, upgrades with an Audi-style daytime running lamp (DRL) kit, while the TechArt's Vario suspension drops the ride height by 30 mm, mounted to 19- and 20-inch wheels. There are also a whole mess of extra bits to spruce up the interior, all of which you can read about in detail in the press release after the jump and view in the high-res image gallery below.

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[Source: TechArt]


TECHART program for Porsche Boxster/Cayman

Leonberg - Porsche upgrader TECHART presents its new individualization options for the newest Boxster and Cayman models. Features include two Aerokits, daytime running lights, a set of sport springs, as well as carbon interior packages. "Our upgrade options enhance both the exterior and the interior, fulfilling our clients' desire for more individual exclusivity," explains Tobias Beyer, spokesperson for TECHART Automobil GmbH.

TÜV certified Aerokits
Both of the new Aerokits I+II from PU-RIM implement components that were tested in a wind tunnel to optimize their drag coefficients. In addition, the downforce on both axles is perceptibly higher. Essential Aerokit components are a front spoiler with a spoiler lip that match the body's color, side sills, and a rear area that has been optimized in terms of both design and aerodynamics. The rigid rear spoiler and a rear apron with a diffuser look ensure greater stability at extreme speeds. Both models' exhaust systems add a sporty touch to the striking rear design. Two round TECHART exhaust tailpipes in glossy or black chrome handle the rear exhaust flow. In comparison to series models, the engine sound is more sonorous and hollow, though it yields to a powerful crescendo at the highest RPMs.

New daytime running lights system in the Aerokit II
A multifunctional daytime running lights system was developed for both TECHART's Boxster-based Roadster design and its Cayman-based TECHART GT design. The LED system units combine daytime, idle, and parking lighting in a single cohesive housing. The different modules are elegantly integrated into the upper part of the front spoiler. The light intensity automatically adjusts to the selected driving lights setting. Moreover, the daytime running lights dim automatically when either of the turning signals is active to improve their visibility.

Sporty chassis
The performance spectrum of the new individualization options is also evident in the chassis of the Boxster and Cayman. The 19- and 20-inch aluminum wheels expertly transmit the power of these 2.9 and 3.4 liter engines to the road. The TECHART Formula, Formula II, and Formula III forged wheels both ensure abundant ventilation for the wheel arches and allow the braking systems to be seen. The tight alignment of TECHART's set of sport springs directly permit any steering angles. Thanks to TECHART's Vario and VarioPlus threaded suspension chassis, the models can be lowered up to 30 mm during assembly and optimally adapted to suit the individual demands for each vehicle. To ensure sufficient traction for this high-performance system, TECHART recommends the Conti Pneu Sport Contact 3.

Exclusive interiors
Because TECHART runs its own saddlery, it can offer a nearly limitless variety of custom interior designs. For instance, the interior can be completely outfitted with the finest leather and decorative seams in contrasting colors. Moreover, carbon interior packages I+II further expand the options for high-quality stylizing of all ornamentation. Additional accessories like aluminum sport pedals, a 3-spoked sport steering wheel, or illuminated entry sills with individual logos round out the diverse options for the design of the interior


Body and chassis

Aerokit I
- Front spoiler I with front lip
- Rear spoiler I

Aerokit II
- Front spoiler II and II GTS with front lip and
- Multifunctional TECHART daytime running lights
- Rear spoiler II and II GTS
- Side sills
- Mirror moldings
- Track-widening package I
- TECHART Vario, VarioPlus threaded chassis

TECHART exhaust system

- "Racing" sport exhaust system rear silencer
- 2 round exhaust tailpipes in glossy or black chrome

Wheel-tire combination

- TECHART Formula, II, III forged light metal wheels, one-piece,
with Continental Sport Contact 3


- Cockpit hood
- Sport chronometer dial
- TECHART 3-spoked sport steering wheel
- Front and rear center console
- Individualized door trims and door handles
- Door entry sills in carbon/stainless steel with illuminated personalized logo
- Leather upholstery and decorative stitching in custom-selected colors
- Aluminum sport pedals
- Carbon interior package I + II

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      beautiful. i like that aero kit.
        • 5 Years Ago
        very nice looking car.......until a 911 pulls next to you

        talk about compensating for your inadequacies....
      • 5 Years Ago
      More like Visual Downgrades....

      Oh snap!
      • 5 Years Ago
      I like the bodykits, but the spoiler on the Cayman looks kinda weird.
      • 5 Years Ago
      some cars need a few visual tweaks to make them prettier. these two certainly do not. bloody awful.
        • 5 Years Ago
        well, i guess you can buy stuff (or tawdry body kits), but you can't buy taste.
      • 5 Years Ago
      That wing on the Cayman is heinous. The only people I can see being interested in these "upgrades" are those too young to drive. Or I suppose egocentric types with a need to be recognized.

      Standard models are far more tasteful.
        • 5 Years Ago
        I have always liked the concept of the Cayman, its looks and performance. I agree with BoxerFanatics comments, and in Porsche terms I think the basic Cayman is a pure sports car. I've priced one several times and have always held back due to the practicality of it. I'd need it as a daily driver and for me that brings in other parameters. The Cayman loses price off the lot rapidly, and even customized models like TechArt don't hold their price well. In other words to option out a Cayman or to buy, new, a pre optioned model like the TechArt is a money spending proposition. You buy a customized or optioned out Cayman because you really, really, want it bad, but at some point you enter into 911 price territory without 911 performance. Then while you are at a stop light a 911 pulls up along side your Cayman and you have to think hard about what you got for what you paid.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Actually, I disagree.

        That wing looks like a modification on the GT2... and looks quite good on Cayman.

        Cayman is a sports car, more single-minded than 997, even. Maybe not more powerful, but less practical, more balanced, and pound for pound, more of a sports car.

        If you have a sports car, it might as well look the part, and function. That GT wing is adjustable, and actually does produce downforce, by being above the laminar airflow, which the stock spoiler acts on.

        If I were going for a modest every day driver, I would probably choose a Carrera 4S, even used, over a Cayman. It is slightly more graceful looking, and more practical inside and out, and more suited for multiple roles.

        A cayman might as well play the sports car, single purpose role, and wear a wing while doing it.

        With a 3.8 GT3 engine, or even a Carrera S power package engine transplanted into a Cayman, it is even more the specific sports car.

        I love the TechArt additions to the bodywork. They make the body look lower, and more aggressive, and the techArt 5-spoke wheels look classic on the all the 996-997, 986-987 cars.

        I love the red-detailed interior, as well. Very nicely done.
      • 5 Years Ago
      With deference to Boxter/Cayman owners, how does taking two otherwise good looking cars and giving them the "late 80s eurotrash in LA craptacular" treatment constitute an "upgrade"? TechArt misses the target twice here, IMO.
      • 5 Years Ago
      don't think I will be buying any of that crap for my Porsche!