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At the risk of sounding like the end of a cheesy kung-fu movie, the future of the Japanese Grand Prix is safe...for now. After Toyota confirmed it could no longer host the race at its Fuji Speedway, Honda has reportedly stepped up to secure a new deal with Bernie Ecclestone to hold the race at its Suzuka circuit for the next three years. Hiroshi Oshima, president of Honda's Mobilityland division met with Ecclestone in Valencia at the European Grand Prix this past weekend to sign the contract.

The Suzuka International Racing Course hosted the event twice in the early Sixties before the Japanese Grand Prix switched to Fuji. Suzuka hosted again from 1987 through 2006, after which an alternating agreement was signed between the two tracks. With Suzuka now set to host until 2011, Honda will hold the race but field no team, while Toyota continues to compete but host no race...for now.

[Source: Autosport | Image: Clive Mason/Getty]

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      Thats either the tallest Japanese person I've ever seen or Bernie is a midget.
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        OMG that's exactly what I was thinking! He could do the "small hands" commercial for Burger King.
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        It's the latter... Bernie is 5" 2 1/2.


        well, not quite a midget, but pretty short for an italian man his age.

        It looks like the japanese guys is a good 6-8 inches taller.
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        Err... Bernie an Italian? OK then...
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        Bernie is British.
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      Yay for this! Any deal that takes one of Tilke's generic designs off the calendar is fine by me. For every Istanbul that Tilke designed (a great track with elevation changes), there is a Fuji or a Shanghai stinking up the Formula.

      Suzuka, the crossover, the 130R...great news!

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      *Ole' Bernie 'literally out of his mind with power' Ecclestone is an Englishmen.

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      Every time I see Bernie, I think of Napoleon.
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      Somebody should hold Bernie down and give him a haircut. He looks ridiculous.