The Fieroboat - Click above for high-res image gallery

Presented today for your bidding pleasure: the one-and-only Fieroboat, as previously highlighted on these pages. Since its last appearance on the internet's largest flea market, the Pontiac-that-wasn't has apparently received a much needed coat of paint – wouldn't want the any salty water leaving rust on this pristine floating Fiero, now would we? An antenna-mounted American flag completes the external visual updates, but the dashboard has seen some much-needed fettling as well.

The Fieroboat isn't running at the moment and seems to be missing its original 2.5-liter Iron Duke boat anchor four-banger, but the seller has faith that its outboard motor can be resurrected to die another day with little more than a new fuel pump and filter. Plus, it reportedly floats just fine and comes with a handy-dandy trailer to get it from Point A to Point B. See it in all its glory in our gallery below.

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[Source: eBay]