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The civil lawsuit filed by Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard against Tesla Motors and its CEO Elon Musk has been suddenly dropped. It was just a few short weeks ago that Eberhard won something of a victory in an opening skirmish of what had threatened to be a long campaign when a judge slapped down Tesla's anti-SLAPP motion.

While it's probable that a settlement framework of some sort was agreed upon, no details of any such arrangement between the two parties have been released. Eberhard's council, Yosef Peretz, has only been willing to say that more information may be disclosed sometime toward the end of September. Tesla Motors declined to give AutoblogGreen any comment on the lawsuit at this time.

The suspension of hostilities comes at a good time for Tesla, having recently been given a large ATVMP loan that should help them get their promising Model S in production and become an automaker in earnest. For his part, Martin is also keeping busy and has just started sales of his own Tesla Roadster-specific mobile charger, the Roadster Foundry Mobile Connector. Let's just hope these two stay busy and keep bringing the world green transportation innovation.

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      This guy is a nut job. You're right Level. Musk knows a good thing when he sees it.

      I'll be writing about Teslas entry into the electric luxury car market in next months blog on http://northwestautoreview.blogspot.com
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      ban comic sans, please.
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      Here's hoping with the dropped suit Elon Musk will finally be out of the news. I'm not sure I can form a decent opinion of him at this point.
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      You gotta love settlements lol...MusK was not going to let this go to court where he was going to loose and with Eberhard everyone has a price lol pretty sure he walked away with a couple of millions lol..
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      What follows the sound of one shoe dropping? The pregnant waiting silence........