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Over the weekend, we caught a glimpse of the new Devon GTX supercar running around Laguna Seca, and by all accounts, it looked pretty good. Details are still a little bit sparse, but because of the GTX's debut this past weekend, we know a bit more about it. For instance, under the carbon fiber hood is most definitely an 8.4-liter Dodge Viper V10 kicking out 650 horsepower at 6,100 rpm. No word on torque, but we'll just go on and assume it's copious. All that twisting and all those horses get routed through a six-speed manual on their way to the mega-fat rear wheels (19"x13"). That's a pretty potent $500,000 cocktail.

As we reported, the Devon GTX put its attributes to good use and set a Laguna Seca lap time "record" of 1.35.075. Piloting a track-focused version of the next American supercar to this very quick time was Justin Bell, son of Le Mans legend Derek Bell and one helluva driver in his own right.

Well guess what? Devon went ahead and created a very fancy video of Justin's lap. For our tastes, it's a little bit short. We would have liked less time spent on Bell putting on his racing suit and more time focusing on the GTX accelerating into turns 9 and 10, the two biggies after the Corkscrew. Maybe this is just a preview? Regardless, the two-and-a-half minute clip is well worth your time. High-res gallery below, full video after the jump.

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  • 21-devon-gtx-live
  • 22-devon-gtx-live
  • 23-devon-gtx-live
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  • 25-devon-gtx-live
  • 26-devon-gtx-live
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  • 28-devon-gtx-live
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  • 30-devon-gtx-live
  • 31-devon-gtx-live
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  • 35-devon-gtx-live
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  • 38-devon-gtx-live
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  • 40-devon-gtx-live
  • 41-devon-gtx-live
  • 42-devon-gtx-live

[Source: Devon via YouTube]

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