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High performance hybrid – an oxymoron? Not according to BMW, which has two new hybrids scheduled for an unveiling at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. One of those two vehicles, the ActiveHybrid X6, promises to be the most powerful hybrid vehicle ever offered for sale at 480 horsepower and 575 lb-ft of torque from its twin electric motors and 4.4-liter V8 engine combined.

The ActiveHybrid X6 will scoot to 60 in about 5.5 seconds while returning a 20-percent fuel mileage improvement over the standard X6 with its twin-turbo V8. To set the hybrid apart from its standard sibling, BMW will bestow the new fuel-saver with a power dome hood to clear the power electronics module and a bespoke metallic blue hue.

The fuel efficiency of the hybrid CUV is improved by about 20 percent on the EU test cycle with a CO2 rating of 231 g/km. The EPA numbers won't be available until closer to US launch late this year, but expect somewhere around 18 mpg combined (up from 15 on the current V8 X6). The full press release is after the jump.

[Source: BMW]


The 2010 BMW ActiveHybrid X6 – American Market Version

* 13.08.2009
* Press Release

Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, 13 August 2009, 6pm Eastern... BMW announced today the production version of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6. The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 will make its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) in September and will reach US BMW Centers in fourth-quarter 2009. ActiveHybrid technology provides a glimpse into the future, achieving outstanding driving dynamics with equally impressive efficiency. It melds both of these qualities to offer a truly unique driving experience. The world's first Sports Activity Coupe with full hybrid drive capitalizes on the options offered by combining the combustion engine with electric motors to create a powertrain with new levels dynamic performance and efficiency.

BMW ActiveHybrid technology offers a significant increase in driving dynamics and at the same time reduces fuel consumption by approximately 20 percent versus a comparable vehicle powered by a combustion engine alone. The result is even greater driving pleasure combined with enhanced fuel economy and CO2 management providing the kind of progress to make the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 a genuine BMW in the hybrid market.

The overall drive system featured in the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 consists of a 400 hp twin-turbocharged V8 gasoline engine and two electric synchronous motors delivering 91 hp and 86 hp, respectively. Maximum system output is 480 hp, and peak torque reaches 575 lb-ft.

Precisely controlled interaction of the three power units optimizes the overall efficiency of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 at all speeds, with acceleration from a standstill to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds. Top speed of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is limited electronically to 130 mph, with average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle improved by roughly 20%, and a CO2 emission rating of 231 grams per kilometer. EPA ratings will be available closer to the market introduction.

BMW's first full hybrid model is able to run exclusively on electric power – and that is entirely free of CO2 – up to a speed of 37 mph (60 km/h), with the combustion engine being activated automatically whenever required.

These performance figures are made possible by utilizing a two-mode active transmission. The ideal combination of the two power modes can be controlled for enhanced efficiency and dynamic performance in any driving condition. With the two electric motors, three planetary gearsets and four multi-plate clutches, drive power is transmitted through a 7-speed automatic transmission. As would be expected in a BMW, the driver can operate the transmission manually. BMW's lauded xDrive all-wheel-drive system distributes the power between the front and rear axles.

The electric motors receive their energy from an NiMH high-performance battery pack positioned beneath the floor of the luggage compartment. This battery pack also feeds electric power to the vehicle's on-board network. Luggage compartment capacity is therefore the same as on the original BMW X6. On brake application and/or on deceleration, kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy and is stored in the battery pack. To provide this function either one or both of the electric motors act as a generator, feeding electric power generated back into the high-voltage battery.

Unique efficiency ensured by two-mode active transmission.
BMW ActiveHybrid technology has been developed specifically for use in a particularly dynamic vehicle and for a broad range of practical use. The big advantage, therefore, is optimization of drivetrain efficiency in all speed ranges and conditions.

The two-mode active transmission is based on an ECVT (electric continuously variable transmission) operating in two separate modes. One mode is for stop-and-go driving and low speeds, and the second is for driving at higher speeds.

From a stop and at low speeds, only one of the two electric motors is activated. As soon as the driver requires more power or increased speed, the second electric motor automatically starts the combustion engine. The second electric motor then serves as a generator to provide a supply of electric power to the vehicle systems. When driving steadily at a higher speed most of the power required is delivered by the combustion engine in a largely mechanical process. Here again, one of the two electric motors acts as a generator.

The mechanical components, including three planetary gearsets and the two electric motors, combine to provide for seven total effective gears. This configuration manages the power generated by the combustion engine and two electric motors in a way that maximizes driving versatility.

Twin-turbocharged V8 gasoline engine with High Precision Direct Injection.
The combustion engine is the innovative reverse-flow V8 first featured in the BMW X6 xDrive50i. The world's first V8 gasoline engine with two turbochargers in the V-section between the two rows of cylinders develops power throughout the entire engine speed range. The spontaneous and direct response of this engine results from its compact configuration, which allows the shortest exhaust manifolds.

Displacing 4.4 liters, this outstanding engine delivers its maximum output of 400 hp between 5,500 and 6,400 rpm. Peak torque of 450 lb-ft is maintained from 1,750 to 4,500 rpm, with High Precision Direct Injection ensuring precise supply of fuel at all times. Piezo-injectors positioned in the combustion chambers between the valves ensure a smooth, efficient and clean combustion process. The engine fulfils the European EU5 standard as well as the ULEV II standards in the US.

Compared with the engine featured in the BMW X6 xDrive50i, this version has been modified in numerous respects to the specific requirements of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6. There is no starter, alternator, or belt drive for the air-conditioning compressor and hydraulic pump. The dual-circuit cooling system has been modified for all-electric operation.

Electric motors for enhanced performance on no extra fuel.
When accelerating, the V8 engine of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 joins forces with the electric motors to ensure optimum efficiency and dynamic performance. When the driver requires more power, the two electric motors supply additional torque for enhanced performance. This boost effect significantly increases the overall output of the vehicle, without increasing fuel consumption.

While the two electric motors have almost the same output, they have been modified in their performance characteristics to meet specific requirements. The power delivered is 91 hp and 86 hp, respectively, with peak torque values of 192 lb-ft and 206 lb-ft.

The electric motors support the combustion engine effectively throughout the entire speed range. The additional electrically-generated drive power reduces the power output required of the combustion engine when driving at steady highway speeds. Load shifts are managed to give the overall system enhanced efficiency under the full spectrum of driving conditions. During kick-down and maximum acceleration shifts, the electric motors help provide an additional boost of power.

Maximum system output is 480 hp, with peak torque of 575 lb-ft. This makes the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 the most powerful hybrid vehicle in the world, with acceleration from a standstill to 60 mph in just 5.4 seconds and top speed is limited electronically to 130 mph.

All-electrical driving mode reducing emissions to zero.
With its combination of two-mode active transmission and high-performance battery pack, the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is able to run on its electric motors alone at low speeds. This makes it a zero-emission vehicle under such conditions.

The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 may run on electric power alone regardless of the ambient temperature, as long as minimum operating temperatures are reached for the engine coolant, transmission fluid and high-voltage battery. Top speed in the electric mode is 37 mph, maximum range is 1.6 miles.

While driving electrically, the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 retains all its safety and comfort functions. The brakes remain fully operative thanks to electric vacuum supply, and don't require the combustion engine to develop their full effect. The same applies to the Electronic Power Steering, with steering assistance being generated on demand by an electric motor.

Even the air conditioning remains fully available without any restrictions, running efficiently on an electrically operated air-conditioning compressor. Since the battery pack supplies the electric power to the 12-volt on-board network through a voltage converter, all other systems such as the lights, infotainment, and safety systems remain fully functional.

Energy Regeneration:
Electric power generated without additional fuel consumption.
The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 features an enhanced version of Brake Energy Regeneration already used in some current BMW models running on a combustion engine alone. In this case the electric motors act as generators when coasting or applying the brakes in order to feed electric power into the battery pack.

This process recaptures energy which would otherwise be lost in conventional vehicles in the form of heat escaping through the brakes. Depending on road speed, one or both of the electric motors may perform the regeneration function.

The power delivered by the generator is approximately 50 kW, about 25 times as much as the power provided by BMW's original Brake Energy Regeneration.

Generator delivering electrical braking force.
In the generator mode, the two electric motors recapture much of the energy that must be dissipated to slow the vehicle. The stopping force generated in this way is up to 0.3 G, significantly reducing the demands on the mechanical brake system.

Sensotronic Brake Actuation (SBA) in the BMW Active Hybrid X6 may be used at any time without a direct mechanical connection between the brake pedal and the hydraulic circuit. Pedal movement is recorded by sensors and split by a control unit into brake power generated by regeneration and conventional hydraulic braking. At the same time an integrated pedal force simulator generates the usual brake feeling for the driver as an additional factor in this brake-by-wire solution.

The active brake servo builds up brake pressure with electrical control according to the signals emitted by the control unit. To ensure brake power assistance also in the all-electric mode, the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 employs an electrical vacuum pump. A mechanical failsafe function guarantees full operation of the brake system in the event of a failure or a fault in the electrical system. In this case, the stopping power required is generated by the hydraulic system alone, like on a conventional vehicle.

The primary task of the SBA system is to maximize the use of brake force available through the regeneration process. Via the xDrive powertrain, the hybrid system in the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is able to transmit regenerative brake forces to all four wheels. And whenever the stopping power required exceeds the level of 3 meters/sec, the control unit builds up additional brake force through the mechanical brake by means of the active brake servo.

In braking situations critical to driving stability, the control unit receives additional signals from Dynamic Stability Control, affecting brakes and engine management to keep the vehicle safely on course. This ensures safe braking under all conditions, regardless of whether the stopping power needed is generated electrically or hydraulically.

All driving stability systems are tailored to the dynamic character of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6. Dynamic Traction Control, for example, provides maximum traction and drive power on loose surfaces such as snow or sand thanks to its higher slip thresholds. And with the DTC mode activated, the driver may opt for a particularly sporting style of driving all the way to a controlled slip in corners.

BMW xDrive: intelligent all-wheel drive for extra performance, optimum driving stability and traction.
The sporty driving behavior of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is due largely to BMW's xDrive all-wheel-drive system. Electronically controlled, variable distribution of drive power front-to-rear gives the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 superior traction and enhanced driving dynamics.

xDrive features smooth division of drive power through a transfer case with an electronically controlled multiple-plate clutch that feeds power to the axle with optimum wheel contact and grip on the road. Under normal conditions BMW xDrive distributes drive power to the front and rear axle in a 40:60 split. Sensors constantly measure wheel slip at both the front and rear, and varies the balance of drive power within a fraction of a second. Unlike conventional all-wheel-drive systems, xDrive "looks ahead" and does not only respond when a wheel has already begun to spin.

Electronic Power Steering for even greater efficiency.
The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is the first Sports Activity Vehicle to feature Electronic Power Steering. This allows variable steering assistance both when driving with the combustion engine and in the all-electric mode.

Electronic Power Steering on the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 comes complete with fully integrated speed-related Servotronic steering assistance. Servotronic reduces assistance at high speeds ensuring not only directional stability but also extremely precise steering behavior in corner. At low speeds, on the other hand, for example when parking, extra power assistance significantly reduces the steering forces required.

Liquid cooling for even greater performance on the high-performance battery pack.
The high-voltage, nickel-metal hydrid technology (NiMH) battery pack featured in the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 has a total capacity of 2.4 kWh, with 1.4 kWh available nominally. Maximum output is 57 kW, with the battery's control unit constantly determining the output level currently available as well as the charge status of the battery.

The high-performance battery pack comes with its own liquid cooling system incorporating a heat exchanger to cool the battery pack through the flow of air from the outside and, additionally, through a cooling circuit from the air conditioning system. These two circuits are activated either individually or in combination with one another, depending on need, with the control unit selecting the most effective and efficient cooling option as a function of ambient temperature and the temperature of the battery pack.

Cooling by the air conditioning system is activated by an appropriate switch valve, with the electrical climate compressor being switched on automatically whenever required. The battery cooling function is separate from the vehicle interior cooling function. Using the air conditioning system for battery pack cooling is far more efficient and effective than using air cooling alone to maintain the battery pack at the optimum operating temperature thereby preserving the hybrid functions longer in extreme weather and sport driving conditions. As befits The Ultimate Driving Machine, the BMW X6 ActiveHybrid provides a driving experience like no other hybrid in the marketplace.

Intelligent energy management and integral safety concept.
The electronics for BMW ActiveHybrid have been developed especially for energy efficiency and driving flexibility. The control system constantly controls the distribution of energy as a function of ambient conditions, the status of the vehicle, and the demands made by the driver. The two overriding control factors are the charge status of the battery pack and the capture of energy generated through regeneration.

The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 fulfills BMW's integral safety concepts that have been updated for hybrid vehicles. Examples of the features of this safety concept are the different colors of cables to avoid confusion, the presentation of clear safety warnings, and protection of the entire electrical system via extra-large insulation panels and newly developed connectors.

The high-voltage battery pack is housed in a reinforced steel casing and is located just above the rear axle at an extremely safe location in the event of a collision. The status of the battery pack is constantly supervised by integrated safety electronics, and the driver will be informed immediately of any malfunction and, if necessary, the entire system can be automatically discharged and deactivated. In the event of a crash, the system is switched off automatically within a fraction of a second. The central safety electronics then assess the severity of the accident and ensure a safe operating mode if possible.

Hybrid-specific Auto Start Stop function.
The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is equipped with a new generation of Auto Start Stop technology, specifically tailored to the requirements of a hybrid vehicle. Auto Start Stop functions at all ambient temperatures. While the engine is switched off, the electric air-conditioning compressor automatically maintains the climate and temperature desired within the passenger compartment. All other electrically operated functions continue uninterrupted, with the on-board network supplied with power from the battery pack. The hybrid Auto Start Stop can be deactivated by choosing the Manual gearshift mode on the automatic transmission.

Displays inform the driver of the operating status and efficiency of the hybrid system.
Status of the hybrid system and current operating conditions are presented in two locations. The most important information is shown in the instrument cluster, separated according to operating mode. Further information and technical explanations are shown in the Central Display.

The drive displays are split into a conventional tachometer for the combustion engine and electric drive display in the lower part of the instrument cluster. The electric drive display shows the charge status of the battery pack, the regeneration status, and the electric motor operating status. In the Central Display, this information is supplemented by additional data on current operating conditions and the current flow of energy.

Specific set-up of the suspension and the lightweight brakes.
The chassis and suspension of the BMW Active Hybrid X6 is largely the same as the technology already featured on the BMW X6 xDrive50i. The front suspension is a double A-arm configuration ensuring excellent driving dynamics, comfort, and directional stability. Self-leveling with air suspension provides a constant ride height, even when carrying a heavy load.

Lightweight brakes decelerate the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 by means of aluminum floating calipers and brake rotors incorporating aluminum hubs (or hats). Lightweight materials engineering reduces unsprung mass and improves the vehicle's driving comfort and agility. Brake disc diameter is 15.2 inches up front and 13.6 inches at the rear.

20-inch light-alloy Aero wheels featuring an aerodynamically optimized design have been developed exclusively for the BMW ActiveHybrid X6. 19-inch light-alloy wheels with all-season tires are available as an option. In each case the tires feature runflat technology which enables the driver to continue driving after a complete loss of pressure.

Bodyshell and safety: intelligent lightweight construction, optimized occupant safety.
Intelligent lightweight construction and a special body structure for maximum rigidity also characterize the unibody of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6.

The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 comes with three-point inertia-reel seat belts for all seats featuring belt force limiters and belt pretensioners on the front seats. To protect the occupants from cervical spine injury in the event of a collision at the rear, the front seats feature crash-activated headrests, the rear seats come as standard with ISOFIX child seat fastenings. The vehicle is equipped with frontal and hip thorax airbags, and side-curtain head airbags.

All restraint systems are controlled by central safety electronics including rollover sensors. The system can activate the side-curtain airbags and belt pretensioners in the event of an impending rollover.

Standard adaptive bi-xenon headlights ensure optimum illumination of the road ahead by steering with the vehicle. A daytime running light function operates through the corona rings. The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 also features a windshield-mounted sensor that automatically controls the lights and windshield wipers on demand. Additional comfort at night is provided by available Automatic High Beams which will automatically dim the high beam headlights when an oncoming vehicle is detected. The standard Head-Up Display projects information relevant to the driver onto the windscreen.

The BMW ActiveHybrid X6: Sports Activity Coupe of the highest standard, BMW ActiveHybrid with maximum efficiency.
The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 combines an innovative vehicle concept with cutting-edge drivetrain technology to provide a truly unique driving experience. The enhancement of both dynamic performance and efficiency gives BMW's Sports Activity Coupe additional appeal. BMW ActiveHybrid technology helps to achieve a high level of efficiency in this versatile model.

From outside the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 differs from the conventional-drivetrain models in only a few details. With its elegant and dynamically flowing roofline and features typical of a BMW, the Sports Activity Coupe offers a uniquely sporting rendition of this very special vehicle with its unprecedented character, now as a full hybrid variant.

The "powerdome" hood distinguishes the vehicle from outside, "ActiveHybrid" model designations on the tailgate trim bar and the front doors as well as Bluewater Metallic paint offered for the first time on a BMW X6. Apart from the specific hybrid displays in the instrument cluster, door entry trim covers bearing the designation "BMW ActiveHybrid" on the driver's and front passenger's doors add a particular highlight and sign of distinction.

BMW Ultimate ServiceTM:
Providing owners with incredible value and peace of mind
The 2010 BMW ActiveHybrid X6 will feature BMW Ultimate ServiceTM, a suite of services that includes the BMW Maintenance Program (formerly called Full Maintenance), Roadside Assistance and the New Vehicle Limited Warranty. BMW AssistTM with TeleService is available on all X6 models.

BMW Ultimate ServiceTM includes:
The BMW Maintenance Program is the only no-cost maintenance program in the industry that covers wear and tear items like brake pads and rotors for 4 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first. BMW owners pay nothing for all scheduled inspections, oil changes, brake pads, wiper blade inserts and other wear-and-tear items.

BMW Roadside Assistance is one of the industry's most comprehensive plans available. Not only is it no-charge for the first 4 years, but there is no mileage limit. BMW drivers enjoy the assurance of on-the-road help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. This includes everything from flat tire changes, emergency gasoline and lock-out assistance, to towing, alternative transportation and even trip-interruption benefits. This service also includes valuable trip routing advice.

BMW New Vehicle Limited Warranty: All 2010 BMW passenger vehicles are covered by BMW's excellent Limited Warranty, which includes:
• New-vehicle warranty – 4-year/50,000-mile coverage of the vehicle.
• Rust-perforation warranty – 12-year/unlimited-mileage coverage.

BMW AssistTM provides the driver with services that enhance on-the-road security and convenience, for added peace of mind. The BMW Assist and Bluetooth® System is available and includes the Safety Plan for 4 years at no additional cost when ordered. BMW is the only manufacturer that offers this duration of service as other manufacturers only include the first year of service. The BMW Assist Safety Plan is a subscription based service that is subject to certain limitations.

The in-vehicle equipment for BMW Assist includes GPS technology and hands-free communication functions to deliver emergency and other services, accessed via buttons in the overhead or center console. The BMW Assist system transmits the location and vehicle information to the BMW Assist Response Center. A response specialist speaks with the vehicle occupants to coordinate dispatch, notify emergency contacts on file, and link BMW Roadside Assistance or emergency services as needed and/or requested. A severe accident automatically activates the Automatic Collision Notification function. The BMW Assist Safety Plan also includes Door Unlock and Stolen Vehicle Recovery services, which can save the owner time and money. New to BMW Assist is MyInfo, which allows users to send business listings and street addresses with associated phone numbers from the internet, directly to their BMW.

TeleService automatically notifies the BMW center when the vehicle will need service. A service advisor then proactively calls the customer to set up a convenient appointment and have the needed parts ready.

BMW Assist subscribers can also enroll in the BMW Assist Convenience Plan (available at an additional cost of $199 per year) to avail themselves of many BMW Assist concierge services, from finding the lowest fuel price or the best French restaurant in the area to information on flight arrival gates or times, as well as receive directions, and traffic and weather information. On 2007 and later models, a selected destination and its phone number can be sent directly to the BMW Navigation system and the customer's Bluetooth linked mobile phone, after a push of the Concierge menu option. New is BMW Search, which allows online access to the Google Maps database inside the vehicle to quickly find a desired business with just a key word. The Convenience Plan also includes Critical Calling, a service that can connect the driver to a requested party via a response specialist in case their mobile phone is not in the vehicle or its battery is discharged.

Lastly, the BMW Assist system includes Bluetooth hands-free phone connectivity with phonebook access and speech recognition for dialing by name or number via the steering wheel controls. Use of this feature requires a customer-provided compatible Bluetooth mobile phone. To learn more about BMW Assist, please visit www.bmwassist.com.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      It's an insult to the word hybrid.
      • 5 Years Ago
      It is ugly compared to the 7 model. Why is BMW making there cars uglier?

      Before I read that article that ABG put out on mpg that stated how much more beneficial the increases in the lower mpg range vehicles (15 mpg) were far superior to incremental differences than the higher mpg range vehicles, (35 mpg) I would have thought why do they even bother with electricity for 3 mpg difference. Obviously it is much more beneficial for these gas hogs.

      David Martin,

      GM's mistake was designing the battery pack to last 10 years. They had to make it bigger because of this. Other wise they could have gone with a smaller pack that would still have gone 40 miles off a outlet. If I was purchasing one I would want the 40 miles but would be ok if the pack only went six or seven years as that is twice as long as a normal warranty. They could have gone with a smaller less expensive pack and put in the owner manual, "Avoid running off the bottom of the pack if possible". Actually I think there should be a switch in the Volt that would allow you to turn on the generator any time you want. This way savvy people could extend the battery life further if they wanted. I bet the Volt current battery pack still has 20% charge even after 40 miles and the generator kicks in as this will extend battery life as appose to discharging them 100%.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Please someone correct me if I'm missing something here..
      Wouldn't it be possible (and considerably cheaper and economical) to build a performance car like this powered by electric motors alone and with adequate batteries kept up with a far lighter 100HP (or possibly considerably less) ICE engine? Short of a racetrack how much sustained power could the most leadfooted driver possibly need?
      Wouldn't someone in a Tesla for instance be able to determine roughly what the highest possible average HP/wattage usage on public roads might be given it's lighter weight?
      I'm also wondering why the Volt needs such a large engine, wouldn't the proposed 1.4 litre motor be able to charge the batteries completely in short order WHILE on the highway doing 70? You don't use much power cruising along.
      (I think we need one of those green articles on this kind of thing)
        • 5 Years Ago
        The batteries for the car you propose to lug around something this big and heavy would be hugely weighty and cost an even larger fortune than the car will anyway.
        The Tesla is a small light car, and even so needs a very expensive battery pack for high performance.
        If you wanted to charge the Volt quickly using the engine, then sure that could be done and you would need a much smaller battery pack. That is what you have in a normal hybrid.
        Although this Beamer will run on electric only with it's small pack, the speeds and acceleration are going to be very low and the range minimal - perhaps 3 miles, and BMW have done a hell of a job enabling the car to move just under electric at all with such a small battery pack. Effectively with 57kw available from the electric engine and battery pack you are moving this great heavy bus with the power of a very small sub compact.
        If you made the pack on the Volt a lot smaller you would not get anything like the 40 mile electric only range, which is the whole idea of the car.
        A silly idea, IMO, as a 20mile range would still give you great average mileage and would cost far less, but there you go.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Ultimate Douche Machine....

      The Germans are hellbent on making the most obnoxious, egotistical cars on the planet....someone like their personalities. The scary part is there are as many douches out there buying them as they can build em....really scary.

      What a fking pointless car.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Nozferat, my sentiments exactly ! Here in Italy there is a very big
        market for these cars , lots of short balding 50 something rich guys !

        But seriously this has to be the ugliest car in production , almost laughable !
        • 5 Years Ago
        BMW is on the right track.

        Your pathetic general argument about germans is just pathetic. Go and f** y** m** w** boy.
      • 5 Years Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      Hmm, I like bmw's but that one just doesn't do a thing for me. Come on bmw, give us a lightweight M3 we can be proud of again!

      This thing looks like bmw is losing it's way.
      • 5 Years Ago
      This must must be the most technically advanced car ever. Look at that transmission! Amazing indeed. Reading that whole press release from an engineers viewpoint and I'm very impressed. I so want to work for BMW after reading this.

      And to those of you who seem so worked up just because the X6 hybrid is not a hyper miler car, remember it's not meant to be. This is a X6 - it has a small boot, little space in the back seat etc. etc. It's not really practical in any sense. It's rather made for a niche market and it seems to be selling. The coming Porsche Cayenne Hybrid is the same kind of vehicle as you soon will see.

      But I urge you to analyze the technical solutions they have in this car. If BMW is capable of this, they are capable of every kind of hybrid, even a Prius competitor. If BMW wants to tap into that market I'm sure they will eventually.
        • 5 Years Ago
        If they could have made a Prius beater, they would have. Style-wise I'm sure more people would be in tune with a BMW hybrid than a Toyota hybrid.

        Simply put, they can't. So what they do instead is compensate by building an oversized, overweight, overpowered turd that has a huge engine to make up for the lousy hybrid part. People completely underestimate the sophistication of the Prius's technology.

        Toyota has made a full hybrid that's as reliable if not more so than most cars on the road...day in, day out. And the amount of technology in that car is astounding...seamless operation....yet so simple and well thought out...that's top notch engineering.

        The Germans do everything through brute force....they don't know how else to do it.
        • 5 Years Ago
        "If BMW is capable of this, they are capable of every kind of hybrid, even a Prius competitor."

        Capable means nothing. Nozferat is right. BMW isn't selling a mid-size car that gets 50mpg, instead they're selling slightly more economical versions of luxury niche vehicles. Choice is good, but the set of people who buy a tall fat impractical car has a small overlap with people who care about emissions and mpg.

        BMW sells several EfficientDynamics variants of their popular models in Europe with brake energy regen, auto start stop, active aerodynamics, efficient engines, etc. Yet none seem available in the USA. Weird.
      • 5 Years Ago
      4.4-liter V8 + tiny electric motors, 231 g/km CO2 emission, 0 AER, ~18 MPG?

      One word: ridiculous.
      • 5 Years Ago
      A 3 cylinder ~100kW ICE engine (perviously hinted) mated with those two electric motors would provide high levels of performane and be far cheaper and lighter.

      Failing that the drive train of the vehicle above would fit into a much larger vehicle, bus, coach, HGV etc.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Yeah, but it is aimed at the SUV driving power is everything crowd.
        Ferraris never made any sense either, but they are not supposed to.
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