Corvette ZR1 Gran Turismo Screenshot - Click above for hi-res image gallery

Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi picks the image that goes on the cover of each breathlessly-awaited edition of the franchise. For the latest version of the game for the PSP, the Corvette ZR1 graces the box. Though he hails from Japan where there's many flavors of off-the-hook cars from the island's indigenous automakers, Yamauchi's got a love affair with American iron. "If you're looking for the optimum specs, layout, and styling in an FR car, it would be the ZR1," Yamauchi told Motor Trend. New screenshots of the ZR1 as it appears in Gran Turismo PSP have hit the web as well, fomenting worldwide desire.

The second American car to decorate a Gran Turismo box (the first being a Ford GT), the single Corvette image won out over a mock-up that included a Viper and a Mustang. It seems that while Gran Turismo gives gamers access to cars they may never see in the flesh, it does afford its maker the ability to poke around real examples of such awe-inspiring vehicles. For most GT fans, both new versions of the game and the cars that inhabit its digital simulations are the things of feverish dreams. The difference is that when the game finally drops, it will be obtainable.

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[Source Motor Trend via GTPlanet]

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