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Supercars at Concours d'Elegance - click above for high-res image gallery

After about three hours at Meadow Brook, team Autoblog was ready to head out and get writing. The only thing that had us scratching our heads was the lack of modern supercars out on the lawn. On our way out the door, though, one of the gentlemen working the show asked us if we'd seen the exotics, which were hidden at the side of Meadow Brook Hall. Thank you sir.

Once we entered the hidden patio at Meadow Brook, we were greeted with dozens of supercars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Porsche, along with a smattering of ultra-rare rides, including the Reventon, Veyron, 959 and Spyker C8 Laviolette. Ferrari was well-represented with a 612 Scaglietti, California, a pair of F430s and a 599 and we were also happy to see a V-10 Audi R8, a couple Astons and, perhaps our favorite of all, the absolutely stunning Alfa Romeo 8C.

Click on the gallery below to peruse 112 high-res images of the supercars you've been daydreaming about. Tens of thousands of people paid $25 each to see these them, but you get the Autoblog grand tour free of charge.

Photos Copyright ©2009 Chris Shunk / Sam Abuelsamid / Max Abuelsamid / Weblogs, Inc.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      Chris Shunk, these supercars are INCREDIBLE!!! Excellent gallery!

      1 for you. :)
      • 5 Years Ago
      Damn was that the Ariel Atom with the V8? That was a pretty impressive showing of modern exotics.
      • 5 Years Ago
      For a show that usually does a great job of displaying automotive art, cramming these vehicles close together was disappointing. Not being able to walk around them takes away from the experience.
        • 5 Years Ago
        We thought the very same thing, Henry. Since we had press badges, we were allowed behind the ropes, but unfortunately the cars were jammed so tightly that we couldn't get a wide variety of shots. The Spyker was better looking than any picture, and the Alfa 8C is so good that it makes our knees wobble. Very impressive collection.
      • 5 Years Ago
      I normally hate yellow on cars unless they're cute, quirky and small like a 2CV or a Fiat 500, but the Alfa 8C makes me literally salivate. It's like a cool, refreshingly delicious orange juice creamsicle in the shape of Scarlet Johanssen on a hot humid day....Mommy!...
      • 5 Years Ago
      Is the 8C gorgeous from all angles? Some pictures, it looks awkward, but I'm wondering if it's just the pictures. Let us know. I'd be lucky to even see one in person.

      • 5 Years Ago
      I saw one of the red Alfa Romeo 8C's in person at the Cavallino Classic earlier this year.
      To my eyes it is probably one of the most beautiful automobiles in recent years, bar none.
      That's coming from a life-long Ferrari fan, too.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Gorgeous collection of wheels. I have to agree on the 8C. I saw one on the streets of Denver just the other day(well Broomfield really). I was so stunned by it that I barely noticed the Gallardo sitting in front of it.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Ditto the comments on the 8C. That car is easily in my list of all-timers, right up there with the Ferrari 250 GTO. Just mind-bogglingly sexy. I'd give up women to have that waiting for me in my garage each day.