• Jul 16th 2009 at 8:01AM
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The latest reports out of Japan could spell bad news for Honda S2000 enthusiasts the world over. According the Best Car, the rear-wheel drive roadster's replacement will likely ditch Honda's high-revving F20C in favor of the second-generation hybrid drivetrain slated to be fitted to the Accord, and further, the gasoline-electric mill will be driving the front wheels.

Although we've been hearing rumors about the S2000's successor for a few years, Honda hasn't provided any indication about if and where the new model is headed. Best Car contends that the new convertible – likely to be fitted with a retractable hard-top – will slot in above the all-new Honda CR-Z due to debut in production form at this year's Tokyo Motor Show. If that's the case, we suspect the next S2000 will be marketed as more of a boulevard cruiser than a back-road bomber, and that could mean that it might be sold as an Acura if it arrives in the States at all. If it does land here badged as a Honda, might we suggest calling it Del Sol instead?

[Source: Best Car via 7Tune]

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      See, heres the thing. There will always be sportscar enthusiasts and those who like our power slides, manual transmissions, clutches, direct engine noise, and the like. Get over it. Driving is fun.

      Now, light weight roadsters for a long time have offered an economical and relatively efficient way for us to get our kicks. Sure the front engine-rear wheel drive setup adds some weight that could be saved for economy, and sure diesel and hybrid drivetrains could eco-things up, and sport tires with alot of grip tend to have worse rolling resistance, but the fact is the roadster is the best way to get your driving kick and not kill to many trees.

      Now, back in the good old days there were Triumphs, MGs, fairly inexpensive lotuses, Alfa Rameo Spiders, and the like. They all broke alot, but there was competition in variety.

      Then came the Mazda miata. Low and behold, when the japanese made them, they didn't break, and they were fun, cheep, and efficent. Toyota made the MR, which cornered like supercar and had a very sporty mid engine rear wheel drive set up. Honda Came out with the S2000 which gave both mazda, porche, and nissan a run for there money.

      Now, toyota has fazed out all thier sport scars, aside from that stupid FWD Scion TC that is marketed towards idiots who think subwoofers=horsepower, and the only roadsters other than overprices, bloated, 6 cylinder BMW Z's and Porsche Boxters will be the miata.

      This means the Miata will have competition, no one to keep them on thier toes, no reason to get lighter, and better. And, add to this the fact that the Miata is, by all definitions, a girl car. Where can a guy get a roadster these days?

      Now, this hybrid sports car thing is not a completely bad concept, but make it a SPORTS car, not a god damn prius with spinners and a spiler. Give me a manual transmission, maby a separate throttle for the electric system (for more driver control), REAR WHEEL DRIVE. Seriously. Sports car= Rear wheel drive...why do car companies not get this? Why does it take 30+ grand and a car that says "overpayed new-money ********" to get a sporty, RWD car?
      • 6 Years Ago
      FWD? No thanks.