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Volkswagen labor union chief Bernd Osterloh has called out Porsche's CEO for holding up a merger between the two German automakers: "Together, one could do a whole lot of more things if [Wendelin] Wiedeking would end his ego trip." Osterloh believes Wiedeking is standing in the way of a tie-up with VW, and his repeated thrusts and parries are only making things difficult for both companies.
Osterloh further accused the Porsche head of being "part of the problem and not part of the solution," claiming that he has "absolutely no more trust in the current board of Porsche." Although Porsche and VW may benefit from coming closer together, it is also clear that Porsche needs VW more than the other way around. Should the two bickering automakers eventually manage to come to terms, however, the powerful union leader has one last barb to throw: "Wiedeking isn't running our company, and he never will."

[Source: Bloomberg | Image: David Hecker/Getty]

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      I wonder if people on here realize how intertwined VW ( and also Audi ) and Porsche are from an historical and family perspective. From the origins of the VW Beetle to the Auto Union Silver Arrows, to the first Porsche sports cars built in Gmund, Austria from VW components. As long as the 911 remains true to it's tradition for the core customer, this merger may not be the worst thing for Porsche given history. Imagine what could happen if another manufacturer ever acquired Porsche.
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      Volkswagen is the greatest car company, better than crappy GM and Chrysler. Why do you think they are THE most successfull car maker at the moment. You lot just think your crappy American cars are the best but your the worst nation at making cars on the planet. The only reason Ford is propsperous is because the Anglo-German Ford of Europe cars are so brilliant. The Brits and the Germans make the best cars. Volkswagen also own some of the worlds greatest brands, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and Bentley and soon Porsche. Also if you don't think that the Brits had a crap car industry it's because everyone tries to buy our brands because they are so brilliant. Nobody has ever wanted to buy an American brand exept Daimler and Daimler was in he end dragged down by Chrysler.
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        Troll much?

        How's British Leyland doing btw?
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      This union would definitely lead to more dull, sterile Teutonic cars that look the same year after year after year after year.
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      Porsche's CEO reply: Make me.