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FoMoCo falls only 11%, Chrysler Group drops 42%

Want more proof that Ford Motor Company made the right move in avoiding bankruptcy, unlike General Motors and the Chrysler Group, its cross-town rivals? Sales figures for the month of June 2009 show that Ford sharply lessened its sales slide with a fall of just 10.85 percent versus the same month last year. Compare that with drops of 33.6 and 41.85 percent for GM and Chrysler respectively. It appears that Ford has remained on track during these tumultuous times, and its improved performance last month could signal the beginning of a turnaround for which it may be ideally suited to take full advantage. We're sure the guys and gals at Ford are smiling today, even if the Camaro did outsell the Mustang for the first time in 15 years.

Subaru has again managed to post impressive numbers, with June 2009 sales up 3.4 percent by volume compared to last year. Volvo even posted a slight gain thanks in large part to the introduction of the all-new XC60.

Check out the rest of the numbers below. Brands and Companies are both displayed in ascending order according to their percentage change in volume sales. There were 25 selling days in June 2009 compared to 24 selling days in June 2008, so the change in average daily sales can be found in the right three columns.

Brand Volume % June 2009 June 2008 DSR* % DSR 6/09 DSR 6/08
Subaru 3.40 18,620 18,007 -0.73 745 750
Volvo 0.59 7,042 7,001 -3.44 282 292
Kia -5.11 26,845 28,292 -8.91 1,074 1,179
Ford -8.26 133,684 145,715 -11.93 5,347 6,071
Audi -8.28 7,524 8,203 -11.95 301 342
Buick -10.69 8,601 9,631 -14.27 344 401
Pontiac -16.41 23,740 28,402 -19.76 950 1,183
Lexus -16.68 16,874 20,253 -20.02 675 844
Volkswagen -18.02 19,027 23,208 -21.29 761 967
BMW -20.05 16,744 20,944 -23.25 670 873
Mini -21.22 4,105 5,211 -24.38 164 217
Nissan -21.86 51,994 66,543 -24.99 2,080 2,773
Mercedes -22.58 15,155 19,576 -25.68 606 816
Hyundai -24.16 37,943 50,033 -27.20 1,518 2,085
Lincoln -26.56 7,137 9,718 -29.50 285 405
Honda -29.17 92,140 130,083 -32.00 3,686 5,420
Infiniti -32.25 6,304 9,305 -34.96 252 388
Chevy -33.30 106,712 159,998 -35.97 4,268 6,667
Acura -33.53 8,280 12,456 -36.18 331 519
Toyota -33.65 114,780 172,981 -36.30 4,591 7,208
GMC -35.96 19,668 30,713 -38.52 787 1,280
Mercury -37.10 7,332 11,657 -39.62 293 486
Jeep -37.66 16,608 26,642 -40.16 664 1,110
Dodge -40.43 37,936 63,687 -42.82 1,517 2,654
Cadillac -40.90 8,473 14,337 -43.27 339 597
Mitsubishi -41.79 4,362 7,494 -44.12 174 312
Mazda -42.24 13,729 23,771 -44.55 549 990
Hummer -47.97 1,078 2,072 -50.05 43 86
Chrysler -49.30 13,753 27,128 -51.33 550 1,130
Smart -56.15 1,116 2,545 -57.90 45 106
Saab -58.39 779 1,872 -60.05 31 78
Saturn -60.24 7,520 18,912 -61.83 301 788
Porsche -65.96 902 2,650 -67.32 36 110
Suzuki -78.04 2,149 9,784 -78.91 86 408
Ford Mo Co -10.85 155,195 174,091 -14.42 6,208 7,254
BMW Group -20.29 20,849 26,155 -23.48 834 1,090
Nissan NA -23.14 58,298 75,848 -26.21 2,332 3,160
Honda America -29.55 100,420 142,539 -32.37 4,017 5,939
Toyota Mo Co -31.87 131,654 193,234 -34.59 5,266 8,051
General Motors -33.60 176,571 265,937 -36.26 7,063 11,081
Chrysler Group -41.85 68,297 117,457 -44.18 2,732 4,894

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 6 Years Ago

      What is with Toyota:

      Yaris - Down 41%
      Corolla - Down 55% (even after just getting a complete redesign; Toyota needs a competitive compact sedan and the Corolla just can no longer compete)
      Camry - Down 40%
      Sienna - Down 40%
      4Runner - Down 65%
      Tacoma - Down 24%
      Tundra - Down 51%

      Guess this brings new meaning to "Oh What a Feeling" or "Moving Forward"...unfortunately Toyota it is in the wrong direction.
        • 6 Years Ago
        I have some speculation on why the Corolla numbers were down this month. They have been having significant rebates on the 2009s to clear them out, while the 2010s are beginning to arrive. In my area at least, the 2009s with the rebates are mostly sold out. Meanwhile the 2010s only have a piddly $500 cash back.

        $500 off a 2010 Corolla doesn't look too good when some of their competitors are offering much more. I think the Sentra had $2350 off, and even the Civic has $1000 to dealers which they might pass on to the customers.

        Also, perhaps June 2008 was a big sales month, either due to big discounts on 2008s to make room for the new redesigned Corolla, increased demand due to the new model, or both?
      • 6 Years Ago
      Ford also happens to be hitting a good time in their product cycle. Call it luck or good planning, it is clearly helping them. They just happen to be having a lot of good things happen at the right (or wrong) time.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Plus Chrysler was in the crapper before bankruptcy, so you cannot blame it all on that.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Can I get in on this Ford orgy?
        • 6 Years Ago
        okay, first you have to comment on the 3,000 mustang articles posted a day, and then you need to point out that the Fusion Hybrid is better than the Prius everytime someone even mentions gas mileage. Finally, you have to point out how the Taurus SHO spells doom for *insert ANY foreign carmaker here* and you're officially a Ford Fanboy.
        • 6 Years Ago
        I'm taking that as a dig at Ford fanboys yanking on Henry.... respectively...

        Well if that's the case, then for admission to the orgy you first have to prove that you can go F yourself... Once you do that, you're more than qualified and welcome... ;)

        - sorry, that was just opportunistic, I don't really mean you any evil... lol truly.. it was just wide open for a pounce...
      • 6 Years Ago
      I'll give some credit to Audi. Sales are basically flat since Oct 2008. Oct had 7.4K in sales. June 09 had 7.5K in sales. Volvo seems like incentives driving sales as they have been down double digits previous months
      • 6 Years Ago
      Wow, Subaru is simply *crushing* the competition. June 2008 was one of the highest selling months in Subaru history, so for them to surpass that in 2009 is an incredible accomplishment.

      Also, it's a bit of a surprise to see Porsche at the bottom, with their worst number in more than 2 years.

      Chrysler is a goner, though it's interesting that GM is still hanging in there. Sort of.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Only 779 Saabs were sold last month. Wow.
        • 6 Years Ago
        779 people parted with real money for a Saab last month. Wow!
      • 6 Years Ago
      I've gotta say, I don't mind the whole "by the percentage" thing, but give me the frakking option to do it alphabetically so I can read the damn thing and see the brands in way I can understand.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Wow the propaganda blog here is really spinning the numbers.

      Quote" Subaru has again managed to post impressive numbers"

      Yea they sold a whooping 18,000 units to GM's 176,000 ! ( again where is the so called world leader Toy ota with less units sold again)

      The preaching how great Ford is doing but anyone see how this blog totally did not inform you readers that Ford like sneaks in the night asked and was given almost $7 billion of our tax dollars and do not even have to repay it.

      Worse this blog has failed to non bias reporting that Obama also GAVE almost $2 billion of our tax dollars to the riceball nissan non American nameplate who of course did not even thank the American taxpayers from saving them from going bankrupt !

      You keep harping how bad GM does but they still outsell all other brands even in the bad times.

      Even Ford out sold toy ota but all they post here is how bad American nameplates are.
      What a crock of BS.
        • 6 Years Ago
        a. the loan is to increase efficiency and even loaned to importsb. is required c. is a loan that is tobe paid backgets the us off oil imports
        • 6 Years Ago
        Don't bother, vetteracer is a GM troll.

        He can't comprehend the difference between a govenment program loan intended to help ween us off foreign oil and a bridge loan followed by bankruptcy. I say this again, as a supporter of the loans keeping the D2 now B2 alive long enough to cushion the blow of their respective bankruptcies.

        I am a person that respects the history of GM and some of the product they make today. But let's face it, Ford changed it's corporate culture 2+ years ago and has been kicking ass trying to get a product to market that is competetive in every segment. Sure there's some gap products like Focus but there's nothing on their lots now that aren't leaps better than those 5 years ago. Meanwhile, GM has sat on their asses and has focused most of their energy on a green halo vehicle like Volt, and spent waaaaay too long releasing products like Camaro, which seems like old hat the day it was shipped.

        They had 6 months to try and do something to prove they were willing to make tough decisions that would size the company correctly and show some plan for the future, instead they killed some brands and didn't change another thing. You have to revamp your whole way of thinking when things are as bad as they have become, but nothing of much value from GM's brass.

        So, if you're still a GM fan, great. But you really shouldn't try and crap on Ford's success because your jealous, be happy there's at least one domestic company that has worked hard to stay in business and beat back the imports.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Turns out it's better to make money on 18,000 cars than it is to lose money on 176,000 cars.
        • 6 Years Ago
        If Subaru were anyone else, they'd be selling 10-12k, not 18k.

        Maintaining 99+% of peak sales volume (YTD) in a down economy, when everybody else is lucky to be retaining 70% is one hell of an accomplishment.

        As for GM, yes, 176k is a big number. Too bad their cost structure is built around the capacity to sell 360+k a month...
      • 6 Years Ago
      This is amazing, shocking and something to ponder regardless of where you stand on brand loyalties, politics or debating auto industry mistakes. We are witnessing a truly historic shifting of the American motoring market.

      Before the depression there were many automakers. After the depression years we basically had 3 big ones and about 4 small ones - all essentially domestic. After WW2 and especially after the 1970's we saw the rise of international players begin the rise competition just as it looked like the domestic "big three" had wrapped up the domestic market into a comfortable oligopoly.

      Now in the 21st century, we have 2 of the big 3 essentially on life support and the U.S. market wide open and almost every one of the major international auto players currently now jockeying for position in this major market.

      In 30-40 years dramatic change has occurred. I did not think I would see a day when Hyundai would ever outsell every Chrysler brand, virtually all GM brands except for Chevrolet and every Ford brand except for Ford. Remarkably, when combined with Kia (who they control) they are also outselling Nissan/Infinti in the U.S. and are only 40k units behind Honda for this month. That number does not seem so far away anymore in such a disrupted market. This may be a strange month and it may not hold but the it seems that the overall trends have tended to be going this way for some time.

      I have to wonder what other players will soon enter to mix this up further. While we may scoff at Mahindra, Chery and others, players such as Toyota, Honda and Hyundai have clearly had a historic impact on the American auto industry. As I said, regardless of where one stands on what got us here, the impact of the changes that these new makers have brought cannot be denied.

      The question is where do some makers go from here?

      I would say that serious questions should and may need to be asked about the "New" GM and Chrysler if these volume numbers were to continue. I hope that the management of these firms will work to save their firms at all costs now - regardless of their past or their published game plans. While I too cherish auto history and mourn the loss of the auto heritage that they have had to toss overboard (and may yet have to toss aside) I urge them to not let the past cloud their need to survive the crisis facing them now so that they are here to make history into the future.

      For Toyota and Honda I suggest to them - watch out behind. Complacency is not good. Continuous improvement must be just that: a process of improving continuously and it should include an addition of passion and joy in the design of your vehicles so they look more like something that people would love to drive and own, rather than have to have as is the case with an appliance. Superior methods of efficient manufacturing may be meaningless if all you make are soulless appliances that are costly or are not attractive. While kanban is essential, so is heart and joy in the products that you sell to your customers. Otherwise, competitors may bring the passion you lack with the reliability you now trade upon - with undesirable results.

      It should be an interesting next few years.
      • 6 Years Ago
      I guess Toyota shouldn't have declared bankruptcy too.
      • 6 Years Ago
      What is going to happen to Suzuki???
        • 6 Years Ago
        There's a word for a car company that consistently sells small, small numbers:

        It starts with a "B"...
      • 6 Years Ago
      Ford is really firing on all cylinders. Congrats to them. Hyundai is now the 6th best selling brand in the US. As usual, i have the breakdown per model for Hyundai


      I also have the breakdown per model for the other top 3 Asian manufacturers.

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