• Jun 26, 2009

2010 Shelby GT500 Super Snake - Click above for a high-res image gallery

Coinciding with the 35th Annual Ford and Team Shelby Nationals in Tulsa, OK, Shelby Automobiles has released a barrage of new models including a 2010 version of the GT500 Super Snake (above). Most of the models are based on the previous generation Mustang, either the Mustang GT, Shelby GT or GT500 that current owners can bring to Shelby to be modified.

First up is the Shelby GT/SC, basically a Shelby GT with a supercharger, upgraded brakes and triple gauges on the dash. Next is the Shelby GT/SR (right), which is essentially a GT/SC model fitted with additional equipment for racing like BFGoodrich R compound tires, a one-piece aluminum driveshaft, front brake duct kit and an adjustable suspension.

If you want to Shelbify your regular Mustang GT, you can opt for the SuperCharged package that includes a supercharger, upgrades brakes, suspension and exhaust, 18-inch tires and more. You can also spec out your Mustang to SR spec, which adds similar upgrades to the GT/SR model.

Have a GT500 that needs more Shelby stuff on it? You can now go with the GT500SE (Special Edition) package that includes a carbon fiber front splitter, rocker panels and hood grille inserts, Ford Racing suspension, Borla exhaust, 20-inch wheels and tires, and more. And what if your GT500 is a 2010 model? Well, Shelby is now offering their Super Snake package for the latest GT500 that, among other things, offers a 725-horsepower supercharger upgrade.

Overwhelmed? So are we, but follow the jump to dig through all the upgrades and information for each vehicle.

[Source: Shelby]

Shelby GT/SR:

• Supercharger standard finish (up to 550 HP finish options available at extra cost)
• 4 wheel Baer 6 piston extreme brake upgrade
• Shelby grille with letters
• Engine cap set
• Stripe designation
• Shelby gauge pod
• Autometer signature series gauges
• Serialized dash and engine bay plaque *
• Specific 18x9 Aluminum Wheels with "Branded" center caps
• BFG "R" compound DOT legal 275/35/18 tires
• Functional Deep Draw hood
• 1" lower front ball joints
• Bump Steer kit
• Caster Camber kit
• Upgraded front lower control arm bushings
• Rear upper and lower control arms and upper control arm bracket
• One piece 3.5" aluminum drive shaft
• Watts link rear suspension
• Shelby Performance cooling package (not available for Paxton SC intercooler only)
• Front brake duct kit
• Shelby GT/SR Floor Mats
• Shelby GT/SC authenticity certificate

Package price reflects Shelby/Kenne Bell, Black finish Supercharger. Shelby/Ford Racing Whipple, Black finish Supercharger $1,300 additional. Pricing does not include tax, fluids or dispoal fees.

Available options:
• Track tuning additional $750
• Performance clutch
• Eibach Pro-2 coil over shocks, struts and sway bar kit
• Borla exhaust
• 3:73 Gear Set
• 6 point race ready roll cage
• Sequential tail lights
• Rear quarter window covers
• Shelby front chin spoiler
• Shelby/Kicker stereo upgrade system
• Shelby performance cooling system upgrade (Ford Racing and Kenne Bell only)
• Two-tone interior upgrade kit with Shelby S/R designation
• Custom console cover upgrade with Shelby S/R designation
• BFG 275/35/18 street tire package

Any Shelby GT or GT/SC owner choosing the Shelby GT SR option will receive an "owner appreciation" discount of 10% off of the pre-tax package price.

Shelby GT/SC:

• Supercharger standard finish (up to 550 HP, finish options available at extra cost)
• 4 wheel brake upgrade package (consisting of)
• Baer Drilled and Slotted rotors
• Baer Brake Pads
• Stainless Steel front and rear brake line kit
• Shelby Gauge Pod
• Autometer Shelby Signature Series Gauges
• Stripe designation (Shelby GT/SC)
• "Factory Supercharged" engine bay plaque and authenticity certificate

• Shelby/Ford Racing Whipple SC Black: $12,725
• Shelby/Ford Racing Whipple SC Polished: $12,999
• Shelby/Kenne Bell Black: $10,899
• Shelby/Kenne Bell Polished: $11,599
(Pricing does not include tax, fluids or disposal fees).

This package is specifically targeted at the Shelby GT and Shelby GT-H owner. Current owners who place a reservation deposit prior to December 31, 2009 are eligible for an owner appreciation discount of 10% on the package price.

Shelby GT500SE:

Badged as the Shelby GT 500 SE this will be a "Special Edition" package installed at Shelby Automobile's and authorized Modification Centers. It will be limited to 500 per model year. All GT500SE's include a certificate of authenticity.
The Shelby GT500SE consists of the following:

Exterior: (vehicle retains current Factory Striping)
• Carbon fiber front fascia splitter
• Carbon fiber rocker panels
• Body colored mirror covers
• Carbon fiber hood grille inserts
• Deck lid SHELBY letter kit
• GT 500 SE designation on lower front fender
• Sequential tail lights
• Front brake duct kit
• Rear brake duct kit
• GT 500 SE faux gas cap

• CSM consecutively numbered plaque in center of dash
• CSM consecutively numbered engine compartment plaque
• GT 500 SE door sill plate with CSM consecutive number
• Light bar with solenoid activated brake light system (convertible)
• GT 500 SE embroidered front floor and trunk mats
• Aesthetic engine cap kit with billet oil stick handle and fluid caps
• Center gauge cluster with Autometer Shelby Signature gauges (Boost, Oil and fuel pressure)
• Aluminum Shelby map light accent
• Satin door lock knobs
• GT 500 SE embroidered console cover
• GT 500 SE embroidered head rest covers

• Borla exhaust system
• Ford Racing performance suspension
• 20"x9" Carroll Shelby Wheel Company CS 56 wheels (choice of insert colors, Silver, Black, Chrome (additional cost)
• Pirelli P-zero Tires 255/35 ZR20 (front) and 275/35 ZR20 (rear)

Pricing: Coupe $14,999 Convertible $15,999
(Prices do not reflect applicable sales tax)

• Kenne Bell 725 HP Supercharger
• Ford Racing 630 HP Supercharger
• Shelby Performance Cooling package
• Two tone interior upgrade package
• Shelby/Kicker Sound System package
• Bear 6 piston Extreme front and rear brake upgrade kit

Owners choosing to place a reservation before December 31, 2009 will receive a package discount of 10%.

Shelby SuperCharged (SC) & SR:

• Supercharger standard finish (up to 550 HP finish options available at extra cost)
• Short throw shifter
• Shelby Pro-Plus 4 wheel brake system
• Performance Suspension
• Borla dual exhaust
• Shelby chrome bar grille (Shelby Grille with letters and driving lights, SR only)
• Engine cap set
• Shelby Gauge Pod
• Autometer Shelby Signature Series Gauges
• Stripe designation
• Serialized dash and engine bay plaque
• Specific 18x9 Aluminum Wheels with "Branded" center caps
• BFG "R" compound DOT legal 275/35/18 tires
• Shelby Functional Deep Draw hood
• Hood pin kit
• Shelby rear deck lid letters
• Shelby Supercharged Floor Mats

Base Package Price: $19,599
Shelby SR Package Price: $31,499

(Pricing reflects Shelby/Kenne Bell, Black finished Supercharger. Shelby/Ford Racing Whipple, Black finish Supercharger $1,300 additional)

Available options:
• Shelby GT-H Front Fascia
• Shelby Rear Fascia
• Front and Rear Brake Ducts*
• Performance clutch
• Caster Camber Plates*
• One Piece 3.5" diameter aluminum drive shaft*
• Eibach Pro-2 Coil-Over Shocks and Struts*
• Eibach Pro Sway Bar Kit*
• Baer 6-Piston Extreme Front and Rear Brake Kit*
• 1" drop Lower Ball Joints*
• Bump Steer Kit*
• Upgraded Lower Control Arm Bushings*
• 6-point Roll Cage
• 3:73 Rear Gear*
• Watts Link Rear Suspension*
• Sequential Taillights
• Rear quarter window covers*
• Shelby front chin spoiler
• Shelby/Kicker stereo upgrade system
• Shelby performance cooling system upgrade (Ford Racing and Kenne Bell only)
• Two-tone interior upgrade kit with Shelby S/R designation
• Custom console cover upgrade with Shelby S/R designation
• Goodyear F1 Supercar 18" street tire package
* Included with SR.

2010 Shelby GT500 Super Snake:

In 2010 Shelby Automobiles continues to bring you the Shelby GT500 Super Snake package for your existing Shelby GT500. The upgrade will offer several performance options in excess of 700 horsepower and sleek looks only Shelby can bring you based on Ford's exciting new GT500 design. This package is limited in volume.

Package Price: $29, 495 (630 HP), $33, 495 (700+ HP)

Standard Features:
• Shelby/Ford Racing Whipple 630 HP supercharger
• Shelby/Super Snake hood with pins
• Carbon fiber body components
• SHELBY deck lid letter kit
• Super Snake badging (front grille and front fenders)
• Sequential tail lights
• Shelby Super Snake striping
• Front and rear brake duct kit
• Quarter window scoops or block-offs
• CSM consecutively numbered dash plaque and engine plate
• Shelby Super Snake door sill plates
• Light bar with third brake light (convertible)
• Shelby/Baer 6-piston caliper front brake system and rear rotors
• Borla cat-back exhaust system
• Shelby/Ford Racing suspension w/ adjustable damper
• Short-throw shifter
• Cold air intake system
• Custom drive shaft (700+ horsepower package)
• 3.73:1 differential
• 20" Shelby/Alcoa Super Snake wheels and Pirelli P-Zero tires
• Shelby three piece floor mat set
• Aesthetic engine kit with billet fluid caps and dip stick handle
• Center gauge cluster with Autometer Carroll Shelby signature carbon fiber faced gauges
• Aluminum Shelby map light accent and satin door lock knobs
• Shelby embroidered headrest
• Center console with Shelby logo

• Shelby/Ford Racing Whipple 700+ HP supercharger
• Shelby/Kenne Bell 725 HP supercharger (black or polished)
• Shelby/Baer 6-piston caliper rear brake system
• Shelby/Eibach adjustable coilover suspension
• Shelby/Eibach sway bars
• White ball billet short-throw shifter
• Shelby/Kicker stereo upgrade
• Shelby performance cooling package
• Two-tone leather interior upgrade
• Two-tone leather console cover
• Perforated leather seat inserts
• Shelby Super Snake faux rear gas cap

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      this car is big and heavy no matter how powerful, still very american
        • 5 Years Ago
        Even though it's not heavier than German and Japanese competition... you sound really smart there buddy!!!

        Mustang GT - 3580lbs

        335i - 3557lbs
        S5 - 3818lbs

        G37 Coupe - 3717lbs
        Genesis 3.8 - 3480lbs
        • 5 Years Ago
        lol, still a moos-thang
        • 5 Years Ago
        Well it's big compared to what though? A lotus? A miata? A civic si? Of course it is it's a different kind of car.
        • 5 Years Ago
        it's still lighter than the 335i coupe and G37 coupe

        i guess those Germans and Japonese don't know what they are doing
        • 5 Years Ago
        You were dropped on your head as a baby weren't you?
      • 5 Years Ago
      Nice to see the Mustang bashers are at it again.
      • 5 Years Ago
      drool.... Super Snake is the ultimate Muscle Car
      • 5 Years Ago
      Words can't explain the AWESOMENESS of these beasts.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Six new models? Is this for real?

      Carroll Shelby will put his name on ANYTHING. He's really beating his name like dead horse. I got a better idea, how about Ford and Shelby stick with one or two really note-worthy products and call it a day, instead of totally watering down the Shelby name into nothing.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Still no limited slip diff? I'll take a Roush...
      • 5 Years Ago
      Absolutely gorgeous. I had the chance to get a ride in an 08' Super Snake last year, and to say that it was amazing, and had almost too much power is an understatement. It's the definition of insanity on wheels, and they look amazing, to boot.

      I wish I had the cash to buy one of those Kenne Bell packages for my 06' GT.
      • 5 Years Ago
      This is like Saleen.

      Too bad Steve is doing SMS and a variety of base cars. Otherwise, we would have 12 more duper stangs. At least Saleen races them in REAL races.
      • 5 Years Ago
      6 new mustang models in 1 post... some people are going to have a fit!!!
        • 5 Years Ago
        LMFAO ROFL - No kidding!

        This just in.... NEXT WEEK: 12 new SUPER DUPER MUSTANGS in one post!
        • 5 Years Ago
        725hp ftw
      • 5 Years Ago

      I seen more exciting school buses.
        • 5 Years Ago
        don't let parents of those school-kids notice your excitement Matt, we would miss your comments
        • 5 Years Ago
        I think Matt's a child molester.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Why are those others listed as 2010's when they aren't the new body style? Hmmm
      • 5 Years Ago
      I don't understand why people feel the Mustang is a Big and Heavy car. I've worked alot with Mustangs, they are actually fairly small.

      Go to the Ford website, the car isn't as long or as tall as a Fusion and a Fusion is a mid-size car.

      Now the Challenger, THAT is a big car.
        • 5 Years Ago
        All I know is that the Super Snakes lighter than my Magnum with a lot more horsepower. I may have to pick one up next year...
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