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Ford of Europe is expanding its Mondeo ecoNetic line with a new 115 hp 2.0-liter model. The latest variant gets a CO2 rating of just 139 g/km on the EU drive cycle and consumes diesel at the rate of 45.2 mpg (U.S.). Like other ecoNetic vehicles (and the low CO2 models from other automakers) the Mondeo gets low-rolling resistance tires, a suspension setup with lower ride height for reduced drag and an upshift indicator light. The upshift light is tied into the engine management system to help guide the driver to shift at the optimum time for the driving conditions.

Ford already offers a Mondeo ecoNetic with a 1.8-liter diesel. The 2.0-liter is a version of Ford's TDCi diesel engine family and the ecoNetic comes with a 6-speed manual transmission. Even though it's optimised for low fuel consumption, the Mondeo still retains all the comfort features like dual zone climate control, lots of airbags, heated windshield and bluetooth connectivity.

[Source: Ford]


  • New, six-speed, 2.0-litre, 115PS Mondeo ECOnetic offers even greater efficiency and lower running costs
  • Combined 54.3 mpg and 139g/km CO2
  • Five door and estate models available
  • On sale now, priced from £20,995 on-the-road
BRENTWOOD, Essex, Tuesday, 16 June, 2009 – Ford is boosting its Mondeo ECOnetic range. With the introduction of a new, 2.0-litre, 115PS model - the lowest CO2 Mondeo yet - and broadens the choice of Ford models available with less than 140g/km CO2.
The new Ford Mondeo ECOnetic is offered in five-door or estate form, each with the same, 139g/km CO2 rating, furthering Ford's commitment to creating fuel efficient models, without sacrificing practicality or driving characteristics.
Each uses Ford's proven 2.0-litre, 115PS TDCi engine, optimised with a six-speed transmission to create EC combined fuel economy1 of 54.3mpg, rising to 64.2mpg in motorway cruising and giving a potential combined driving range of over 800 miles.
Other emission-reducing ECOnetic features include low-rolling resistance tyres and an optimum gearchange indicator, plus aerodynamics-enhancing sports suspension, air deflectors and a rear spoiler. Inside, the no-compromise Mondeo driving environment offers dual-zone automatic temperature control, BluetoothTM connectivity with voice control, cruise control, seven airbags and Quickclear heated front windscreen.
ESP with Traction Assist and Emergency Brake Assist complete a standard features list that ensures Mondeo ECOnetic is as poised as it is efficient and comfortable.
The arrival of this new Mondeo ECOnetic is good news for company car drivers – the 2.0-litre engine gives access to a greater number of company car lists, while its low CO2 and competitive price ensure the lowest tax band in its class and low P11D costs.
Family buyers will also find the latest Ford Mondeo ECOnetic easy on the pocket, with its low CO2 qualifying for Vehicle Excise Duty Band E (£120 per year) and excellent driving range.
"Running costs are driving purchase decisions, but customers do not want to compromise to achieve low ownership costs," explains Mondeo brand manager, Jon Gunn-Smith. "More people than ever are recognising that ECOnetic delivers the right balance for them – and more Mondeo customers have opted for ECOnetic in the first five months of 2009, than in the whole of 2008."
The new models will be offered alongside the existing five-door or estate 1.8-litre, 125PS Mondeo ECOnetic models. Ford now boasts the broadest sub-160g/km vehicle range of any manufacturer, with 185 models providing savings to company car and family buyers alike. At the end of 2008, Ford was named "Greenest Manufacturer of the Year" by Green-Car-Guide.com.
The Ford Mondeo 2.0-litre ECOnetic is on sale now, priced from £20,145 on-the-road.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 6 Years Ago
      Why do manufacturers refuse to bring these high mpg diesels to the USA?
        • 6 Years Ago
        See my previous comment for the answer.
      • 6 Years Ago
      To convert UK gals and the loose UK mpg figures to US gals and EPA est., divide the UK mpg figure by 1.38.

      (Imp gal is 20% larger than US and the UK mpg testing is ~18% off EPA.)

      So it's about 39 mpg US.

      Great car!
      • 6 Years Ago
      That's slightly better mileage then the Fusion Hybrid. Wow. Nice.
        • 6 Years Ago

        > That's slightly better mileage then the Fusion Hybrid. Wow. Nice.

        You were misinformed by Sam Abuelsamid who is paid to trick people into diesel cars by writing here. He permanently posts misleading information.

        This Mondeo ecoNetic 45 mpg U.S. is certified according to EU drive cycle fuel economy test which vastly overestimates mileage. I'll give you a little example.

        Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 140HP 0-62 in 9,8 sec, non ecoNetic ordinary diesel version:
        EU drive cycle: 5,9 l/100km = 39,8 mpg (U.S) [1]
        Real life mpg: 7,28 l / 100 km = 32,3 miles per gallon (U.S) [2] (73 drivers over 1,673,063 km)

        For the sake of comparison:
        Ford Fusion Hybrid: EPA combined mpg = 39 mpg U.S combined [3], first estimate show 40 mpg U.S combined of real life fuel economy [3]. 0-60 time for the Fusion Hybrid is some 8.6 sec

        Now realize that diesel has 12% more energy per gallon than gasoline. So to get equivalents, you need to divide diesel mpg by 1,12 or multiply gasoline mpg by this number. Let's do it.

        Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi: 32,3 mpg / 1,12 = 28,8 mpg of gasoline equivalent
        Ford Fusion Hybrid: 40 mpg of gasoline equivalent (no transformation needed). The hybrid is over a second faster and freaking 39% MORE EFFICIENT.

        This is what Abuelsamid should write but he will not cause he's paid to mislead you and not to give you any perspective. So he wrote it the way it looks like the slow shitty ecoNetic (0-60 in 12 seconds) diesel is more efficient than a Fusion hybrid (0-60 in 8.5 seconds).

        You may encounter such aggressive blatant diesel promotion on numerous pages. Why? Well, it's very simple.

        5-year total costs of ownership:

        2004 VW Jetta GL 2.0 gas: $30,036
        • 6 Years Ago
        "Now realize that diesel has 12% more energy per gallon than gasoline. So to get equivalents, you need to divide diesel mpg by 1,12 or multiply gasoline mpg by this number. Let's do it."

        So do you also divide the price of diesel by 1.12 when performing cost-per-mile calculations? Hmm... no, doesn't look like it. This is a pretty ludicrous thing to do. The calculation is miles-per-gallon-of-refined-fuel, not miles-per-joule, or miles-per-barrel-of-crude-oil, or any other random calculation.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Here's the number that cuts through the NEDC/diesel MPG nonsense: 139 g/km CO2. The Prius gets just over 100g/km CO2. And since the Prius is gasoline rather than diesel, it gets *Way* better results on other emissions.

      g/km is generally a good comparison figure because the numbers are actually standardized and it takes into account differences in fuels.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Not everyone (in fact most people) don't put CO2 at the top of their priority list. Most folks look at the MPG number and MAY compare the cost of ownership between gas and diesel. Diesel's advantage is generally lower price than a hybrid and similliar, if not slightly better highway mileage.
        • 6 Years Ago
        The difference in fuels is only part of the distortion. The other distortion is that these numbers are on the NEDC, which is a more lax drivecycle than the FTP and US06 drivecycles that we use.
      • 6 Years Ago
      It might be as simple a thing as Sam using the iPhone App "Units"... when I converted 54.3 mpg Imperial to U.S. on my iPhone, I got 45.2 mpg.

      Doesn't actually qualify for "conspriatorial" in my book.
      • 6 Years Ago
      how many millions of such articles does it take for ABG to point out that this is on the Euro cycle, which always gives much higher result than US cycle? Look up the jetta diesel US vs. Euro result, or any other car sold on both continents. Or maybe just keep deceiving yourself. enjoy.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Because that's is the point of this article. To cheat and to mislead.

        Not only the EU driving cycle mpg is quoted which is overestimated but then in the press release UK imperial gallons mpg is provided despite the news being targeted to Americans! Which is always much higher than U.S.

        And it's been done here since ages.

        Rember, everyone reads the headline. Only some will read the detailed press release. Few will convert UK mpg to US mpg. Virtually no one will correct overestimated EU cycle mpg.

        This is how you spread lies and deceive customers in a blunt and blatant way.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Uh tom, read the title of the page and the mpg figure quoted there. Then read the press release. Then apologize. Thank you.
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