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At the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz revealed its F700 concept. In addition to being a big sedan with a tiny gas engine, it also wore a version of Mercedes' PRE-SCAN predictive suspension system. The technology scans the road ahead with a set of lasers mounted next to the headlights, and then optimizes the suspension settings to soak up what's coming.
An S-Class mule in Stuttgart has been caught wearing something that spies suggest could be an evaluation version of the PRE-SCAN system, hinting that a production system is in the not-too-distant future. The spotter said that you could put a glass of wine on the car and drive 50 km/hr and not spill a drop. If true, that would be fantastic. If, at the very least, it made the next S-Class as smooth as the Citroen C6 around a horse track, Mercedes would have another solid achievement on its hands. Hat tip to Paul!

[Source: Spyshots.nl (translated)]

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      Cadillac's magnetic ride control does something similar and its been around for a while.
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        JR is 100% right...its a huge different. but as far as not spilling a drop, thats nuts...especially if the glass is close to being full. reminds me of takumi racing down the mountain in initial d
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      what happened with the diesotto engine?
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      FSM, I agree, the lines of the windows dipping down to the front end and the way that the front quarter panel addresses the back of the wheel well look like Merc is emulating the terrible flaws in modern American styles. However, it has been a couple years since they put out that prototype, and popular design features have definitely evolved significantly. I think an excellent example of the adaptations they have made from this concept is the CLS 550:
      As for the PRE-SCAN, it could be a really pleasant feature, as long as it doesn't malfunction. I recall my grandfather telling me the tail of the bus ride to Maine in a bus with a malfunction suspension system. The result was the bus tilting back and forth, side to side, for hours on end. Not that it would be that drastic in the Merc, but I am skeptical of too many computer systems interacting in one car.
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      Ah my eyes, my eyes! I have been lasered! J/K.
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      Gosh, warn a fellow won't you?!? **goes to consult with ophthalmologist**