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There are milestones, and then there are milestones. Last week, Fiat's Brazilian division celebrated the big mamma: 10 million vehicles produced. The Italian automaker has been building cars and light trucks in Brazil for over 30 years, and today Fiat Automóveis holds a 25.5% market share, making Fiat the largest automaker in Brazil and Brazil the largest foreign market for Fiat.

The company's assembly plant in Betim, Brazil, churns out 3000 units every single day, from 15 distinct model lines with variants numbering in the hundreds. Last month, Fiat sold 60,628 vehicles in Brazil, eclipsing Volkswagen, General Motors and all other competitors.

[Source: CarScoop]

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      They do look nice! And now I understand how Chrysler will have any chance of surviving, they can just sit back in their wifebeaters and mooch off of Fiat's South American success...it's just like Automotive Welfare, but what else is new...

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      See, don`t they look 100% more professional than UAW workers? These fine workers are wearing work uniforms compared to the jogging pants and wifebeaters the Americans wear.
        • 5 Years Ago
        An uniform does not make a good worker, may look nicer, but not better quality worker :P
      • 5 Years Ago
      100,000,000 Vehicles world wide made, 1,000,000 Mechanics specializing in Fiat Repair! Italian Reliability at it's finest.
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        Sorry to bother with facts not just individual impressions, then again it seems like I hit a group of Fanboys so you will probably argue this as well:

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        send 6 toguatemala
        • 5 Years Ago
        Official Neanderthalic Comment of the Day Award winner.
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        Parabens pra FIAT, parabens para todos nós brasileiros!

        What to say about italian reliability?! FIAT was the first in mostly everything advanced in Brazil: Transverse engine, disk brake on 4 wheels, turbo, 16-valve motors, 5-cylinder motors, 6-gear gearboxes, automatic clutch, wide-open sunroof (skywindow from Stilo), differencial blocking...most inovations we have on cars here, was introduced by fiat. The first cars (did I hear "The ENTIRE Fiat 147 line" on the back?) were a piece of fecal matter. But the modern cars (from Uno to today) are well-made cars with a (dis)honest price and good tech. Interesting that there are some crossovers not seen anywhere: All 1.8 cars from Fiat uses the Chevrolet motor :)

        Fiat pays the price of being the first. But there are good cars. The Palio is a huge success, very comfortable and economic. The Uno is ugly and not that comfortable, but Fiat cannot stop producing it - even making it uglier and uglier with ears - because is one of the cheapest (if not THE cheapest) car on the market and - believe it or not - has a decent interior and is **VERY** economic. You can think about 15-17KM/L of gasoline in the "fire" motor version.

        I plan to buy a palio someday. Nice car.
        • 5 Years Ago
        @ Tabajara Labs

        I own a Brazilian Palio ( 2006 Palio 1.2 Fire 16V HLX )
        And I really really love it :)

        Good luck.
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          I have 2 a pick up and awagon 1800cc put togeather and painted like a ferrari and almost as much fun you cant find road to do more than 130 mph any way
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