With last year's round of bank bailouts, Jon Stewart's comedic cup overfloweth with material. Now, with General Motors' bankruptcy official, Stewart takes aim at the late, great automaker in the segment "BiGMess."

Although Stewart was late to the game with last night's Daily Show and a few of his quips provide further proof that the MSM are still woefully uninformed about what brought down two of the Big Three, between gags, he poses a few questions the average American is asking. Namely, what happened to the $20 billion we (U.S. taxpayers) loaned GM, why are we going to drop another $30 billion into the bankrupt automaker and why, if we're in the business of taking over corporations, can't we start buying companies that – you know – make money?

You can watch the segment in the clip below the fold, along with Stewart's interview with P.J. O'Rourke, hawking his oh-so-timely book Driving Like Crazy.