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New Mercedes Benz bikes - click above for a high-res gallery

Mercedes Benz has announced an updated and expanded range of bicycles for 2009/2010. The new lineup includes two-wheelers of all shapes and sizes, including a pair of kids bikes. For more grown-up riders, Mercedes offers a range of styles, including the usual choices of mountain bikes and road racing bikes. There is also a new folding bike with a patented folding mechanism that allows it to collapse quickly without tools. In the fully collapsed position the bike takes up a volume of 31 inches by 31 inches by 14 inches, and it even has front and rear suspension.

There are also trekking and fitness bikes, and no Mercedes bike rider would be complete without a set of Mercedes riding clothes. Of course, in typical Mercedes fashion, the technology comes with a price to match. The bikes range from €299 for the kid's bike (around $430 USD) to €4,999 (more than $7,150) for the limited-edition carbon fiber racing bike.

[Source: Mercedes-Benz]


Mercedes-Benz Bike Sports Selection 2009/2010: New, exclusive bikes from Mercedes-Benz

Stuttgart - Mercedes-Benz has presented a new collection of exclusive bikes with an outstanding level of technical features. In addition to the Mountainbike and the racing bike, which are limited editions to a particularly high technical standard, the Foldingbike impresses with its unique fold-down technology. Mercedes-Benz has also carefully updated its tried-and-tested bike models, with several detailed improvements. This means that for its bike collection, Mercedes-Benz offers the same outstanding level of quality as for its premium automobiles.
The Foldingbike is a real gem in technical terms. It features a patented folding mechanism that impresses by being particularly easy to operate. Folding and unfolding the bike takes only a few seconds, and no tools are required.
The cleverly designed mechanical system allows two different folded positions:
  • In the Shuttle position the frame is folded together, but the bike can still be pushed and steered - ideal for easy carriage using public transport.
  • When completely folded down, the Mercedes-Benz Foldingbike requires very little space indeed. In this position it only measures 80x80x35 cm, enabling it to be stowed in the high-quality carrying bag which is also supplied. Accordingly the bike can be easily accommodated in the car boot, camper van, office or yacht as a constant companion.
The folding frame of aluminium has a suspension travel of 40 mm at both front and rear, and this is adjustable for individual riding comfort. A Shimano 8-speed derailleur gear makes for relaxed cycling, while disc brakes ensure a high level of safety. A side stand, protective metal cover and a variable luggage rack make this extraordinary bike outstanding for day-to-day use. The new Mercedes-Benz Foldingbike is available in silver or white, and costs 1699 Euro.
Mountainbike All Mountain Limited 2009
Even the roughest tracks and off-road biking adventures are sheer pleasure with the new Mountainbike from Mercedes-Benz. Limited to a worldwide edition of 100 examples, this bike is emphatically a high-end product. The lightweight, fully sprung aluminium frame in an exclusive MB design has a suspension travel of 125 mm at the rear and 120 mm at the front. The suspension fork features a lockout function and remote steering.
The Mountainbike also shines with top-class components such as the SRAM X.9/X.0 27-speed gears, Truvativ NOIR carbon-fibre pedals, Avid Elixier CR disc brakes and a set of DT Swiss X 1800 wheels. This high-tech bike is supplied with a damper pump, and is available in three frame sizes in matt black/matt white at a price of 3999 Euro.
Limited racing bike 2009
This new, competition-standard racing bike tips the scales at only 6.9 kg, and is available from Mercedes-Benz 2009 as a limited edition of 100 for particularly dedicated and demanding sports cyclists. Its outstanding attributes are based on the very best components available in the market: high-end carbon-fibre frame, Carbotec monocoque carbon-fibre fork, SRAM RED 20-speed gears, SRAM RED carbon-fibre pedals and a set of DT Swiss RR 1450 "mon chasseral" RWS wheels in white. This extraordinary racing bike is available in five frame sizes in carbon/white/red, and costs 4999 Euro.
Fitnessbike 2009
Mercedes-Benz has made detailed improvements to its well-proven Fitnessbike, which is available in Sport or Comfort editions (Comfort has a low crossbar) and in several frame sizes. From now on, frame size XL is also available. The high-grade components include an aluminium frame in an exclusive MB design - now in white, absolutely the height of fashion - a suspension fork with a travel of 80 mm and a lockout function, SRAM X.5 27-speed gears and disc brakes at front and rear. The Fitnessbike costs 1099 Euro.
Trekkingbike 2009
Matching the new E-Class, a classic in the Mercedes-Benz bike collection has a trendy copper brown metallic/white paint finish this year, and is now also available in XL size for the larger bike enthusiasts among Mercedes-Benz customers: the Trekkingbike. Its improved features include a trekking frame of aluminium in an exclusive MB design, available in four sizes as either a Sport or Comfort edition, a suspension fork with a travel of 80 mm and a lockout function, SRAM X.5 27-speed gears, disc brakes with an integral immobiliser on the front wheel, a high-quality touring kit which includes a Shimano hub dynamo, Busch & Müller lights, a metal protective cover and a Topeak luggage rack. Price: 1349 Euro.
For both small and adult bike enthusiasts, Mercedes-Benz also continues to offer the Kidsbike for 299 Euro and the highly successful Mountainbike for 2790 Euro. All these bikes are available from Mercedes-Benz dealers.
Bike clothing 2009
The Mercedes-Benz collection of clothing specifically tailored for biking fun is also new. It is made from practical, breathable, fast-drying and skin-friendly materials. The trousers have separate bike panties with high-quality, sewn-in seat padding for first-class saddle comfort.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 6 Years Ago
      I bet every single one of them is made in China. German engineering my patootie.
        • 6 Years Ago
        Taiwan actually, but in today open mold carbon fiber tech the only thing you get get with a German/Italian/French carbon bike is an inflated price for overpaid under experienced workers.
        • 6 Years Ago
        You are correct, no guessing about it. It doesn't matter how much it costs, it's going to fall apart anyway. I've owned only 2 chinese-made bikes, and they both fell apart within weeks. I gave them both away for scrap. The only bikes I have now are a Murray 15-speed and a Schwinn 12-speed from the 90's and both were build in the US and still look and work as good as new.

        If I could find an actual American or German -built bike, I'll buy one right now.
      • 6 Years Ago
      I thought this was an automobile blog.
        • 6 Years Ago
        If merc PR/sales people are reading this... where can I get one?
      • 6 Years Ago
      I had a BMW folding bike - which was done long before Mercedes did theirs. BMW's was really a Montague - and really a great bike. I've upgraded to a newer Montague model now, but the bike is the same. I use it for commuting to work - put it in the car trunk (not a BMW or a Mercedes now) for the first part of my commute, then park and ride the rest of the way. When it's raining or I'm late, I just drive all the way. It's great. They have two (or more?) web sites at http://www.montaguebikes.com and http://www.swissbike.com. Way more ride-able than the small wheel Mercedes folding bike. My Montague gives me the ability to ride whenever I want to. It's always in my trunk, just waiting to be ridden (and making me feel guilty about driving when the weather is so fine).
      • 6 Years Ago
      Nice way to meet the CAFE average. Since they consume zero gallons of gas they could use it cancel out the Low MPG cars and SUV's. Heh-Heh.
      • 6 Years Ago
      Brand Snobs Rejoice.
      • 6 Years Ago
      I like that the Road bike has SRAM Red on it, but there is no way in hell I'd show up at my Thursday Night World Championships group ride on a Mercedes bicycle.

      I wonder if they actually sell any, or is this just a one off marketing gimmick to get some relatively cheap Blog and News space?
      • 6 Years Ago
      And you thought bikes at your local bike shop were overpriced.... 3999 Euro for a bike that would be about $2000 here. But they claim there will be only be a hundred of them so I guess they are going to be some sort of collector's item?
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